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  1. Also as a note, even if they say "bundle and save" not ALL times will fall into that. I have noticed its generally port days during port hours that you can find them most often. Great if you aren't getting off the ship, not so great if you want to go out an explore and not have to worry about being back on board by 1pm for a treatment!
  2. Glad it worked out for you! Not all TA's are created equal in this regard it seems if you use one. Ours had system generated emails. So my booking information will generally come 24-48 hours after booking. It actually took almost a full week to get my update one after booking air through Carnival also (it was $20 cheaper, and with the current state of airfare and cancelations, I wanted the ball to be in Carnival's court on any issues!) Then again, it is what I am used to with this TA who I have found gives me the greatest perks (10% of whole fair back in OBC not just
  3. Not specifically with Nachi, but was with a different tour I had pre-booked in Europe before the pandemic, a whole 38 days before everything shut down. I also paid with PayPal so I am responding because of that. My charge was close to $700 so I was much more pushy than I would have been with say.. a $50 charge. PayPal basically refused to help. The company fed PayPal lines about how they offered us a voucher (good until Dec 2020, good for 3 months after our tour) and PayPal sided with them. As a last ditch effort I went to my CC company even though at this time, it had been almost
  4. That sounds great right? Except... the CDC rules don't care if you have had your vaccine. Unless things change, in 2021 even if you have your vaccine, you need to get a test before you re-enter the USA. And they still recommend a 7-14 day quarantine, even if you test negative AND had a vaccine! I won't be making any plans until I find out for sure, but with these requirements, I can't see the cruise lines sailing unless it is changed. The situation could easily be this: Fly to Florida for a 7 day cruise, get a negative test 3 days before the cruise ends. Get off the ship, check i
  5. I was going to wait until the new rules are actually laid out, but I canceled my 2021 today. Alas it was also a 14 day.. that was suppose to sail the day before (Oct 31st) longer than 7 day cruises would be allowed anyways. The possibility of mandatory quarantine settled it for me though. If a 7-14 day is mandatory, why would they let me get on a plane after? I would probably be fine with a quarantine at home, and plan on having to do it in April/May after a Mexico trip. But.. a 14 day quarantine, with a hotel/food costs involved, after spending 7-14 days on a ship that I was lim
  6. So when all this started, it generally took me forever to deal with the airline from a canceled cruise. Funny thing, is we were going to still go to the area, but the airline canceled eventually so decided on a refund from them. It took me 6 months to finally get all of the $ back.... Another cruise we booked, I did air through Carnival. Final payment for the air was not due until the final payment of the cruise. When THAT cruise got canceled, I was easily able to roll it all into a 2023 cruise (longer cruise, cost more so no extra). Now I also wasn't in their 60 day before cruise
  7. While the article reads how cruise ship passengers spend less money than overnight guests, that is because they aren't spending money on hotel rooms! Just did a quick look to see, and the quality of a place that would be "acceptable" to DH, with air, I am looking at about $300 lower to go to Key West for a week, than am I to an AI in Mexico with unlimited Xcaret passes. And I can bet we would spend more than $300 in food and stuff to do in 8 days! I mean is Key West big enough/enough to do to even warrant a 7+ day land trip if you don't want to spend it at a beach, which well.. yo
  8. I am one who has well.. just given up. I am going to live my life (with in) recommended guidelines and go about my business, including travel! I came to this conclusion because my job just informed up, they will look into us returning to the office, in Q2 of 2021. Not us returning then, but starting to consider WHEN we will be. I do work in a heath care field that can easily be done remotely though so... and save me $ on taxes because I now to get write off a ton of stuff because of company requirements that I have to have for it! That being said, if I could be on a cruise ship ri
  9. If you paid with gift cards, they "should" refund them with actual new plastic gift cards in the mail. I had a time getting a gift card refunded because I used it for a Fun Shop purchase.. took multiple calls and almost 6 months. They actually have a Gift Card Refund Resolution department who is specifically dealing with gift cards. At least they did in late August, and a lot can change in 6 weeks! That is who you want to get in contact with. The guy I spoke to on the phone said he would email them with all my info and he would get back to me. He never did, but the gift card showed
  10. Yes you can. So.. I figured my Med cruise was getting canceled, and booked a replacement for a year out before it was. I also figured.. I liked this cruise and the price so I would take it anyways evening if the other cruise wasn't canceled! Well when my 1st cruise was cancelled, I was able to move everything over to the other cruise. I did run into some issues, but that was partially my fault, mostly Carnivals. I was on their easy pay program, they kept charging me AFTER I paid in full for 3 months, Covid hit and they told me 12-16 weeks for my $ back and it turned into a MESS, b
  11. I did the same thing. I had a September Med booked which was canceled, booked a September US because.. well it was April this won't go on that long!! When that was canceled we moved to December thinking.. it won't go on that long!! Well right now the December is still sailing that we had booked as it was from Miami. Final payment was coming up though.. and I was frustrated and wasn't interested in Carnival only excursions (MSC had just started this so I figured it would be a given) so I wanted to move it again. We were told that the FCC can be moved around as long as
  12. Wasn't after final payment (I wasn't willing to make my December one) but my TA who has become notoriously bad with my odd requests lately actually helped me with this situation. I give him a bit of slack though, they are operating at 1/2 staff and still having to do all this leg work for cruises and land vacations! What he (and I) was told by the forwarded emails was that a FCC can be moved or changed up until the expiration date of that FCC no matter what. In our case we switched from mid-December to a 2023 cruise. I had made no payments past having a FCC with all the taxes &
  13. I had an issue with a gift card refund I had been waiting since April for and finally got it at the very end of August. In the end I had to call, no one told me why it wasn't done, just that they would send a ticket to their "refund resolution team". Yes.. they seem to have made a whole new department just to handle problems with refunds! Guy on the phone also told me he would send me a follow up email. Never got the email, but about 10 days later I did get the gift card in the mail. I know it's not the same thing as a CC refund, but I did have to fight for mine it se
  14. Southwest was an option when I did my Fly2Fun air, so it is possible. It might depends on where/when you are flying though. I know SW puts flights out after other airlines so maybe the schedule isn't out yet if your cruise is far away? Also, don't know where you are flying to, but if you are sailing out of Miami, there is actually an option to pick your airport (MIA or Ft. Lauderdale) SW will only show up if you change the airport. That being said, Carnivals Fly2Fun air is actually REALLY flexible despite what coevan said. My air doesn't need paid until final payment of the cruis
  15. I haven't done AUS yet, but yes air can be a pretty penny. Carnival actually doesn't offer air to AUS, every other place though, I messaged on Facebook about it and they said I made good points (Princess offers air to AUS), and they will pass it up the chain but, meh I wouldn't hold my breath. While I have never been, talking to my mother, with travel time involved, she said she would never book anything less than 3 weeks in Australia (land + sea) again.Keep in mind, my mother is not the type of person who won't spend $ on travel. In this year alone she had 1 Asia, and 2 Europe cr
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