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  1. Talked to my sister today who is in PR and is very connected to the government, This is a matter of politics and who is going to buy and administer the ports. This includes Old San Juan as well as Ponce. They feel the cruise ship should not be there. They want new rules, money etc..Not only RCL had been affected but other cruise lines are looking into it as well. As everyone knows it is sad to say that things in Puerto Rico are shaky all over. There s not really a government and decisions and finance are are mainly made by an Assembly in Washington DC. This is going to cause a lot of lay offs and a lot of loss of business. But of course they do not realize this. All this came out this morning in an announcement made by the tourist dept. So I am sure that things have not been worked out yet in the cruise lines. Too early to really tell.
  2. Aruba ....sights seems and taste. goes to every point you should see....Bonaire...north and south, goes around the island....Curacao. The best of Curacao... Hope this helps
  3. Thank you everyone for all the good information! We can start the planning now! Clary
  4. Wow! thanks great info. I was kind out reading some of these. I did not know about the floating market. What is it. Do you remember what excursion they were. They have so many island excursions in Aruba that is hard to chose. How about the caves?
  5. I know what you mean but I also worked in insurance for many years. There is a clause you can purchase to cover you outside. But per federal regulations it has a limitations. My nephew did not cover but the embassy help with repatriation and transfer to the US. It was a mess. The hospital would not give adequate medical care until we paid them daily. It was the month from hell and our family was totally hurt financially. We had a go fund and it helped. I went on Tv to ask for help and so did my sister in Newark and in PR. My Florida congressman reached out to me and with his help they contacted the embassy and the State Department to get a US citizen safely out. It was all over the news. When he finally arrived in Newark after a week in the hospital he was out of and induce coma etc. He is doing much better. Now I know what to do when I travel. I always knew about it but never thought it could happened to my family. I always take the cruise insurance. Is on record with the cruise ship and they are very helpful.
  6. This is the first time that I go to the ABC. Can anyone share their experience and things to do? We want to see the island but no beach since we live at the beach. I am also interested in local shore excursions that is not a beach excursions. Clary
  7. Us Medical Insurance or Medicare do not cover out of the country. We always get the cruise insurance. It does pay for transporting out of the ship to the closest near port. However with recent experience with my nephew you should have an insurance that cover repatriation, which means that if you have to go to a hospital out of the country it would cover the cost of air transport to the US sometimes costly and about 70,000.00plus. United Health Care Global is an excellent choice. Just please ask the question of repatriation. The transport company does the clearance from the Embassy and State Dept for you. Our family just learned this lesson the bad way recently.
  8. can someone please let me know which is the best way to obtain Cuban currency CUC or Euro. What is the exchange are and about how many euro is for dinner
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