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  1. Thank you - ours is a replacement cruise for a cancellation that had passed Final Payment. Our previous perks included $100 OBC so this would just be a slight reduction in fare. So no big deal for us.
  2. Can this sale be applied after Final Payment ? Or is it just new bookings ?
  3. It is July 20 2022 on Emerald, 12 Days British Isles. Not quite Bucket List but very interesting. Different dates are several hundred $ more pp. Too many balls in the air and fellow travelers to consult, so have not booked it. I was just intrigued by the brochure and had never seen a place for Promo Code and the fact that British Isles is on our possible list got me curious.
  4. Final confusion - when I log in and choose the specific cruise, the price is $2,519 for a balcony or $2,668 for public versus brochure $2,999. As you say, possibly the current 72 hour sale trumps the brochure. Sorry for the confusion - must read fine print on brochure 🙂
  5. It is a paper brochure via regular mail and we use a TA. Various sample itineraries from around the world are are shown. The example I mention just says 'British Isles 12 days', no month or year. Across the bottom it says Visit Princess.com - Call Your TA - Call a vacation planner. ETA As a matter of fact I did a mock booking and the price is less than this brochure price, So maybe the promo does not matter 🙂 ETA OK Fine print lists specific ships / dates and says 'only available to guest receiving direct mail piece.
  6. Received a Princess brochure 'Exclusive Balcony Fares + up to $200 OBC' and brochure has a Campaign Code ##########. Sample 'Public Fare' balcony $2,999 instead of $3,299. I do not see any such fare online and do not see anywhere to apply Campaign Code. Any suggestion ?
  7. @Steelers36Nailed it IMHO. Good idea but full implementation too soon, should have been a phased feature release and leave Personalizer in place initially. Plus some basic IT misunderstanding of the scope of the project. Lastly, I don't know enough technically, but does this project need to have latest OS releases, could it not have been more platform friendly, further IT incompetence.
  8. Tell us more about your cruise, platform, OS level. I suspect a few things have changed: a. The App has improved / bugs fixed; b. New bookings do not have the data conversion problems that plagued early App users; c. Perhaps you have latest OS on a supported device and d. you are tech savvy enough to work around problems.
  9. Don't understand the need to delete and reinstall versus Update. However, you would not lose anything - the App does not store any Data/
  10. I just Googled comma versus semi colon and learned a lot, thank you again.
  11. I see no one has responded my guess is 99% certain club soda is on the gun - it must be very popular. And to Fluffybunny I would guess that ginger beer is only in cans.
  12. Make Required Distributions from your IRA, now that is clever 🙂
  13. Thank you @caribill for thinking that, I Am trustworthy. A comma makes a difference 🙂
  14. Don't take this as a criticism of you, but I have not the slightest interest in those things. I wonder how many people do. Compare that with the trauma that has been visited on all passengers by this inept implementation. I will repeat what so many have said so many times. Why not leave things as they were on Personalizer and let Medallion App be used by Pax interested in these things.
  15. Agree maybe time for a new Medallion Status thread. I also wonder why Medallion 2 thread is still on first page, it has been closed for a long time. I am sure most of its information is out of date.
  16. You are welcome, certainly a compliment.
  17. Please clarify, are you referring just to the Medallion device ? If so, substitute it for Cruise card and I don't see what the question is.
  18. OK, rethink over - 2 glasses of wine with dinner, a drink at the show or a nightcap - Plus is worth it !
  19. I am still working on '35 of my friends' I feel totally rejected 🙂
  20. Exactly, that was the mistake I made. I must say that this thread has made me rethink the Plus package for a possible 5 night cruise with just DW and me !
  21. Interesting thoughts, I think we would be similar to you in before dinner drinks. Also DW would be happy with the two bottles brought on board. The difference is when we travel with friends, as we most often do, we meet in the bar before dinner and the ladies try exotic froo froo drinks.
  22. However it is a last resort and better than being denied boarding. DW and I tested at Kaiser back in June for a trip to Hawaii. My test came back in 36 hours, nothing for DW. We paid $130 for a rapid test at airport the day before flying and it was worth is for peace of mind. Kaiser test came through at 10:00 pm, 6:00 am flight next day so would have been OK and within the 72 hours at the time.
  23. Thanks, great information. Where did you see 48 hours or less for results ? Edit: I saw this in the site Questions section Turnaround time for coronavirus test results is usually less than two days. About two-thirds come back within a day, and more than 85% are available within two days.
  24. OK I was thinking of the really small bottles, I guess 50Ml so only one drink. 375Ml gives 8 * 1.5 Oz drinks ! Do you brink soda and tonic onboard ? BTW I checked our Feb 2022 cruise and only see wine in Princess Cellar.
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