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  1. No more than about 10.00 cab ride in no traffic. Its a two mile drive.
  2. Be sure to hit BaHa mar tonight as most of the gaming pits do not open until 12:00 at least tomorrow. I sense you are a CAS comped guest, call it a hunch. Great updates on the cruise. I will be in an AFT Balcony next week on the Escape. Any idea who the casino manager is? Also, just one Pai Gow table as usual on the Escape or is the second one open as well?
  3. I highly recommend that you go to the district brewhouse They have a competition where you need to drink one of every beer that they serve. Try to do it in the first five days of your cruise, that would be an impressive feat
  4. Curious about a few things; 1- Were the specialty restaurants able to be booked? 2- Was the casino open all day? 3- Were the shops open all day? 4- Did the Ultimate Booze Package stay open/ and if so were you taxed for each drink. Thanks
  5. It appears for 38.00 a day, you get any booze for the most part. I wonder if say Johnny Blue will be included and such. But the big kicker is bottled water and coffees etc....That clearly has value. At the end of the day it appears NCL retreated on a poor or would it be pour(LOL) business decision with many liquors, but not all. If you get the booze package, it is still a great deal, and if you pay ala carte, you are paying NYC Five Star drink prices which on a cruise is getting screwed. In short, they want everyone to take the booze package as their add on.
  6. First two names on the reservation get it. Just switch the names.
  7. Maya Chan is a great place, and a great price for a day trip. The areas you drive through from the Port to Maya Chan may be some of the most poor socio-economic areas in the world. It was truly eye opening.
  8. Everybody is talking about the delayed sailing. That is certainly a reasonable concern How about the thousands of people on the ship who will not make their flight home tomorrow. I wonder how NCL addresses that for those that do not have trip insurance
  9. Its totally random I agree. My college aged son who also is comped a cabin from CAS has not had any luck on his upgrade yet. I preferred the old days of calling the upgrade mine. Had more certainty.
  10. 100.00 from an inside cabin to a B1 Aft balcony. As I said it is the March 10 sailing and prices are very strong. Not many cabins for sale it looks like.
  11. Was Comped an Inside from CAS. Just got an accepted bid upgraded to an AFT Balcony on the Escape 3/10 from NYC.
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