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  1. My thinking is top management is trying to find ways to keep prices as high as possible down the road. This kind of logic in this type of environment could backfire really bad. At the worst I could take my $500 deposit and take the penalty and go with a different cruiseline. I remember well what happened to the travel industry after 911. There were bargains like you wouldn't believe but people were afraid to travel at the time. In this case when will the airlines get back to normal? Not anytime soon.
  2. I for sure thought you were nuts and then I checked.....$8400 for a suite? Not sure if I would want to make final payment with this kind of money. If those prices drop to say maybe to $1600 precruise then I might take the bait. I to will be watching to see how this one plays out.
  3. The pictures shown here have been great. I believe there were four other cruise ships in Juneau a year ago. I have the picture to prove it.
  4. Jimbo, If you keep this up you might be retired and won't have to worry about work. In my working days I always told the boss where I would be. That was when I sailed to places like Turkey, Egypt, and Cypress. The boss could never get a hold of me and those two week cruises over seas were nice. Tim
  5. Jimbo, So sorry that you could not make the cruise on this 11 day trip. I remember you put so much time in to planning the trip and had to cancel. I hope you did get a cruise in before all of the chaos hit. We managed to do a last minute 15 day cruise to Hawaii in mid November which was so nice. Given time this virus thing will pass.
  6. I was on this sailing last year. I remember people were not happy about not having a 7day plus cruise for 2020...… how little did we know there might be zero. Just maybe 2021 will be much better. Nice pictures posted here. I did get a nice picture of one of the higher peaks just off Sika.
  7. We were on a 15 day Hawaiian cruise in 2015 where the seas on the first night got totally rough. Not only that the next morning a older gentleman was running down the hall way looking for help because his cabin had flooded. Right away we notice water coming out of a room two doors down. We kept hearing of water issues on the cruise and on day 13 our cabin flooded with water. We always remembered that cruise was our worst cruise experience. Then a year and a half later we had a 10 day Alaska cruise out of San Francisco. We flew in a day early and had a good time seeing the sights in down town San Francisco. On the morning of the cruise all was going well until the staff told us to sit in an area adjacent to where our security pictures would have been taken. Right away a lady approached us and said "you are the lucky ones who get to board the ship in the first group but please follow me"? Right away we knew something wasn't right but followed her where she introduced us to the Hotel Manager? He said that there was a small issue and he would take care of us. Finally after getting our room key he took us to the room and said there were five rooms on the ship that got flooded the night before (nice). Of course ours was the worst and right away my wife stated that the room as it was would not be acceptable. As it turned out we had not even got on the ship and we had a flooded cabin!#? The rest of the day was not a good one. By 6:00 PM we found out that there was a new dry room ready for us but what a hassle. No need to mention the cruise line since these thing can happen on any ship. At the time we had done 15 cruises before getting washed out. Will cruise again but remember anything can happen.
  8. Thanks..... my August Alaska cruise final payment is due on May 8th. I made the decision two days ago to cancel and it looks like I made the right decision. The cruiseline did allow me to rebook down the road with out adding more money to the deposit. My airfare was booked on a Canadian carrier so most likely I will at least get a credit on a future flight. I have done eighteen cruises and this is the first time things went haywire. I have to agree those southwestern Alaska cities will go through a economic hit not to mention Alaska will not receive those wonderful taxes from the paying customers this year. This is a situation no one saw coming. Tim
  9. Not sure if our sailing will happen this coming August. At least I did take a lot of pictures over the past few years on our cruises to Alaska. I loved the sailing into Icy Straights.
  10. I heard from our friends on the East coast who were going to do their first Alaska cruise. As it turns out they will cancel their May cruise to Alaska because of a developing health issue.... not the virus. They were looking so forward to this trip since the two of them are retired school teachers only to find out therapy will be needed because of a life threatening health issue. Our cruise will be a go until I hear otherwise. Mid August will be our departure date. I am afraid things will get much worse before getting better. I think we will all know by the first of June as to what will be happening in Alaska for cruise reason. Everyone take care and take precautions.
  11. I have a mid August cruise planned. I have decided to wait another 30 days and then re evacuate the situation. I have friends on the east coast who booked for May and I am sure they are in a position where they will have to cancel or figure out when they can sail at a future date. I don't think the whole Alaska cruise season is washed out but it sure has a lot of road blocks going forward. Never seen this before.
  12. I have to agree with a reservation made directly with a name brand hotel but in the case of a online agency where it is in print that "no cancelations can be made" then the situation changes. You might get a really good deal with an online agency only not to be able to cancel later. This should make a lot of us think twice before making those reservation. I have seen where some online agencies will allow cancelations and some will not. Read the fine print before booking is the best choice.
  13. I usually book early for Alaska but this year I am booked for Mid August. I have to carefully keep a watch on the ever changing rules and regulations that seem to keep coming out daily. I am more concerned about the closing of the Canadian ports until July 1st. Worst case is I loose my already purchased airfare. I can always cancel our cruise before final payment is due but in the mean time when do I purchase hotel rooms? I think I will sit back for at least 30 days and them make some serious decisions. In the mean time I still plan on doing an Alaska cruise but will hope for the best. I am not the only one in this position but with a late sailing this year it just might work out. Love to cruise. Good luck to my fellow cruisers.
  14. Seems every day brings new issues for the cruise lines to solve problems with the summer cruise season coming to Alaska. I wonder if our government is working with the Canadian government on these issues. I can understand why ports like Vancouver and Victoria will be off limits to ships with more than 500 people. On the other hand what do you do with the ships that will be sailing up from Australia in eight weeks? Most of those ships make stops in Vancouver as required by law. Is it possible for those ships to port in a Commercial port for the night before cruising into Seattle? There are a lot of unused ports that could take on these large cruise ships until this all blows over. Ports like Astoria, Portland, Port Angeles, Juneau, Sika, Seward, Whittier, and possibly Anchorage. Anchorage can be a problem because of he tides. These ports could take up the slack needed for a vast number of ships needing a place to rest for 30 to 45 days while out of the regular cruising routine. This coming Alaska cruise season is going to have issues going forward. I am still booked for a August sailing out of Vancouver but time will tell. I have never seen anything like this since 911. Lets all hope for the best.
  15. Had my chance to buy Carnival two years ago at $45 and did not go through with the purchase at the time. I saw it start to stabilize two days ago going back up to above $32. I knew today would get crazy and pressed the buy button at $28.45. I know there is a risk for the dividend to get cut but figured this just might be the time to help stabilize the stock. When everyone one thinks their stock is going to zero it might be a good time to buy. We'll see what tomorrow brings. This virus won't go on forever.
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