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  1. "We cancelled our 9/20 med cruise since we expected it to be cancelled & ports were closed & rebooked the same cruise, ship & itinerary for 9/21. Our same cabin (S1) was almost double the price so we booked a lower grade. Two days after we did the transaction X came out with the L & S program. They refused to permit us to qualify for the program. We took the issue to higher ups and they also refused saying no exceptions!..It's left us with a bad taste, especially since they have made exceptions on other issues including non identical itineraries, dates and ships."
  2. Here is another thing I found out about getting a credit. I had canceled before final payment last May and was able to lift and shift but have not made that new booking at this time. I saw a different cruiseline with a sailing I liked so I called my travel agent. I was informed that I could not take a penalty of $200 and put the deposit to a different cruiseline. Looks like the penalty was alright on the original sailing if I canceled before final payment. In the Lift and Shift stage it looks like the cruiselines want to keep the full deposit so it now becomes a case of "if you don't use it yo
  3. I to feel like I will pass until I can see some kind of stability within the cruise industry. At the moment I am kind of feed up with Celebrity because trying to find a cruise that will fit my needs just isn't out there. Today I saw a new cruise release but on a different Cruiseline. Since I have a $500 deposit still left from my Celebrity cruise that had been canceled before final payment I called to see if I could take the penalty ($100 per person a total of $200 ) and place the remaining $300 on a differerent cruise and different cruiseline. I have know found out "no" Celebrity is the only
  4. I have cruised to Hawaii on both ships over the years. If I had my choice I would rather be on the Grand. Not sure if anyone else noticed but on the Ruby they would take reservations for the first night of dining. What the staff never did was inform customers that fact that half the ships customers made dinner reservations. It became very comical to watch people walk past the two very long lines and approach the dining staff that they had reservations. The staff then would tell people they would have to get in the "reservation line" which was longer than the non reservation line. You talk abou
  5. Had a August cruise canceled so we had to deal with the AC flights out of Phoenix Arizona to Vancouver. We had non-refundable airfare so I waited until August to deal with the situation. I wanted to see AC say they would give credit to the end of August. This was not fault of ours and no fault of AC. Two days ago I went on line and canceled the flight and got a notification that I would receive a voucher. The money involved was not that much but at least AC gave us a chance to use a credit for next summer. By the way for those just wanting to know AC had changed our travel times twice. One the
  6. I have to admit that everyone giving feed back on Canceling a AC ticket has been really good information. Today was the day to go in and press that Cancel button. This got to be a bit tricky. Having set up an Aeroplan account over the weekend my thought was to get miles awarded I had the choice of Awarded miles with a percentage bonus or a voucher. It said in the wording that the Aeroplan was the best choice? When I picked the Aeroplan miles the confirmation would not take. It came back and said my Aero Account number didn't match. After some frustration I came to the conclusion that even tho
  7. Don't forget there are many Airlines that have government backing. I remember booking a flight into Rome many years ago and a passenger on that cruise said they would not book with a Italian Air lines because they might go bankrupt. Turns out that same Airlines is still flying today. I can say the same for alot of the US airlines. Many have gone bankrupt only to start up again later down the road. On the Air Canada subject. I am in the process of getting ready to press the cancel button this next week. Today I did the necessary work to get a membership for Air points. Sure was a pai
  8. Thanks for your update Cruizstart. Will probably hit the cancel button this weekend. As long as I have credit for next year I will be happy. I have nothing against AC this all started with the virus. If I hadn't been so quick to book the flights I would not be in this situation which is my fault. At least I did not book any hotel rooms. That was next on my planning but the Grand Princess sailed into Oakland and all is history now. Take care my Canadian friends.
  9. Interesting. Now that I have make it into August I checked flights into Vancouver and found out that on the day I originally was set to travel on a non stop flight they don't exist. An hour later I got a notification that my flight schedule had been change. Instead of flying in on Saturday the Airlines had changed my flight to a day earlier? It said it was due to Government restrictions? On the good side is the fact that AC did extend their cancelation policy for customers to cancel all the way up to the end of August. It seems to me if they are changing my flight backing it up 24 hours who wi
  10. Bennybear.....thanks for the information. This is exactly what I was wanted to hear. That August 21 date is probably why AirCanada said one of my flights was non operational. My flight back was suppose to be on August 23rd. I would bet if things don't improve going into August that date (August 21rd) gets extended. Lets hope this virus thing sometime down the road goes away. For now its a different world. Take care.
  11. Desert Cruiser.... Thanks for you information. I give you lots of credit for attempting to get a refund. Looks like that effort paid off. I am the type of person that would do just what you have done but am taking a different approach. I did notice that Air Canada did send me a e-mail stating that everything was in place for my August flight. I just got done talking to someone who was saying that Canada "May" open the border come August 1st. I really don't find that to be correct. If Bermuda doesn't want US citizens coming over then I suspect the Canadian rule will stay in place a while longer
  12. CruzStart.....Thanks for your feed back. I have to agree with you on the possibility of a refund.... in other words don't count on it. Today after giving it some thought I went to the AC web site and went to my flight booking. Once I clicked on the "Acknowledge button" I got a updated report that said my booking was still in place for the dates that I had booked. I'm not sure what the "non operational itinerary" was all about but it disappeared. I have a feeling there is some kind of hold by the Canadian Government". If this is the case then I should see more action coming before August. For n
  13. I purchased flights into Vancouver on AirCanada in Feburary of this year. Since then I have recieved notification that my flight times have changed. (My cruise in mid August is obviously canceled) I have pretty well read through the fine print but decided to hold back from trying to get a credit since things do not look good with flights flying out of Phoenix Arizona. Sure enough to night I got a electronic message stating that one of my flights will not happening (direct flight no connections) I know AirCanada is still offering credit if I cancel the flights. The reason for the cancelation re
  14. My thinking is top management is trying to find ways to keep prices as high as possible down the road. This kind of logic in this type of environment could backfire really bad. At the worst I could take my $500 deposit and take the penalty and go with a different cruiseline. I remember well what happened to the travel industry after 911. There were bargains like you wouldn't believe but people were afraid to travel at the time. In this case when will the airlines get back to normal? Not anytime soon.
  15. I for sure thought you were nuts and then I checked.....$8400 for a suite? Not sure if I would want to make final payment with this kind of money. If those prices drop to say maybe to $1600 precruise then I might take the bait. I to will be watching to see how this one plays out.
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