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  1. No, no letter last night as I was told. I'll send in a claim to the email address we were given to submit claims when they moved the departure up last week. Funny thing is we're off Catalina now so essentially at the cruise port....
  2. Insurance was not Princess, we have Citibank credit card travel insurance.
  3. We're in the Royal Princess now and had to rebook our flights which cost us $800. There was $400 in change fees so out the original $408 cost + $800 for the same flights at a later time. Travel insurance won't cover because it's a common carrier issue and I confirmed with them this morning. On the phone now with Princess on shore to try to work it out.....
  4. I actually did both. I booked onboard but they assigned it directly to my travel agent who gave me another 8+% discount.
  5. Just off the Island Princess this morning. They have a promotion giving double OBC for FCC when booking on board for select cruises. I've attached the flyer, it expires 9/3/19. We used it for an Alaska cruise next summer.
  6. Just off the Island Princess today. I was able to buy future cruise certificates for family who weren't on the cruise and book a family cruise next summer. It was nice to pay only $100 deposits and get double the future cruise credit because of a special promotion they had on board. I've attached a photo of the promotion for you.
  7. Hello - I'm looking from some advice from frequent Silversea cruisers. We have cruised on Princess, Celebrity, Holland and Cunard and are familiar with their air programs but haven't run into the level of issues we are having with the Silversea program (scheduling, changing our agreed upon flights without talking with us and now a ticketing issue.) We have a Galapagos cruise book for October 19th of this year. The cruise has been paid in full for over a year and we are using the Silver Sky Air Program for our flights. We are adding flights to Lima, Peru first so have paid the air deviation fee and the flights were fully paid for in February. All of our passport and contact information has been provided to Silversea. The flights are on American Airlines. While I have confirmation codes and can see the reservation, I can't change the pre-assigned seats until the flights are ticketed by Silversea. As you might expect, the pre-assigned seats are among the worst on the plane. I have tried unsuccessfully (through our travel agent) to get the flights ticketed. Silversea wants $150 pp to ticket the flights now. The representative is telling my agent that they will ticket the flights 50 - 60 days before the cruise. When I look at the terms and conditions for the promotional air fares they say "Silversea issues airline tickets within 90 days of sailing and only after final payment has been received." (https://www.silversea.com/terms-and-conditions.html) The Silversea representative said that they have a policy that says they charge $150 pp for early ticketing and they do it about 60 days prior to the cruise. I'd really appreciate any advice anyone can offer for how to get my flights ticketed now. I'm not going to pay the $150 pp to ticket them now but would love to hear how others might have dealt with this issue. Thanks in advance!
  8. I asked our cabin steward when we got on the ship. It was there when we went back after lunch so didn't need to escalate to the Passenger Services desk.
  9. Sorry, we did ATD so I didn't pay attention to the traditional dining times. The menus were different than we had on the Coral and Island last year but I don't know if they were the same as the ones trialed on the Ruby.
  10. Just wanted to report that I requested a barrel chair in our Oceanview cabin for our April 16th transatlantic cruise as soon as we boarded and it was promptly received. Sorry to start a new thread but wanted to share the news that I was able to get one even though I would have preferred it was there already :).
  11. I added my second ever Facebook post (in 5 years) on this subject in the Princess Cruises Facebook page. Could be another avenue for expressing our concern....
  12. I also just received my voice mail response after sending 3 e-mails over a period of a week. The response was the same as others have mentioned but also included a statement that the change was made to "Allow more living space for our guests. We do still have the tables available and they're not in use a lot of our guests are storing them in the closet but those will still be available." In my original e-mail to Jan Swartz, I suggested they do a robust survey of their customers to see if indeed the majority of people wanted the chair and table gone. If they were to do that, they might learn that a significant portion of their guests like to be able to spend time in their cabins sitting on chairs instead of the bed.
  13. I've been following this thread and I'm another person who is not happy with the removal of the second chair. I sent an e-mail last week to Jan Swartz as recommended by others and I did include information regarding a person's ability/in-ability to get out of a chair that has no arms. I read that others had been getting responses but I hadn't received any response so I resent the e-mail. Still waiting... I will be asking for a chair on the Crown on our April cruise and hope that they have some available upon request. Yet another thing to do when we first board the ship 🙂
  14. I just checked to see how my unused deposits were returned. They were credited to my new Costco Citibank card in October 2018 (same time they expired). So I'm guessing that American Express and Citibank has some kind of coordination process.
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