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  1. Your post has me more confused, lol. Each show has 2 comedians. I haven't heard of having 4 different comedians during the week, but perhaps that is a change for your cruise. I know for ours next week, there are 2 comedians with several shows.
  2. I loved the truffle cream pasta. It is very rich, bur ooooooohhhhhh so good! I also liked the burger at lunch. The burger is huge and there is no way I could eat anything else with it. I also enjoyed the arancini. At first I thought the mint flavor in it was too strong, but I got used to it and ordered it a couple of times.
  3. In the past the comedy shows were the same all week. They didn't switch comedians at all. That's why you can only make reservations for one night. There is another show later in the week that is in the theater and no reservations are needed for that show. It is family friendly.
  4. For us, the UDP is definitely worth the price as I think the food on Allure and Harmony sounds a lot better than it tastes. I do agree though, that there is a lot of food included in the package. I have found that we don't eat breakfast on sea days and we go to lunch at Noon on those days. I am fine with ordering a burger for lunch and I don't feel the need to have an appetizer and dessert at lunch. I have also ordered salmon in Jamie's for lunch and enjoyed it. We usually have dinner about 7PM and that seems to work for us. I like the various restaurants onboard and there are quite a few on Oasis class ships, so we don't need to eat the same foods over and over. My least favorite is Sabor on both ships as I don't think their food is that good. I think it's just passable. We also enjoy the dining experience itself in the specialty restaurants as opposed to the din in the main dining room. I like being able to order a drink when we are seated and getting the drink before we have our appetizers. That hasn't happened for us in the MDR and the drink may arrive when we are on the entree. We have not been able to get a second glass of wine during dinner in the MDR as the servers are far too busy. We have had excellent service especially in Chops, Jamie's and Giovanni's. I don't see any drawback for our having the UDP and as long as we sail on Oasis class ships, I'm sure we will get it.
  5. I did an 8:30AM flight on Harmony in January. We were off the ship in Ft Lauderdale at shortly after 6:30AM. We were in the self assist line by 6:15 and it moved quickly after the 6:30 start. We just went through customs/immigration and did not use the Mobile passport app as it wasn't needed that early. We we're at the airport by 6:50 using a cab that was available at the port. My next cruise, on Allure, is at 9:20 as well and I don't expect to have any problems unless there is a delay getting off the ship. If that happens, I do have a backup plan, but don't want to wait to take that late flight. I do have Pre-check so that helps a bit. I certainly wouldn't do it from some other ports/airports, but the port in Ft Lauderdale is so close to the airport, I think it's worth taking a chance.
  6. I've done self-assist and have been off the ship by 7AM, but we were not in line as early as when we sailed on Harmony which was 6:15AM. We just walked down to the gangway at 6:45 and we were on our way. I did not order Uber. I just walked to the taxi area and was at the airport by 7:20 on Allure. There are lots of cabs lined up and it was really easy. Having said that, I have a 9:30 flight home from Allure and I just hope there is no delay with an Immigration check for crew. I do have a back-up plan in case I can't make it.
  7. I see that you are from London and if you are sailing from the US, most ports have places nearby to purchase "travel size" item for lower prices than on the ships. I don't know where you port of embarkation is, but I'm sure that if you are taking a cab/Uber to the port from your airport, you could ask for a pit stop on the way. If you are coming in a day before the cruise, you will be able to go to a local grocery store and get what you need as those items are sold in most stores. I wouldn't spend $7 for a tube of toothpaste or the huge markup for Advil etc.
  8. There are a lot of factors in play here. Is her reason for canceling one that is covered by insurance? If it is, does the insurance you purchased cover the additional expense your son will incur if she gets a refund because of the insurance? Your son may be charged as a single occupant of a 2 person cabin. It is doubtful he will be moved to another cabin if it is a cabin for 2 even if he is the only one in the cabin. If the insurance doesn't cover her cancellation, then I'd have her be a no show and she will get a refund of port fees and your son won't be charged anything more. I'd check with whomever has your booking and ask few questions as well as calling the insurance company and asking questions making sure you tell them you don't know if this is going to happen, but are just checking.
  9. I have a large hard sided suitcase and it fits under the bed. I have also stored that suitcase in one of the closets as one does not have shelves or anything other than hangers in it. It was easy to fit the suitcase in the closet and still have room to hang clothes.
  10. I just wanted to mention that when there are several ships in port an hour or so is definitely not enough time to get through the airport in Ft Lauderdale. The lines for security are quite long and I would not allow less than 2 hours for checkin.
  11. I asked the FB people from Royal Caribbean if I purchased the Deluxe package before boarding at whatever the price is/was, and when I boarded the ship the actual price with my 30% Diamond Plus discount made the price lower than the 30% off shown as the discount online, would I be able to cancel and rebook? I was told I could do that I could do that and the credit would go back to my original form of payment and then I would be able to charge my Sea Pass the new amount. I did see someone post a couple of weeks ago, the onboard price on Allure, I think, was $49 per day and that's what I've paid, so unless it goes a few dollars a day, I will leave it as it is.
  12. We got it last Black Friday for our Allure cruise in two weeks for $126. We also purchased it the same day for our last January cruise on Harmony, but that was $155. I don't expect to see it at the $126 again, but we are waiting for Black Friday to see what the price will be for our January Harmony cruise.
  13. I don't like having my picture taken so I just simply say no thanks and move on. We don't eat in the MDR, so we no longer have the photographers come around when we are having dinner. Who in their right minds want their photo taken with half eaten food? I don't ride the flow rider, nor do I do the rock climbing wall, so those "hidden" shots are not going to be of me. If I want a photo taken, I choose when/where and even though I get a free photo every cruise, rarely do I have one taken.
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