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  1. lanzie99

    Golf Course?

    Is there any golf course worth playing? can we get there by taxi and be back by the time the ship leaves? Is it hard to get a tee time? Thanks
  2. Fantastic pictures !!!!! We are doing same cruise, leaving in 3 weeks. Looks like you had pretty decent weather. Very excited about seeing this part of the world.
  3. We had a three way conference call with my TA and Viking Air department.. I had all the info I needed on the flights I WANTED. It did cost an addl $300 but my piece of mind for flying when I want is worth it. NO FREE AIR....but I got the times I wanted, plus I wanted to arrive early enough from the West Coast to enjoy an entire day on the ship....they would have had us getting on the ship around 11pm, an entire day wasted. Worth it going on a red eye and arriving in the morning the day our cruise starts...glad it's done....
  4. Did you pay the $50 or $100 fee? I don't mind paying the $100 fee so we can take a red eye BUT.....then their transfers are extra, seems like they have us coming or going.. Flying from the West Coast is a LONG DAY there but they could be more considerate
  5. We are flying from the West coast to San Juan, for West Indies trip. Viking charges a fee if you take a red eye, and arrive on the first day of the cruise!!!! Otherwise you get there so late, you miss the entire first day of the cruise. I find this to be totally disturbing. Why do they care if you leave a day before, to arrive early enough to enjoy your first full day on the ship....won’t do free air ever again!!!
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