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  1. I kow that I had the Classic Package on a 10 day cruise. On embarkation they offered to upgrade to Premium all 10 days for the price of 8 days. From what I have been told you may be able to bargain with staff who are offering the upgrades for a better price. CAUTION: If you don't absolutely need the upgrade, don't do it, it depends on if you desire top shelf alcohol or not.
  2. Loved your review, best I have ever seen ! But I could not locate your dailies.
  3. Thanx, but I was looking for the brand name of the television set.
  4. This may sound trivial, I'm just curious. Anybody know what brand televisions are used on the Silhouette ? Thanx
  5. I'm not a "gourmet" nor do I claim to be one, far from it. I have not been on as many cruises as most,. but, I have been on X several times and in my opinion I thought the food was quite good. I am sure you could get "better" food if you went to a land based quality dining establishment but I think the food is very good being on a cruise ship ! I am sure I will get plenty of feedback, lol.
  6. On the night that they serve the Scallops Rockefeller appetizer I would highly recommend it !!!
  7. Try Jim Beam with Ginger Ale, not Canada Dry Ginger Ale or fountain Ginger Ale.
  8. Despite the previous answers to my post, perhaps I should have put this on a different board, did not intend to offend others, my bad. As far as to "ghstudio", my recommendation for a very good bourbon that is not expensive but very, very good is Buffalo Trace, it can be difficult to find but if you do find it purchase several bottles !
  9. This question goes out to all my UK friends or those that might be in the know. I am a big Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and Wild Turkey Bourbon guy. I would like to know what is the best or most popular brands of Gin, Scotch and Irish Whiskey in the UK. I would greatly appreciate the information. Thanx
  10. Lol, there are some very interesting responses to this post . People, just enjoy your cruise and not worry about what and what not others are wearing.
  11. miched, I never, ever stated that I EXPECTED anything at all, just curious as to IF they did anything special. You are from Michigan, lol.
  12. I was curious to know what, if anything, Celebrity will do for you if you are celebrating a special occasion, like anniversary or birthday. A couple years ago we were presented a cake, champagne and roses, for our anniversary, but, it was from our TA. So, if you inform Celebrity that you will be celebrating a special occasion will they do something special for you ?
  13. As the previous poster stated you can get any drink you want at most bars. If you upgrade to the Premium Package make sure you specifically state what brand of alcohol you want, i.e., Bombay Sapphire instead of just Gin, or Jack Daniels instead of just Bourbon, and, watch the pour, you could get a well alcohol instead of the Premium pour.
  14. This is very interesting offer ! I have the Classic Package and will probably upgrade to the Premium Package on embarkation day, possibly to get a better offer. But, if it is in fact that the Premium Plus Package is what everyone is saying that would be such a great offer. I agree with previous posters that you can call Celebrity 10 times and could get 10 different answers, I know, it's happened to me !
  15. Lol, ok, I saw this new package also ! So, the Premium Package is priced at $69.00 and the Premium Plus is priced at $67.50. Does anyone know what the difference is ? I as well as others might want too know also, lol. Thanx
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