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  1. https://www.carnivalplc.com/news-releases/news-release-details/carnival-corporation-plc-provides-business-update-and-0 That is the full business update that was released today with #'s. Like was said.. this needs to be taken into account this isn't for Carnival Cruise Lines, but for Carnival PLC. As for the 13 ships that are leaving, that is out of 104 ships. They also had I believe (though not 100% sure) 15 NEW ships over all coming before 2023. While the update says they will be delayed, it looks like company wide they are still actually going to be adding 2 ships overall so I would bet $ that removing some of these ships was more than thought about before this all even happened in the world.
  2. The only thing is if you all WANT to eat together for 8 people there is probably going to be a significant wait for 1 large tablet or 2 together that are kind of like eating together. When my kids still sailed with us (crazy young adults didn't want to vacation with mom and dad anymore..) we never ate together. Our 22 yr old would still rather have pizza and chicken fingers every night (though he finally eats steak and non-breaded fish after 20 years!!) and our 18 yr old wanted to go to dinner every night with us so he could have 2-3 pieces of salmon and a baked potato and then jet for his friends he made. So with YTD their last 14 days at see with us, all 4 of us ate together 2 times, 3 of us about 9-10 and the rest was just DH and I. My youngest's last cruise on NCL he ate with use 2 times in the Haven... and we basically never saw him again unless we went off the ship or slept.
  3. Commenting because I would love to know for plan #6 also! I have a 14 day Panama Journey booked for 2021. Already have an aft-extended, rebooked from a 12 day canceled Med. If(when) our December cruise is canceled, I was thinking of rolling it into a Vista Suite, but even with a canceled 12 AND 8 day cruise rolled into it, I would be looking at about $1300 more! The Vistas for that cruise are almost $7300! I would have booked one for $5800 w/o a 2nd though. Actually this week I started wondering if December is canceled, looking for a 2022 Alaska with that $ and I wouldn't "loose" the $600 OBC in that case. Looking forward to thoughts on this all also!
  4. You actually have to watch if you re-price with a reduced deposit even more. If there is no longer a reduced deposit offer, you will have have to pay the current (or full) deposit price. While that isn't always an issue IMO in general, if you are looking far out and don't want to tie up the $ it might be a deal breaker. Also if you use a TA who gives OBC, there could be an issue with price drops that aren't always thought of, esp if it puts you into a "new" bracket with them. IE: Your cruise was $2510 and your TA offered $150 OBC for that price. There is a small price drop, and the cruise is now $2490. That would drop my TA's "price bracket" and while I would save $30 in cash, the OBC would drop to $100. These are just random #'s I picked, but it happened to me one cruise. I mean.. it was a price drop of $600 and I lose $100 OBC so it was more than acceptable, but if it was a price drop of $75 and I lost $100 OBC it wouldn't have been.
  5. You will loose any promotional OBC for a booking no matter the rate, if that same rate isn't avaliable. For example: September 6th Pride cruise canceled, PIF + $100 OBC for booking promo. Rolled it into a December 12th Horizon cruise and payments are as follows: Total Amount paid for canceled cruise + $600 OBC for cancellation + $50 OBC from the promo I booked that one under. I don't know many other lines promo's, but carrying it over would be like, booking 4 people with an NCL or RCCL "kids sale free promo" then changing to one that doesn't have it and expecting them to allow (using NCL for example) you to still have KSF during Spring Break or a summer cruise. Even all cruises if booked at the same time (at least with Carnival for sure) don't have the same Promo's available. When I booked the Price for September, there was that $100 promo you were talking about; but it wasn't an option at all on my October 2021 Legend Cruise or I would have price matched my ES to that one.
  6. I had the same offer on my September sailing that was canceled. You are correct that the $100 won't move over. Our last attempt at sailing for this year will be in December that the latest canceled sailing was moved to. It had a $50 OBC that was in that rate so "lost" $50 in OBC. Not nitpicking about it though, through Carnival + Stock + TA we will have $1000 OBC now for that cruise, don't know what we will spend it all on.. but hey, I am sure we can find something other than eating in specialty restaurants every night (which as I priced out will be less than $600 including if we do the chef's table and we have 1 night port so.... don't wanna eat on the ship that night anyways!)
  7. Actually there is a way to check but it is a bit of work. If you put a 48 hour hold on the cruise it shows up in your planner and you can look. If you never have you need to go through the whole process of booking, pick deposit only and see if it has the 48 Hour Hold option. Some cruises do not though it seems. While waiting for the announcement I looked through excursions for our next attempt. We aren't going to Half Moon, but a horseback riding excursion in Aruba was marked as Sold Out, along with FTTF, those were the only 2. The thing is you can't see exact details (like times) because you don't have the "book" option, but it will at least give you an idea.
  8. Did you use a TA? My first cancellation it wouldn't let me fill out the form because the TA hadn't contacted them yet. This time I was smart and emailed my TA before I went to bed right after the cancellations were done, and while it was still showing up on my planner and not "fully" canceled yet, I was able to fill out the form to have the funds transferred over online.
  9. I fully agree with you on this point. But not that I would use the $ to cruise with someone else probably. From where I am located I have found some great all-inclusive deals including air for 5-7 days for the cost of my cruise. W/o an incentive, I would probably use the money for that... or buy 2 new major appliances I want to replace during 4th of July sails... If they do offer $600, I will try a booking in December. I thought about the October 4th to Bermuda since this would be canceling Bermuda.. but ultimately decided October was to risky for me, then though about min-November.. but ended up with the 8 day Southern on Dec 12th as my 1st choice. If that doesn't work out.. well I will see if there are still Vista's open on my Oct 2021 Panama canal.. the $ is spend and I don't need it, plus almost 1/3 the cost was on gift cards that I had planned to use for our Europe cruise.. so no point. If I took gift cards back and didn't get a Vista on our Panama, I would have then about $2000 in OBC/Gift Cards to use for it.. I already don't know how to spend the $1100 I will have!
  10. I woke up hopeful because since John posted you can now do stockholder credit by email, which I did on Saturday and it was applied to the September sailing today. That being said.. I started playing the "game" that I saw other playing (the room I wanted for our Pride cruise was available one day, then it went to the you could select the category but nothing was available for almost 2 weeks until it was actually booked) by putting holds on the cruises/rooms I wanted for 2 alternates with both mine and DH's account. All of the Carnival cancellations have been posted on a Wednesday. And oddly enough they "made" John Heald take a day off of work today from Facebook/Instagram questions. When I saw that... I thought, oh... the $&^! is probably gonna hit the fan again soon. I probably feel less effected by all this in the world because while I live in a relatively populous area (2.3+ in the greater region) we have seen less than 4000 positive cases. On an different note though, in all of this time we didn't have a single hospitalization in our Children's Hospital due to Covid until last week. So I fully realize that because of where I am and how it was handled here I just don't "get" the severity of it compared to those say in NYC or LA or New Orleans. This world is what it is now, I am honestly done worrying about it. Tomorrow if they cancel (which I believe they will honestly) I will book for December and hope for the best then! Now.. to work to explain to my boss that, hey.. I need to move my vacation days AGAIN because... life!
  11. Don't know if you are in the Facebook group for the Sept Pride cruise on the 6th but someone messaged Carnival and got a response along the lines that "They are looking at their plans to sail this summer and have removed sailing so no new bookings can be made until they get 'clarity' on the situation". Same thing happened with our Legend sailing. They disappeared on a Friday, the next Monday, all Europe was canceled. I am not holding out hope.... when I saw they were gone, I started looking for where to move my $ to next, as this was an impulse booking because darn.. we need a vacation! Thought about October, but then I actually realized that I don't want to go through this AGAIN. Will only be my 2nd time, but a 3rd one canceled.. I don't know how some of you are handling so many canceled! So my front runners are 2 choices in mid-November, or 2 in early or mid December. Alas as the year goes on, my vacation time becomes more and more limited in choices as my workplace "bids" in November, and I did't start with them until last December and my department allows a max of 2 people scheduled off per week (there is only 14 of us..) Or option #2, give up for the year, see if I can just move the $ to my Panama I rebooked from my 1st cancellation, upgrade to a Vista on our 2021 Panama Canal for only $1000 more owed but not until August of 2021!
  12. I am going to spend some time calling tomorrow I believe so I can hopefully remember to make an update. Paid for an excursion with a $100 gift card and $60 on a CC. Got the CC refund about 2 weeks ago, no gift card refund yet... I figured I would give it a few more weeks to show up but, I would rather make sure I have the gift card by September at this point so..
  13. We had 7301 on the Legend in the past. I was worried about the elevator and location but at the time they were allowing 4 in those room and it was a no-brainer to book it. We didn't notice any noise at all from the elevators. This could also have been because it was an off-season cruise (1st week in December) so it wasn't a full sailing. Alas have had no luck booking a 9A/B again because well.. they always seem to be gone!
  14. We had a forward facing suite with balcony on a smaller MSC ship (Magnifica) for a 12 day Med cruise. Didn't feel motion at all, though we were on the highest deck they have on the ship (14). That being said, I am a balcony person, and in truth, while I am glad I got to experience it, I would not choose a forward balcony again IMO. The views were nice, but it was windy/cold because of it. It was also not a room where you cannot have lights on at night because it was above the bridge or something like that I have read about other ships. We also had a "forward" PH Suite on NCL Breakaway. The balcony wasn't forward, but it was the last room on the deck. That also being said, we sailed in a tropical storm on the way out, and the darn thing turned around and followed us home! I can't remember any motion that was horrible on that cruise either (deck 9). That also being said, the most motion we ever had was in a mid-aft (last room before aft's started) on the Carnival Legend. The seas were really rough, to the point where they even shut down the kids club because of people getting seasick. So this would have been considered a mid-ship room even.
  15. Actually this is the first sign it is a TA you DON'T want to use! My TA takes no money directly. All of my charges are marked as Carnival Cruise Lines, now XYZ Agency. I am going to assume the agent does not have an "out of office" message set up. Like was said you have 2 choices, call Carnival and ask for them to take the booking back over, or try and speak to someone else at the agency. The easiest way would be to try and call the agency 1st, and if they are no help call Carnival, but it is up to you. It might just be that RL happened, or the agent you have is only working 1-2 days a week depending on when you tried to call them. The large TA I use I had to call recently. I knew my TA I work with wasn't in the office because he works odd days now and I work overnight which makes it hard. The agent I spoke to apologized and said their biggest issue is that before they would have about 10-15 people working the evening shift there until 10pm est. Now they have 3. Doesn't make anything easier for them at all, but it could even be a case that he was laid off, and for some reason (or they were upset about it) that they didn't inform their clients to screw over the man in the situation.
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