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  1. A few weeks before the actual cruise, the nightly menus will appear on the Royal Caribbean app. It is easy to look at the menus. For the one needing help with the menu he/she will be able to determine in advance or at least have some idea of what to have for dinner when onboard by having looked at the menus prior to boarding. I would also recommend getting a cabin as close to an elevator as possible. For young people walking from a cabin from the aft of the ship, to the aft elevator, is an easy walk, but for those of us who are older, it seems like a long walk. We had a balcony
  2. My preference is Jamie's which we have done on Harmony. My favorite thing there is the pasta with truffle cream sauce. It is soooo delicious. The only thing I didn't like was the garlic roll. I am used to having either garlic bread or Italian bread with pasta. What is served at Jamie is almost like a Parkerhouse roll with garlic butter on it. I also totally enjoy their burgers, although they are huge, hence the not wanting to have dinner after having one for lunch. I also like that Jamie's has lasagna, which was not an option at Giovanni's. The pasta with Bolognese sauce at G
  3. We get the UDP on all our cruises because we don't feel the MDR food is good. We also feel the UDP is a great value. We have been to Samba several times and it has been good. When we initially started sailing on Allure, Samba was not good at all in either service or food. It has improved greatly and each of our 5 times on Allure, we had dinner there at least once a cruise. The only drawback, to us, with the UDP is that we are not able to eat a big lunch at a specialty restaurant on sea days and then have dinner. We have tried burgers or salads for lunch on those da
  4. I guess I don't understand your thinking in that the L&S wasn't available when your cruise was cancelled. If you bought a car and two months later it went on sale for some reason, do you think the dealer is going to give you back the difference in what you paid as opposed to the new rate? There are many of us who didn't get the opportunity to L&S, but we realize that it wasn't available when we had our cruise cancelled. We also lost the $18 drink package for a couple of cruises. We don't always get what we want and this happens to be a few of the them. I
  5. My thought is that the agency processed the payment because, from what I have read, is that the agents commission is protected when the cruise line cancels the cruise. I am NOT an agent, so if the commissions are based on the paid in full cruise as opposed to a deposit only cruise, there would be an incentive to have the cruise paid in full. I realize I am going pretty far out on a limb with this thinking, but if what I posted is true, it could be a reason for the agency to do so. I'm sure an agent will be able to confirm/dispute what I have posted.
  6. When we have ordered a specialty restaurant package, the gratuity has been included, although it does not state the amount of gratuity. With that in mind, we tip at least $10 extra per person as the cost of the meal is discounted with a package. With the Covid though, things might be changing, so if you go back to your Cruise Planner and look at the Chops & 1, read the fine print that is lower on the page. It will advise you if gratuities are included or will be added.
  7. The article he posted was from March 2019. I guess he's a bit behind on his reading, lol.
  8. We have had the UDP on our last several cruises. We totally enjoy going to the different restaurants instead of eating in the MDR where I, especially, feel the food sounds far better than it tastes. I don't think you will have the problem that we did in that even without eating breakfast, on sea days, having lunch about Noon and dinner at 7 or so, we weren't hungry for dinner. We didn't eat huge lunches, but even with a burger or salad with steak, we were still full at dinner. After a day or two, we decided to forego the lunch and have a light breakfast and then dinner.
  9. I am the opposite in most areas. I choose the kind of cabin I want, usually a balcony, even though we have stayed in suites. Suites are not really my forte as the ones we have stayed in have tubs instead of showers and I have had 2 knee replacements, so getting over the side of a tub to take a shower is difficult for me. I also cannot walk up stairs easily, so a two level suite is definitely a no go for me. We do get the dining package on all our cruises because , to me, the food in the MDR sounds far better than it tastes. I also like the ambiance of the specialty restaurants
  10. My daughter-in-law and son applied for a renewal of my teen granddaughter's passport in March and it still says it's processing. The check was cashed within a couple of days of the application, but nothing at all since then.
  11. He said that there is a gratuity on the bottom of the page that we can't see, so it works out to $61 a day, plus gratuity. OP, Did you by any chance put that in your planner a few days ago to save it, but didn't purchase it? If you did and the price went up, you would be charged the new price because you didn't buy it when it was on sale.
  12. My drink package and dining package were cancelled by RC on May 6 when I did a Lift & Shift. I called yesterday to ask when I would receive the refund as I was initially told 30 days and then 45 days and now I am told it would be another week or two. I also have been waiting for a partial refund due to a lowered price for a cruise since May 16 and was told that was processed yesterday so should be on my bank account in a few days. I will wait and see and if it's not there by the end of the week, I will call again.
  13. I rarely eat 3 meals a day, even at home. When I use the UDP, at lunch, I order only a salad or a burger as I posted earlier. Usually, I don't eat apps or desserts. The exception to the app is at Sabor where I have the guacamole and half a quesadilla. At dinner, I rarely order an app, just the entree with veggies and sometimes dessert. To look at me, you'd be hard pressed to think I don't overeat, but that's why I say I feel there is too much food. I also don't eat the bread at the restaurants other than the bun with the burger. I didn't eat any differently when we used to di
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if the DL would not be open when cruising starts as they seem to be very crowded on the Oasis class ships that we have sailed. On Harmony and Allure, there was a second location opened because there were no seats in the actual lounge. With social distancing, I can't believe there will be enough seats for all those wanting to go to the lounge. This, to me, may be the start of eliminating the Diamond members from the lounge and only allowing Diamond Plus and Pinnacle. Even doing that may not work. I think the 3 drinks allowed in the bars, dining
  15. We've had the UDP for our last several cruises. We did have some trouble getting reservations for Hibachi on Allure because the venue is small. We were able to make reservations albeit not for the time and night we wanted. For us, the main drawback is the amount of food. When we have a sea day, we don't eat breakfast and usually go to lunch about Noon. Lunch at a specialty restaurant is either a burger or salad as my choice. We have dinner about 7PM nightly and on those days we still aren't really hungry because of the amount of food at lunch. After a day or two of
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