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  1. It could be the wife made more phone calls than normal from the ports. That might justify the higher phone bill. She did settle down once she realized we had been on a nice cruise vacation and there are always extra cost when you travel. True of untrue will be interesting to see how many other people have higher bills by taking a cruise. As a Carnival stock holder I think the company is going in the right direction. Tim
  2. Yes the only dividend at this time is OBC. Give it sometime and the dividend will return. I got lucky and bought my shares once Carnival started sailing again. Things will improve slowly over the next year. Buy Carnival on the dip. Tim
  3. Note... that price will also hit your phone bill after the cruise. I watched my wife get all upset because her phone bill was $58 too high. Then she realized by using the app on the ship part of that time was added to her phone bill. Just don't be shocked post cruise. If you use the app while on the ship it will show up later on your phone bill.
  4. So glad you sailed Alaska in 2021. I was on a different cruise out of Seattle in July but will be on Celebrity Solstice in 2022. That crew ratio is amazing. I suspect the ships capacity will rise come next cruise season in Alaska. Lets hope for a back to normal cruise season next year. Tim
  5. I believe booking a helicopter excursion might be easy. On my first cruise to Hawaii someone I met on the ship rented a car thinking he would have to drive to the helicopter tour location in Kahului. It turned out the helicopter tour was a short walk to the airport so he just canceled his rental car. This information might be helpful. Tim
  6. I booked my cruise in May and the travel agent asked if we were vaccinated. Her information indicated you had to show proof of a vaccination card which both the wife and I have. Completed the sailing three weeks ago and I can say everyone on on our cruise had to show proof of vaccination before boarding the ship. The cruislines know they have to be perfect on this in order to reopen up cruising. I now am in the process of getting ready to book cruise number two for this year. I have no problems stepping onto a cruise ship going forward. Tim
  7. I have Limassol Cyprus already checked off on my bucket list. I can't imagine flying into that destination in order to catch a cruise ship. If the ports included Istanbul or Cairo it would be more interesting. I think as time passes there will be much better ports for cruising in the East Mediterranean. Tim
  8. I had this happen once. Our cabin flooded before we even got on the ship. I got over it. Tim
  9. Watching this closely trying to decide if I want to do Hawaii this year. I won't put any deposit down before the 60 day final payment window. By then we will have much more information to go on. This situation I am sure will cause a lot of cruisers to cancel. I do like the way that Princess is handling the all vaccinated situation. Tim
  10. I am pretty sure this is what your wife ordered for lunch..... good choice.
  11. Here is an interesting thought...... I just returned from a wonderful Alaska cruise on Princess. There are other ships sailing other than Princess and all passengers must be vaccinated before boarding their ships. So far I have heard nothing of anyone carrying the virus from those cruises. Is it possible you are at risk sailing out of other States?
  12. azbirdmom have a great cruise we were on the July 25th sailing and had a wonderful trip. I am sure you will see the big bottle of wine on deck 5. Be glad to be out of the heat for a week. Tim
  13. Just got back sailing on the Majestic Princess. Here is what we saw: 1. Seattle clear and sunny 79 degrees 2. Juneau overcast no rain 66 degrees 3. Skagway overcast no rain 68 degrees 4. Glacier Bay Spectacular, Sunny, Cold 5. Ketchikan Clear with some clouds 73 degrees 6. Seattle partly cloudy morning temperature 74 degrees Here is what a good day is like in Glacier Bay
  14. Looking back this is about the third charter flight crash that was connected to Holland American passengers. So sad.
  15. Alaska and the State of Washington deserve a lot of credit for making the Alaska cruise season happen. The cruiselines deserve credit in keeping their customers safe while on those ships. Lets all hope the 2022 cruise season will be a good time to travel safely. Tim
  16. I just returned from a wonderful cruise in Alaska. Everyone on the ship was vaccinated so there were no issues with virus. The ship sailed at 55% capacity and the crew was so ready to go back to work. I have a 2022 cruise set for next August and will be ready for that sailing. The only difference will be the possibility that a virus test might be needed to board the ship at that time. I do not have a problem with that. Tim
  17. Just got off of a Alaska cruise and no one could get on the ship without proving being vaccinated. The ship sailed at 55% capacity so there were times when we were wondering where the people were. The staff after being out of work for over a year were so happy to return to work. Doing a shore excursion you were asked to put on a mask but I noticed no one in port was enforcing it. There were signs posted in business windows stating the mask policy. This was a wonderful and relaxing cruise but with the covid issue only getting worse there will be new restrictions coming. We were so glad to sail when we did. Tim
  18. We just returned from a Princess cruise that did Glacier Bay. I have to admit we got lucky with the weather this time. It was clear and sunny but I would bet it was 38 degrees outside with the Glacier that close to the ship.
  19. We just returned from a Alaska cruise. We were shocked to see the ship at 55% capacity. No one on the ship as a customer was required to wear mask since everyone boarding had to show proof of being vaccinated. A lot of folks did wear mast as a cautionary measure. Most of the staff did wear mast during their working hours. When going to shore everyone was asked to wear a mask which was not policed. I even noticed the bicycle cop in Juneau was not masked. Signs were posted on the shop open for business that mask were required. Most people complied. Here is a picture from a shop in Skagway. Remember we were the only cruise ship in port and the streets were still empty.
  20. Here is some taxi information for those wanting it. We walked out of the Terminal at Sea Tac on arrival and just followed the "Taxi" signs..... did not have to wait for a taxi at 10:40 AM. It was about a 35 minute drive to Pier 91 with a cost of $64. We took a taxi again when leaving Pier 91. We waited maybe 6 or 7 minutes to get a taxi back to Sea Tac with a full price of $44. Do remember this cruise was sailing at probably 60% capacity and was the only ship at Pier 91 on departure. When things get back to normal I am sure it will be more of a "mad house". Once again this cruise was wonderful. Tim
  21. I will be on the July 25h Alaska sailing on Majestic. I to got the e-mail on immigration? Like the one person back a full page mentioned their departing and arriving airline information was missing from the Personalizer. It did not take me long to figure out that I had not enter the information and it had nothing to do with the Ap. I immediatlely filled that information out. I'm still trying to figure out why they called it an immigration issue? First of all my information with Princess has been in their system for years. I think it would have been less confusing by calling it the Travel Section of the Personalizer to be filled in at Princess.com. I am "GO" on the Ap for a blue lane. Smooth sailing ahead is my positive side of this issue. Tim
  22. vivian02

    Budget Queen

    Very good question. She had a lot of good information for those wanting to do an Alaska Cruise. Lets hope she shows up. Tim
  23. This information is nice to know for customers cruising soon. I had a e-mail from the cruise line stating that the "immigration form" was incomplete. When I went to check at the web site it was my travel flights that had not been entered? Not sure why they used the term "immigration". At least I was able resolve the problem before our cruise. I now suspect boarding the ship will take longer than the normal time with the new system.
  24. I live in Phoenix Arizona and I hear Seattle Washington this weekend is exspected to reach 106 degrees. The humor in this will be the fact that that temperature will only last one day. I can assure you that anything past 104 degrees all feels the same. Have a happy and hot weekend. Tim
  25. I'm vaccinated and will be cruising in July. I have already read enough information about my cruise that processing on to the ship should not be a problem. Note: all customers will be required to wear mask while in the port area check in. Once getting through check in process (which will be longer than normal) you will be allowed to board the ship. There will be a new set of rules coming down soon in regards to social distancing. Depending on which port you sail out of things could get pretty dicey. Depending on your status might depend on where you can and can't go on the ship. The next few weeks should prove to be interesting. Unfortunately there will be those who will want to cancel. With Royal doing the "Test Cruises" in early July there could be modifications to the rules placed on their ships. My best wishes for everyone who wants to cruise this summer. Just be aware of the new rules that will come down soon when on a cruise ship.
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