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  1. My first cruise was on Cunard waaaay back around 1982. Then a transatlantic crossing on the QE2 in 1983. Holland American Panama Canal cruise around 1985 and Princess to Bermuda around 1987. Princess Alaska inside passage in 1993 then a huge gap (adopted 3 kiddos from China) and cruised Carnival Fascination to Bahamas in 2011 and Carnival Ecstacy in 2017. Sailing on the Breeze in a cove balcony next January. Loved them all!!! I prefer a smaller ship, definitely balcony (love the aft ones), don't need lots of activities, but love good food. Tentatively booked on Princess to South Pacific December 2020 (couldn't resist the $1 deposit), but have my heart set on the Paul Gaughin.
  2. I have friends sailing on the Sunshine this weekend and I'm sailing on the Breeze in January. Does anyone know if these ships offer this?
  3. Quick question - which dining room serves early/late seating on the Breeze? TIA!
  4. We're sailing on the Breeze in Jan. 2020. I checked out this special and didn't realize you could purchase passes to the Thermal Spa/Thalassotherapy pool. Booked it. Would love anyone's experience with the spa/pool.
  5. What a sweet way to start my morning! Love the video and your family looks like lots of fun! Thanks!
  6. I emailed my PVP today and she essentially said the same thing. Thanks for checking.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I plan to call Carnival today & will report back if there's anything to tell.
  8. My dh and I are booked on the Breeze for a 7 day cruise in Late January 2020. FTTF still has not appeared on our excursion page. Seems unusual. Any thoughts as to why it hasn't been posted yet?
  9. I've had a late January 2020 booked for a couple of months now and it still hasn't appeared. I check several times daily.
  10. They're especially useful on a trip where you are staying in several different places. I visited Israel last year and was in four hotels over 10 days. Instead of having to dig through layers of clothes to find underwear or a shirt, I could find what I wanted in the appropriate cube. Not sure, for me, if they'll be as useful on a cruise where I unpack the first day and chuck it all back in on the last.
  11. Loving your review! Especially as my dh and I will be on the Breeze with this itinerary in January next year.
  12. Both 2000costa & costa1000 worked for me - thanks!
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