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  1. No I hope things will be quiet at that time and trust that Princess would cancel or divert if there were problems. Just wonder how the Caribbean is faring.
  2. TORONTO (AP) — Dorian arrived on Canada's Atlantic coast Saturday with heavy rain and powerful winds, toppling a construction crane in Halifax and knocking out power for more than 300,000 people a day after the storm wreaked havoc on North Carolina's Outer Banks. Residents of Nova Scotia braced for heavy rainfall and potential flooding along the coast, as officials in Halifax urged people to secure heavy objects that might become projectiles. Businesses were encouraged to close early.
  3. Excellent - just what I wondered about, thank you !
  4. Aha ! I was going to guess at possible ships and check bridge cam, thanks. Princess website has had a banner saying ' no current cruises would be affected by Dorian' I guess Caribbean is ahead of the game.
  5. When I mentioned my concern earlier this year, a lot of people said they had done this itinerary several times and not had weather problems. Others said that cruise ships are able to avoid rough seas etc. I did a mock booking and saw first date as Sep 14th. I wondered if there was a cruise at this time but of course that would not show on a mock booking. Sapphire is on Sep 14, Regal Sep 21 and Caribbean on Sep 24.
  6. We are sailing on Regal R/T New York - Canada Sept 28. I had been hesitant to take this itinerary in the Fall, concerned that residue of hurricanes would lead to rough seas on this route. Low and behold Dorian is on its way past New York, Boston and on to Nova Scotia. Hopefully no other hurricanes will appear before Sep 28. I wondered about current cruises on this itinerary - is there a way to check on current itineraries ? I suspected the Regal might be doing this cruise but her Bridge Cam shows her near Denmark prior to a TA. Maybe the Canada New England has not started yet. I hope it does not seem churlish for me to wonder about a possible inconvenience for us while so many have experienced disaster due to Dorian
  7. Yes, I reloaded screen a couple of times and signed out and signed in again - all to no avail. It was irritating to see the Suurvet Request pop up all the time. Must admit I gave some verbal survey response but they cannot be printed !
  8. Did not think of changing browser and missed your post - would have saved half an hour on hold calling Princess !
  9. We are sailing on Regal R/T New York - Canada Sept 28. Yesterday I was trying to book an excursion. When I clicked on 'Time' and 'Each Passenger' the dollar amount was shown. 'Add to Cart' looked like it was working but Cart remained empty. I phoned Princess excursions, the guy said he had nothing to do with website but could book excursion - which he did. Website was the same for all excursions.
  10. We recently found Fever Tree tonic and really enjoyed it in a G&T. They have several flavours as well as standard tonic.
  11. Couldn't you use the smartphone instead of a laptop to check flight ? I agree with above sentiments - we got smartphones to keep in touch with daughter and granddaughter - they are the only people who have our cell number 🙂
  12. I had just arrived at the same conclusion, reading about various problems above and I thought, 'This is just to make embarcation quicker???' Not for me. I wonder if Princess might make it mandatory and reduce the number of clerks at check in.
  13. OK but can we get 49rs ???? 🙂
  14. Thanks, I saw $10 quoted on a Princess video, so have not seen actual onboard prices. What choice of color did you have?
  15. OK further search and see this four pack in day glow colors for $7.89 https://www.amazon.com/Replacement-Accessory-Wireless-Activity-Wristband/dp/B01HCHE67G/ref=sr_1_10?crid=24PPKVDMFY0TZ&keywords=fitbit+zip+wristband&qid=1566344647&s=gateway&sprefix=fitbit+zip+%2Caps%2C219&sr=8-10 Matter of fact I think I like the first link better in white. Even Princess official wristband at $10 each comes in bright colors - did not see white.
  16. When I click this link it looks like a single wristband for $5.98 - how much is the Princess wristband ?
  17. We have somewhat similar questions. We arrive at LGA 8:30 pm, staying near WTC, then a full day and finally half day before sail at 5:00 from Brooklyn. I am now thinking the lines might take too much time for top of anything 😞 Was thinking of 9/11 and One World Center on the morning of Sail day - how are lines there ? Separate question, on our full day we will do Central Park, Rockefeller Center etc. back to WTC hotel for rest in late afternoon. Would it be reasonable to take Subway to Times Square to see it at night ?
  18. Interesting, I thought there would be just one coupon book per cabin. If, as someone suggested, some ships allow the coupon to be used on other nights maybe we could get two BOGO 🙂
  19. We did this itinerary earlier this year. We were in Juneau early enough to take Adventure Bound small boat up Tracy Arm - talk about getting close to Icebergs and Glacier !!!
  20. Will do, our travel dates are Arrive LGA Sep 26 and Depart Oct 5. Currently leaning to use Carmel for three rides: LGA to Hotel; Hotel to Pier; Pier to LGA.
  21. On recent Alaska cruise I heard that Princess grinds up uneaten food and can legally dump it in the ocean where it acts as food for sea life 🙂
  22. Related question: What time would you suggest for return from Pier to LGA ? We have 3:30 pm departures. Assume latest time off the ship is 10:30. Would like to avoid too much time sitting at airport, but also not much chance to sightsee with all our luggage. Edit: I just read back through this thread and remember that mking gave some good info about Pier to LGA etc.
  23. I did mock bookings on each service. Four passengers, four luggage: --------------------------------------- Carmel-------------Dial 7 LGA to WTC Hotel MinV $59 MiniV $87 Hotel to Terminal MiniV $59 MiniV $65 Pier to LGA MiniV $55 To Be Quoted
  24. Thanks for the input, also thanks to mking. I chose 6 pieces of luggage because we are 4 people with a medium suitcase each and say two carry-ons, one per couple. Not sure how to count carry-on in this scenario. Most likely we could have carry-on in our lap. I thought to book car service from and to LGA. In another thread it was said that Yellow Cabs are reluctant to take Hotel to Pier because of few return fares from Pier.Might play it by ear and ask Concierge - or just punt and add Car Service for that leg too. Edit: Called Dial 7 and they said they do not count carry-on as luggage, so will try some more mock bookings and report back.
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