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  1. That sounds like a perfectly simple solution, and I will try it. Thanks! 🍻 However, in most bars and sports venues I have been to, they are required to open the beer for you.
  2. In your experience with the DOS, have you ever asked for a few cans of beer to be placed in the emptied refrigerator? We have enjoyed the water, soda and mixers in the past. But sometimes, a cold can of beer just hits the spot! Or would this be a violation of the butler not bringing drink to the suite unless you are charged?
  3. I was was going to request the previously mentioned “longer Haven document” but see you posted the file on the previous page. Thanks for sharing! 👍🏼
  4. I would love to see your study document. Please send to Copper0044@gmail.com. Thanks! Stay safe! 😷
  5. I would think if the cabin has an obstructed view, it would be indicated. Be careful what is above you! On an Alaska cruise we were one deck below the ping-pong table. Slight noise problem, but we found it amusing when we found ping-pong ball on out balcony daily! LOL! Be careful, avoid being under shuffle board areas, running tracks or areas where deck chairs are placed. The chairs are moved often, especially in the early morning by staff. Good luck!
  6. Change it! When looking for a cabin, always check what is above, below and next to it. Everyone’s taste is different. Some people don’t like cabins near the elevators (noise?). Most people don’t want to be above or below bars, casino’s, pool deck with the moving chairs, main dining rooms, kitchens, child care centers. Front of the ship on deck 5 and you might hear the anchor being lowered? The comfort zone anywhere on a ship is a cabin with other cabins on both sides, above and below. Have a great cruise!!! 👍🏼
  7. Find the appropriate place for your question, this topic is about sailing to Norway. Good luck!
  8. On the Jewel Class ships, we love 10504 & 100004 and 9504 &9004. They are located on the front corners of the ship. They are larger Haven cabins with 1.5 bathrooms and 2 balcony’s!!! One balcony faces the front of the ship and has 2 lounge chairs and the one on the side has several chairs and a table you could eat meals at. There is a large living room with a dining room table for 4 people. The room comes with bottles of liquor and a butler. We love these cabins! The cabins on deck 10 are slightly larger.
  9. Akureyri is a long port day! We sailed the Jade there in 2017. The airport is a 10 minute ride from the port. We booked a flight to Grimsey Island, it is a 20 minute flight. Grimsey Island has a population of approx. 200 people and 2+ million birds! The Arctic Circle passes through the island (actually right through the airport runway). We arranged a tour of the island with the airport manager/gate agent who is also the island banker. lol. Beautiful VERY unique excursion!! We found the information on Trip Advisor! If you are a little adventurous, it is breathtaking!
  10. Can’t answer your question, sorry. BUT, be sure to sign up for the tour as soon as you get onboard! We did a 14 day on the Gem and went to sign up embarkation evening and was told it was full. We were placed on the waiting list in case they ran a second tour, but never heard back from them. Disappointing.
  11. My last trip was on the Gem “Holiday Cruise” in December 2019. The cigar lounge was always filled with cigarette smokers. And most of them were older lady’s. I didn’t bother going in for a cigar, which was disappointing. A room filled with cigarette smoke is very different than a room filled with cigar smoke. Cigar smokers go to enjoy the aroma and complexity of a good cigar and to relax. Cigarette smokers go in to rush a quick smoke and satisfy their addiction. My next trip is on the Escape. I hope the lounge is off limits to the cigarette smokers, or I will not go.
  12. I love the Jewel Class ships! Sailed the Gem on a 14 day Holiday Cruise this past December. Loved it!
  13. Thanks! See you on the Dawn in 2022! 👍🏼
  14. Owning 100+ shares of NCL stock can earn you anywhere from $50 to $250 OBC, depending on the length of the cruise. The fine print for the benefits said it excludes the Reduced Rates programs. With a lot of us re-booking cruises, aren’t we getting “reduced rates”? A lot of people on other social media sites and bragging about buying NCL stock when it was really low. And yes, the price has doubled from its low point. (Yes, I bought 100 shares too) But I’m not really sure I am going to see any OBC in my future sailings. Does anyone have some experience with the shareholders benefits? I would also
  15. I have only organized one M&G and it was this past December. I personally would not bring gift/prizes. My main reason being luggage space and cost. Check with NCL, they might donate a bottle of wine for a prize. IMHO, the key to a good M&G is getting people to mingle with the other attendees. I passed out the sheet below and was happy to see everyone mix & mingling to find correct matches. I thought it worked well! Good luck!
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