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  1. We too got the BOOT! Booked this itinerary to sail in 2014 and again the Millennium was chartered out so ended up switching to 2016 when the Millennium did the southern route from Hong Kong to Vancouver ... that was a wonderful itinerary and cruise ... if they ever do that itinerary again I will be aboard... However for 2020 I will jsut opt for a totally different itinerary... As my whole reason (as have done China - Japan - Korea ) was to have a wonderful cruise that ended in Vancouver and I love the Millennium and its fabulous crew! So will ahve to see what they offer in 2021...
  2. BCHappyGal

    Loyalty benefits

    Always get the most accurate info here on CC !!!
  3. BCHappyGal

    Celebrity introducing nonrefundable deposits?

    Rather than book well in advance - usually 2 years - I will revert to a last minute passenger Too much can change in life for me to book with a non refundable deposit 2 years out... I rarely booked a cruise that I did not take...
  4. BCHappyGal

    Celebrity introducing nonrefundable deposits?

    Yes now Celebrity are charging extra if you want your depoist to be refundable... some agencies are not giving you a choice & blaming it on Celebrity ... So be careful for me from now on it will be last minute bookings instead of my 2 years out as one never knows what life will dish up in 2 years... Celebrity I do not think non refundable deposits are a good move....
  5. Use the Quick Shuttle Bus not the Amtrak... Quick Shuttle will be direct pier to downtown Seattle... Much better option!
  6. Two suggestions to add to above I would schedule less time for Jasper and allow some time for Vancouver I would also consider looping thru Whistler as to me Whistler is better than Jasper Make sure you do the Columbia Ice Fields Another option for transfer to Seattle is the Quick Shuttle Bus it does 5 schjeduled runs a day and normally will drop you at the cruise ship terminal if you book it that way.
  7. BCHappyGal

    One day in Vancouver

    I too recommend you take a downtown hotel - your savings will be eaten up in transit costs and the biggest factor is waste of precious time! My favorite attractions are Grouse Mountain, Capilaon Suspension Bridge, Stanley park, GasTown, Fly Over Canada & Queen Elizabeth Park If you have mobility issues I would suggest you spend the money for a tour with a company such as Sea to Sky that will make best use of your short time here
  8. Ann & Ross - BCHappyGal Ship - Explorer of the Seas Deck 6 Stateroom # 6694 Cabin Catagory - Jr Suite Aft cabin Quiet Stateroom - Yes but definitely felt the vibration from the props Balcony view -- TOTALLY OBSTRUCTED and there was a good big 20' from my balcony railing to the rear of the ship so no photo taking from my balcony and no sitting out enjoying the sun as totally shaded - Size of cabin - large with a big couch & 2 arm chairs + 2 chairs at vanity - lots of storage & a walk in closet Negative was the night tables were so small that the phone barely fit on one... hardly enough room left for a glass of water and once the glass was there no space left for my eye glasses. Problems - Jr Suites advertise "pillow Top Mattresses" Our mattress was so old and worn out I would not ask a "dog" to sleep on it... did get it changed after complaining but the mattress was still not good! Also the bathroom needs redecorating... very old and tired I paid for a Jr Suite expecting a few extras - all we got were 2 small bottles of water on embarkation day and a plate of cookies - my Husband is Celiac and this should have been noted on his file! The service in general was good but nothing special... DO NOT PAY FOR A SUITE ON Royal Caribbean as I definitely feel that is a 'RIP OFF" Just take a normal balcony cabin - better location and same service PS If you pay for a Grand Suite you get a reserved deck chair however it is located next to the smoking area!!!
  9. BCHappyGal

    Seattle Cruise Terminal -- Pier 66

    Thanks for catching my mistake
  10. BCHappyGal

    Seattle Cruise Terminal -- Pier 66

    Pier 66 is Smith Cove and a taxi ride from downtown Seattle - about a 10 min ride... there is NOTHING at Smith Cove... not even a coffee shop only a coffee wagon outside with pic nic tables... As to time of boarding totally depends on the cruise line... check your documents.. As to security - always As to customs depends on what your first port of call is... if it is a USA port no customs Just got our documents and surprisingly it says check in starts at 10:30am - you better believe I will be there by 10 to be first in line! Yes we are boarding at Pier 66 ...
  11. Take the train - it is a nice relaxing ride with minimal custom / border hassels.... Yes it may run a bit late but not usually anything to upset you about - especially as you are coming in the night before your cruise... Enjoy
  12. Just an idea for you Allegiant air flys Bellingham to both LA & San Francisco Bellingham is approx 20 min south of the border and motels are relatively inexpensive in Bellingham You might want to consider adding a night post cruise in Bellingham thus giving you a day in Vancouver to sightsee before heading south to Bellingham A bus line to check for a charter that I know can deliver you to your hotel/motel in Bellingham is Quick Shuttle... Thus you could spend a day with them touring you around Vancouver before dropping you off in Bellingham... Another way to get to Bellingham would be the Amtrak Train which leaves downtown Vancouver at approx 5pm thus you would have a day to sight see in Vancouver Just ideas for you:):):)
  13. BCHappyGal

    No more wash and fold?

    I take it that one myust be D+ to enjoy this perk??? Am I right???? I am only Diamond:')
  14. BCHappyGal

    Capilano vs Grouse Mtn

    Grouse Mtn is WAY BETTER than Mt Roberts in Juneau... in fact in Juneau I would recommend Glacier Gardens over Mt Roberts... do it yourself using public transit
  15. BCHappyGal

    Vancouver disembarkation

    Your are tight and I would recommend walking off early with your luggage... Canadian Customs is normally a breeze... Just walk thru and hand in your declaration form However once you get to the airport you have the privilege of clearing US immigration and customs NOT a breeze and of course security... allow time for this so you need to be at YVR 2 hours before your flight - 9am for an 11 flight... Walk up to street level for a taxi --- how - follow the signs that say "City Center" until you come to double glass doors that say "Hotel & Convention Center" go thru the doors and take the elevator up 1 level to G (ground) - yes our cruise ship terminal is actually 1 level below street level ... once off the elevator turn to your left and you walk out the front entrance of the Pan Pacific Hotel - doorman will put you in a taxi Your cheaper option is to walk to your left 2.5 blocks to the entrance to the Skytrain (Vancouver's Subway ) and take that to the airport... but with luggage I would recommend the taxi...