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  1. Seems like a lifetime ago nowadays, but I'm sure a lot of people here know the answer. The Mariner would be the obvious and longest timewise Voyager Class ship he had, but what was it the last? I can't remember, but don't think it's the Mariner.
  2. Julie took another position with Royal and will not return to the Empress in the forseeable future.
  3. Allure was selling them on Day 4. Empress on Day 5.
  4. That's was what the rumor was. They also have the Symphony at the same time?
  5. That hangglider under the Allure sign is probably gettting removed during the amping.
  6. Julie is getting off on January 26th to take a different position with Royal. Great HD.
  7. Saw a couple of loungers fly off Deck11 and hit the Windjammer windows Tuesday. This was only the second time I've seen this. Usually they are pretty good about lashing them down.
  8. Saw some posts complaining about the ride in on Oasis Sunday.
  9. The Empress. The pool is drained, upper deck closed, no chair hogs.
  10. We've been literally bouncing around the sea between Miami and the Virgin Islands since Friday. I was wondering how the bigger ships are handling the swells which are up to 18' today. We are already going to be 3 hours late into San Juan.
  11. Maybe they weren't doing formal when Cuba was on the list, but doing them,now.
  12. It's Steve from Canada on the Empress, not Steve Davis. Steve from Canada started as CD on the 3rd of January. He was a CD on another line. His last name is Knisley.
  13. One formal, one dress to impress on Empress. Didn't matter either way. MDR packed all the time maybe because the food is pretty good.
  14. I went to get my 3 free spin tokens today in the Empress casino as was told by the cage person that the free spin slot machine was being removed next week and there would no more free spins for prizes. The Loyalty Agent knew nothing about this and was going to look into it. Perhaps another perk going to the wayside.
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