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  1. Yes, the penthouse suite shower is slightly larger than the veranda suite shower. In the veranda shower I am constantly banging my elbow into the wall when washing my hair. In the penthouse shower it only happens occasionally!
  2. Thank you for your witty observations. It is so refreshing not to hear all the whining about how bottles are sanitized, who might had touched a shampoo bottle before you, etc. Sometimes I wonder why people who have issues with such things ever leave their hermetically sealed bubbles. Whogo, Please enjoy your trip and continue with your amusing commentary!
  3. We are soon to begin our 9th Seabourn cruise. I guess I fall into the pay and sway category. My definition of hell (luxury hell, but still) would be to be assigned a mid-ships cabin on decks 5-7. We are hearty sailors and I always book a V4 on deck 8 (the same suite if possible). It is all personal preference, but I love having the quick access to the outdoors (and bars...) on decks 8 andr 9 and would feels like a rat in a maze on one of the lower decks. I always specify no upgrade as a V6 on deck seven might seem like a blessing to some, but would be depressing to me. On our last cruise we came upon an unexpected overnight squall (read dining rooms had already set out glassware for the next morning that came crashing to the floor, bars not storm secured, etc) on the way from Quebec to Newfoundland and although we were rocking and rolling on deck 8 forward during the night we were one of the few up and about the next morning.
  4. In September we were joining the Quest in Montreal. We live in NYC (flight time to Montreal circa one hour). We have spent a lot of time in Montreal, but booked a flight for the day before in order to enjoy an afternoon, dinner and embarkation morning in that lovely city. Due to weather conditions in the South and Midwest, incoming flights were held at departure points. Our noon flight was delayed again and again until finally cancelled at 7 p.m. We were re-booked for an 8:30 a.m. flight the following morning, and with NO luggage (checked bags were to be put on the new flight) were put up in the LGA Marriott for the night - 15 minutes from our apartment lol! Arrived at the airport the next morning with two of our three bags accounted for on the Delta app. Great gate agent tracked down the errant bag and came on board prior to take off to assure us all the luggage was safely stowed. From wheels up to wheels down flight was about 50 minutes, so we were through immigration and on our way to the Quest shortly after 10 a.m.. All ended well, but we missed the evening in Montreal to which we had been looking forward and incurred a bit of unnecessary stress - even though we planned to arrive a day prior to sailing. So keep in mind problems can occur on short flights as well as long haul trips.
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