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  1. I have just moved a cruise date from 2021 to another one in 2022. We didn't lose our deposit & also didn't have to pay any extra fee's - we are Elite Captains Club members. It might be worth giving Celebrity a call to see if you will incur extra charges if you aren't Elite members
  2. The last time we had an internal connecting door we could hear our neighbours conversations & arguments so didn't fancy going through that again This time we have booked one of the end (SV type) cabins 9384 as I believe they have external connecting doors. There are other cabins on the ship that don't have any interconnecting doors
  3. Just discovered that the interconnecting cabin doors are internal unlike the other S Class ships which are external
  4. Thanks for all the information - I think we may look at the SV cabins
  5. We usually opt for the Solstice class of ship but have seen a few nice itineraries on the new class of ships. I really don't fancy the Infinite style balconies - Do the new ships have any of the normal style balconies anywhere? It's difficult to see from the deck plans
  6. Thanks for the quick reply - I was looking at the cabin 1222 on Deck 10 at the very aft (sunset) but may now look at other options as I am not keep on interconnecting doors
  7. Are the communicating Cabin doors on the Reflection internal or external? I have sailed on several Solstice ships where the interconnecting doors are external but have a feeling the Reflection is different. Thanks
  8. I haven't had the Power up email (UK) yet. Now wondering if I will get one - is there something I should have done in order to get one?
  9. Thanks for the diagram -Looks like the deck plan I was looking at was wrong. The picture I was looking at seemed to only show just 1 wider balcony so that would mean it is either 9309 or 9384? This will be the 1st time we have had a cabin at the very back of the ship so want to chose the best cabin/balcony especially as all the end cabins are available at the moment.
  10. Silhouette C1 Cabins at rear of the ship - 9302 & 1206 - are these the cabins that have slightly larger balconies?
  11. The C1 cabins that are available are 9201 & 8185 & 8170 - there are 2 FV's next to these cabins port & starboard I was just wondering if there might be extra noise in these FV cabins if there were children but I guess it is a gamble
  12. The FV cabins look great but on the two cruises itineraries we are looking at 1st June & 14th June both to Turkey & Greece they have already been snapped up. Can theFV be booked by non family passengers - there are just the 2 of us? Are the other cabins at the back larger than normal, we had booked a SV on the Silhouette but that was cancelled due to the virus?
  13. Normally I opt for Solstice class but this time I am looking a 2 itineraries on the Constellation & Infinity to the Med in June/July next year - I sailed on M class ships many moons ago so not sure on what cabins are good etc. We are looking at Decks 7 / 8 /9 I have a few questions re the M Class of ship Q1 - are the concierge cabins/balconies slightly larger than normal veranda cabins? - I know there is no difference on s class Q2 - are the veranda's on the slant slightly bigger on M class- similar to the S class Q2 - SV cabins are they worth the extra money? I can see that some are next to FV cabins are they likely to be noisier re families? Most of the cabins available on both itineraries are either fwd or aft - are there cabins that have overhangs etc. Any advice would be appreciated
  14. I'm not aware of any scales onboard - we usually bring our small hand held scales
  15. If your cruise departs 27 June - we are also on that one. There is a roll Call for our cruise the more the merrier.
  16. I would like to thank everyone for all the information you have given me it is appreciated- this forum is amazing. I guess now I will just have to be patient and wait till nearer to the time to work out whether we would have more chance of getting on a flight from Vancouver or Seattle. Obviously a departure from Vancouver will be our preferred option so we will keep everything crossed.
  17. Thanks for the CDS baggage storage information it looks ideal. I had just been looking at the Fairmont Hotel website - it is pricey for a day room but would be very convenient being situated right at the airport. I feel so much better having all this information so will be prepared for all eventualities.
  18. Thank you for the info on the light rail service. No it's not the Maasdam. The one we are looking at is with Celebrity. We will have to wait till nearer to the time before we book as hopefully by then we will be able to get a clearer idea of seat availability on the flights.
  19. Sorry for all the questions & slightly off track. Question - if we are lucky enough to get on a flight from Vancouver to London the day we dock - we will dock early am and the flight doesn't depart until 2055. Is there a luggage storage section at YVR airport or is there an airport hotel where we could reserve a day room?
  20. Thanks for all of the advice. I will have a look at Quick Shuttle. Looks like we have a few options so that is good to know. Obviously our 1st choice is to depart from Vancouver and if needs be we can always night stop & try to get on the London bound flight the next day. The cruise we want to book isn't till March so we still have plenty of time to check on the flight loads & at least now we have all the connections information to work with. Thanks everyone
  21. The only reason we are thinking of going to Seattle from Vancouver is based on flight loads. We are airline staff and only get on flights if there are seats available. There are 2 flights a day from Seattle & only 1 from Vancouver. Ideally we would prefer to fly from Vancouver but it the loads look too full we will have to resort to going to Seattle. Having just looked at the AMTRAK timings and as Gardyloo mentioned the timings aren't great so we may have to think about flying to Seattle from Vancouver. We are still in the early stages of planning but it is good to have all the options in place and appreciate all the advice that has been given.
  22. We are looking to book a cruise that departs from San Diego & ends at Vancouver. We want to go from Vancouver to Seattle & fly home to London from there. DH doesn't want to drive so we are thinking of going with AMTRAK. My questions are Is the Vancouver cruise terminal a long taxi ride away to the train station? What happens to the luggage once we are on the train - we will have 2 large suitcases & 2 carry ons- do we keep it with us? We have UK passports so what happens re Immigration from Vancouver to Seattle when using the train - does the train stop at border control? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  23. We are looking to go on a cruise from San Diego and ends in Vancouver We want to travel from Vancouver to Seattle and eventually fly home to London from Seattle. Someone posted a while back that AMTRAK was a good way to do this. Is the train station far from the Cruise terminal?. Is it easy to do with luggage etc? The other question is Immigration - years ago we travelled by road from Vancouver to Seattle & we had to stop at the border to clear immigration --- how would that work if we went by train? Any suggestions would be appreciated
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