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  1. I believe it has to do with where Celebrity's head office is - as it is Miami and the state of FL will not allow them to ask for proof of vacination but the CDC says they can only sail with fully vacinated people... and as Head quarters is FL even though the ship sails out of Seattle they would be stopped from asking for proof of vacination... Personnaly I want to sail on a fully vacinated ship....
  2. Was working hard to reach Zenith but with the loss of the Retreat Lounge and other perks seems like it is not worth it...
  3. Maybe I missed it - but it seems that the priority TENDER boarding for Elite and up is gone.. That is a perk I will really miss... Someone please tell me I am wrong and that it is still there!
  4. I feel your confusion in this time of rapid regulation/rule changes due to Covid... I want badly to cruise but will not book until we are fully vacinated and the Canadian border reopens It is the border closure that is really the holdup....
  5. Wow Multiple cases for a long cruise... we did a 60 day crusie with only a total of 3 suitcases + carry on for 2 of us and we did an around the world adventure combining cruise ship - air & train travel total time 186 days and only our 3 cases + carryon Maybe I am under shopping and under packing... Will have to get right on that shopping bit!!!
  6. have been watching the WC scenarios as I have always wanted to do a WC - I love a long voyage - my longest to date was 60 days - absolutely marvelous... However having said that check out the actual price you would pay for a cabin you would be happy with... check what that cabin gives you i.e. tips, laundry, drinks etc... Check out the age and size of the ship Check out the Itinerary I found when I did this I could be on one of the luxury lines with the better itinerary for the same bottom line $$ value Now to reach full retirement
  7. Both the Pan Pacific whihc sits on top of the crusie ship terminal and the FAirmont Waterfront Hotel which is across the street from the terminal will have their porters deliver your luggage to the ship for you... and they are wonderful hotels but expensive...
  8. Yes it is really too bad that the big cruise lines have all dropped Prince Rupert... as it is an interesting port that offers a BIG WARM Welcome to visitors ... the harbor is the 7th largest natural harbor in the world so not a problem for ships to get in and out ---
  9. We have sailed on the Edge twice in an S1 & an S3 cabin and loved the whole experience... The Retreat Sundeck & Lounge plus Luminae make it well worth the money IMO... I am booked for 2 crusies on Apex and 1 on Beyond all in an S3 I tried a mini suite on Princess & a suite on Royal and definitely not worthe the extra $$ IMO as all you get for the money on Royal (unless you book a Grand Suite) is a bigger stateroom and not necessairly in a better location and on Princess you get a coupon for ONE drink... no coupon would have been better than the coupon for 1 drink as th
  10. A definite "Good News" item as at least the ships will be sailing.... Now if I could only get my 2nd shot so that I am fully vacinated and have the Canadian border open so I can travel to Seattle and back!!!! As soon as those 2 things happen I will look at booking!! Yes I have cruised Alaska 7 tiems already - but I NEED A CRUISE!
  11. Question - is the Haven a private area reserved for Suite guests only? And do ALL suite guestsd get to use the Haven or only Penthouse (expensive) suites?
  12. It appears the CDC is pushing the crusielines to find homeports outside of North America...
  13. Yes While I tried to decide between a November sailing vs a January sailing from April 28th the day the sailes opened to April 30th my decision was made for me as any of the sky suite cabins I wanted were already booked in November so had to go to the January sailing... and no I was not tht picky!
  14. Just booked a Sky Suite on the BEYOND for January 2023... Yes I have sailed on the Edge twice and loved the experience...
  15. I have sailed on the Edge twice and loved her... am booked for a B2B on the Apexin January... was to have been January of 2021 but had to L&S !! Love the look of the new BEYOND so looking at booking a Caribbean cruise in November or maybe in January of 2023... The Retreat at 40% larger sounds great and Luminae with the front windows amazing... Yes I am a Suite Gal😃
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