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  1. It also matters how far away the cabins are from each other
  2. So my wife as decided not to go on the cruise we have coming up this weekend. She just decided she isn't up for it with the mask and all. I think I am still going to go without her. Do I need to let anyone know she is not going to go?
  3. So I got this letter this morning. What I don't understand is why Unvaccinated people can do test three days out but vaccinated can only do two days out on the test
  4. With Covid yes. Also make sure to get some medical insurance with all this going on.
  5. I think we need to go back to arguing about popcorn pricing now.
  6. Honestly what I am expecting them to go to soon is no unvaccintated guest at all. Seems it is all about risk right now.
  7. You assume people would pay 150%-200% fares. They wouldn't. They are have low cost currently because people currently will not book at higher prices
  8. I get what they are trying to do I really do. But honestly I never will understand the put a mask on while entering a restraunt so you can take it right off the whole time you are there. I am staying on lido anyways. I will likely just get food food for breakfast and lunch and eat on my balcony in peace anyways. I am predicting a lot of cancellations and really low capacity on ships with all these new restrictions.
  9. One I am sorry to here you went through this. But why would you want to know to get tested when you get home. Do you not realize every time you go into a store with a pharmacy you are getting exposed to CVOID. My wife works at an in store pharmacy I can tell you for a fact people with COVID are going shopping around the story and then going up and picking up the medication the doctors sent in for them. This is were the real problem is from.
  10. The Airplane mode is really important on the ship too. If you forget to do that you are going to end up with a monster cell phone bill.
  11. Given that San Juan is an American Territory I am kind of supprised they can do this.
  12. He is pointing out the cost is 2k plus an 18% gruiduity
  13. Are there things on board you can not spend OBC on? I have never had this much before.
  14. The hour form an airport isn't a factor. See Galveston. But the rest is. Plus I don't think people from out coast really want to fly out to California for a cruise.
  15. Has a 5 day cruise menu been posted any were yet? Breeze if you have it.
  16. What is the dress code at this restraunt? Is it cruise Cassual?
  17. You can have the same wait staff with YTD every night. All you have to do is ask.
  18. I love popcorn. But they really need to up the quality of the popcorn and add options for toppings if they are going to charge for it.
  19. If you get emails from Carnival you already may have one and not know it. I couldn't get through either and after looking closer at some of my emails I found ones name number and ext in one of the emails. It wasn't really promentaly placed
  20. So on our upcoming cruise I am trying to treat my wife a little bit. I have a question would exactly is a "Red Carpet Blowout"? I know that is might sound dumb. But I have no ideal what it is.
  21. Just booked Breeze for October today.
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