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  1. So Funny !!! My arrival time was 12-12:30. After talking to others in the very long line they had arrival times of 1, 1:30, 2, 2:30 and some had a 3pm arrival time. They all expected to be able to check in early, NOPE ! I was on the ship and at the Martini having a cocktail at 12:40. Bottom line is if they SUGGEST a time they mean it !
  2. Yes, I think everyone is having problems with X site the last couple of days. I freaked out at first when it said I have 0 upcomning cruises, but, later realized just another X site problem.
  3. Tuscan Grill is an Italian restaurant that also have fantastic steaks. I have eaten there a few times and have always been pleased ! Great appetizers, nice wines, you must have the Limoncello.
  4. This thread is so funny, lol ! Lines ??? Wait time ??? Again, I will echo others who posted, if you arrived at your allotted time slot there was no wait. My time was 12:00-12:30, we arrived at 12:05 and was at the bar at 12:21. If you have ever been in the military, the old saying is hurry up and wait. Folks, relax, be patient, follow rules and all will be peachy !
  5. I just got off the Edge and the menu’s are the same.
  6. I just got off the Edge last week. I'm pretty sure your only options are the buffet and Mast grill.
  7. I just stayed at the Hyatt Place before and after recent cruise. Not far from port, older hotel, clean and comfortable. Lots of restaurants nearby, Publix and Total Wines close also !
  8. I was on this cruise also and yes, it was a bit chaotic at the beginning, confusion. But, talking with others in "The Line", there were a lot of people who had check in times 0f 2PM, 2:30 and so on. My check in time was 12-12:30PM, I arrived at the terminal at 12:05 and was in the bar at 12:21. So, I guess some did not listen when told what time told when to be there.
  9. Question: On my last cruise, Edge, 7/3/21, I saw quite a few folks using walkie-talkies. Is that allowed on cruise ships ?
  10. Just an observation from my recent 7/3/21 sailing on the Edge. I saw many men wearing Hawaiian shirts, Polo shirts in MDR. I even saw some wearing shorts in the MDR. I did not see any men wearing suits or jackets, nor women in fancy dresses. This may be the latest trend to feel more comfortable. I like it !
  11. Eat a big breakfast, something at port or you will be close enough to dinner, I'm sure you will not ho without, enjoy !
  12. Sunset Bar, Aft I wish you were on my cruise 7/3/21, I enjoy smoking cigars with company !
  13. I have seen it all on X on "Chic Night". They say no shorts, sandals, or torn/ripped jeans, t-shirts. But, on occasion people have entered the MDR wearing questionable clothing without a word from staff. slacks, collared shirt, is just fine. Some people even wear tuxedos which I will also do one day.
  14. I was just informed by a TA that X check-in will be open on Friday.
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