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  1. The transit by ferry excursion sells out. Book this as soon as it is available. I did a partial on the Pearl 2 years ago and this was a popular excursion. Now looking forward to a full transit on the Joy!
  2. I booked 12958 on the Joy for the Panama Canal from one of your suggestions. Thanks!!
  3. I have a cruise booked through CAS for October 2021. It's not a comped cruise but with their casino discount.
  4. We are flying from Tampa on Delta and arrive in Fairbanks at 9:53pm but with 2 stops.
  5. Error corrected to $250. Apparently the system didn't recognize the cruise was more than 6 months away was the reason given. I'm just glad I saw this thread! Thanks all!
  6. Still on hold. I made this booking this morning and have been D+ for several months. I did a mock booking just now and it shows the balcony discount as $250.
  7. I am D+. ( new to D+) I am on hold with Royal to find out why $226.
  8. I just booked a Europe cruise for October 2020 and my balcony discount is $226
  9. I just returned from the Epic and had the basic drink card. I prefer Tanqueray gin. They took $5 off the price with the card. So I paid $4.74 each time I requested Tanqueray.
  10. We booked our flights through EZAir for Alaska Sept 2019. We have American pre and Delta post and I was able to choose seats on both airlines. (Economy)
  11. HI Lorraine! Thanks for the Orlando tip. Eddie and I will be flying to Fairbanks Sept. 2019 for our cruise tour before our Southbound cruise. I have been checking flights for a deal with no luck. I am in London right now. Leaving in the am for Southampton for Independence TA. I'll call you when return.
  12. It was a step below Delta one. No lay flat seat, but reclines with foot rest, wide seats and lots of leg room.
  13. No. I booked Norwegian directly. I just wanted to let people know we had no problem with Norwegian Airlines. My Air2Sea flight from Amsterdam is on Delta.
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