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  1. I just did it in July on the Edge !
  2. 11/22/21 Constellation check-in is now open !
  3. If you have Concierge Class you can eat in the MDR.
  4. Lol, I was told the same thing. If you are not able to check-in online, just show up at the port on embarkation day. WHAT ??? I wonder how that will work since you are assigned times to be there.
  5. We dined in all the MDR's on the Edge in July, and there was no established social distancing but due to the decreased occupancy it was not an issue.
  6. We are a group of 4 that dines together nightly. What we do is on the first night, after dinner, if we like our table and wait staff, we contact the Maitre D and ask to be seated in the same place and time nightly. it has never failed.
  7. Please Help ! I have cruised X several times, my last on the Edge. I am not the brightest when it come to tech things. I had all kinds of difficulties using the MyTv and navigating the menus. I didn't know how to order room service or making reservations for anything. Is there some sort of guide on usage I could review before my next cruise ? Thank you !
  8. I am very upset with X this morning 😡 Today was supposed to be the day to check in for the 11/22/21 Constellation cruise. We are 45 days out. Cannot complete online so I called X and was transferred to 4 different departments, 1 of them was very rude, not knowing anything. Finally, I was told that IT has had a problem with website, imagine that. I was told maybe at some point today online check-in may work, not for sure. Also, they still have no idea concerning the itinerary, representative told the present itinerary is still correct, even though we all know, except X that Grand Cayman is closed until 2022.
  9. We have cruised a couple times on X with Concierge Class, we stopped. The only perk I enjoyed was being able to eat lunch in the MDR on embarkation day.
  10. As I have stated previously that since the first time I presented my DD-214 in 2011 with HAL I have always received a military discount with X over 6 plus cruises with them and not presenting anything else, not sure how they know, maybe you should contact X again, thank you for your service !
  11. I am retired military also. My very first cruise, on HAL, I got a military, all I ever had to do was provide a copy to cruise line, and fill out a form, via email, with pertinent info, (SSN), blacked out. Since then I have been on many cruises and got discounts and never went through that again, it just happens, good luck and thank you for your service !
  12. Can you order whole pizzas before 11PM through room service ?
  13. Lol, on our last cruise in July we ordered luggage tags, did not get them prior to cruise, but, we printed them out. A week after we returned from cruise we got the tags from X, lol 🤣
  14. Last time we were in Nassau in July it was horrible, lots of port construction, nothing opened, I wouldn't get off the ship.
  15. Wow, thanx !!! The best university in Michigan is in Ann Arbor, Go Blue !!!
  16. Bo, you are pretty knowledgeable guy, love your posts ! I contacted X and they stated the delay is due to itinerary changes not being finalized.
  17. Why is this an issue ? It's all spelled out !
  18. Lol, we know there will be no Grand Cayman Island. Has anyone gotten an "OFFICIAL" notice yet, still on the itinerary, who knows what they will replace it with. As long as we are cruising is fine with me. But, it's fun speculating !
  19. We were on the Edge in July. They made all vaccinated people wear these annoying blue wristbands that you were not supposed to remove, even though some did. We will be on the Constellation in November, are the blue wristbands still be required, for anybody ?
  20. I think they tell you that in the fine print !
  21. Again, I stress that you should confirm the expiration and type of test to take for cruising. If you use the BinaxNow test IT MUST BE THE ONE THAT IS PROCTORED !!! It is labeled RX, not the OTC.
  22. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE !!! Please check your expiration date for your BinaxNow test kit. Apparently, after conferring mine with Abbott, there are 3 versions. 1.Over The Counter 2. Home Test (RX) 3. Professional Each has different expiration dates. There are letters circulating around with lot numbers for each, I have seen letters dated April, May and September. Please make sure first, you are using the correct test kit to cruise, Home Test/RX. Then confirm your expiration date, better to be safe than sorry. I would hate see someone be turned back from a cruise for using the wrong or expired test kit.
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