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  1. Hi Tikka, On my last cruise put everything through my clarity, told the ship to keep it in USD and not charge in GBP - no non-sterling fees on the halifax statement. You will get a poorer rate if you let the ship convert from USD to GBP rather than Halifax.
  2. I don't like the sound of this, will be on Jewel in 2 weeks time. We enjoy the flexibility of choosing MDR / WJ for dinner, booked MTD. Maybe they have targets to meet in terms of how many tables they fill?
  3. I would presume so (UK-based physician here), all it would need is a defibrillator capable of delivering a synchronized shock and a few slugs of midazolam so you won't remember getting struck by lightning in your chest! Any device other than basic AEDs for use by the public should be capable of this, so I would think anything in the medical centre for use by a physician will be able to deliver a synchronized shock.
  4. What branded still waters are available?
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