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  1. Our last 2 cruises, Nov 2019 and Jan 2020 on Allure and Harmony, we were not able to use the UDP at Chops for lunch because it was closed. The wait staff from Chops was working in the MDR serving people who had the Key.
  2. We have stayed in Orlando and had Cortrans take us to the port on the day we sailed. We stayed at Embassy Suites, Orlando airport. We could have had the shuttle pick us up at the hotel, but we wanted to leave earlier than their pickup time. We took the free shuttle from the hotel to the airport, then got the Cortrans shuttle at the airport. It was easy and the service from Cortrans was excellent. We also used them for the return to the airport when the cruise was over. The driver was waiting and the shuttle filled up quickly and we were on our way. We plan to use
  3. I'm sorry as I am directionally challenged and the 10th St Hyatt Place is what I've seen as the cruise port Hyatt. I've not stayed at the other one. Thanks for correcting me.
  4. We have stayed at this hotel several times. It is fine for a night pre-cruise. It is clean and the staff has always been great. We book through Valuetrips.com because they have discounts for this hotel. It is a short ride, perhaps a mile or two at the most, from the port.
  5. I am hoping that it is true that vouchers will be used in the DL. If the number of passengers in the DL will be limited, perhaps using the vouchers will allow more people access to the lounge, as opposed to those who get to the lounge at opening time and drink their way though til the last minute to leave for dinner. I can't imagine those who either use all their vouchers either in the lounge or prior to the opening, are going to sit there for the rest of the HH without a drink. I like the idea of the 5 drinks that can be used anytime for any drink up to $13 instead of having lit
  6. You will need to reserve your additional nights when onboard. The website will not allow you to make reservations before the cruise because you are getting a discount on the price. Had you paid full price for the restaurants, you would be able to pre-reserve. The cruise line wants to allow those paying full price to reserve first, which, to me, makes perfect sense.
  7. On Harmony, Jan 2020, we tried to use JR in the afternoon as part of the UDP and were told it wasn't a port day, so we could use it, but had to pay. I don't know if this was just on that one cruise on Harmony or if that was the policy. We have never tried to use the UDP at JR for lunch any other time. Our next cruise is on Symphony so we will see what is available to us. I hope we have the same availability as you have.
  8. My experience is that the UDP is good for lunch only on Sea Days, not every day. Also, JR is available to everyone for breakfast, not just those with UDP as it is an included in the cruise price meal.
  9. We have been able to enjoy lunch at a specialty restaurant on embarkation day at either Giovanni's or Sabor. When the Key came into existence we were no longer able to have lunch at Chops because the wait staff served the Chops embarkation lunch in the MDR. The other specialty restaurants , Hibachi and Samba were not open for lunch the first day.
  10. I have been on Allure 5x and each of those times, with one exception, there were 8 people at the Hibachi table. The one time there were 9, it was because there was a family with a very young child with them, so another chair was added.
  11. One of my favorite things to eat in Jamies is the Truffle Tagliatelle. I look forward to it every time we sail on Harmony and Symphony. I also like their burger at lunch. On Allure my family is very happy with Giovanni's.
  12. We sailed twice with a religious group that was quite large. The Solarium Bistro was closed to everyone except their group for the whole week because they had it for their food. They were also rude to employees and passengers. The parents did not discipline the kids in any way. I now check to be sure there are no large groups when we cruise. I do realize that there can be groups that we don't know of that are on the ship, but if there have been, we haven't been affected by them. I definitely will not cruise when the group we encountered twice is sailing on the sh
  13. If you were doing a date night, sans 11 year old, 150 would be the place to go. With the 11 year old, Hibachi would be a good choice. If you all are steak lovers, Chops is great! My granddaughter's fav on the ship is Chops and if it were up to her, she'd eat there 5 out of 7 nights and the other two would be Hibachi and Giovanni's.
  14. Thanks. We chose a 6 night because it worked out well for my granddaughter who is in high school. She won't miss any school if it remains a 6 day.
  15. I am booked for the Nov 21 cruise and it is still showing as a 6 night. Is it definitely being changed to 7 nights? I haven't seen anything that states that. Thanks.
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