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  1. My daughter-in-law and son applied for a renewal of my teen granddaughter's passport in March and it still says it's processing. The check was cashed within a couple of days of the application, but nothing at all since then.
  2. He said that there is a gratuity on the bottom of the page that we can't see, so it works out to $61 a day, plus gratuity. OP, Did you by any chance put that in your planner a few days ago to save it, but didn't purchase it? If you did and the price went up, you would be charged the new price because you didn't buy it when it was on sale.
  3. My drink package and dining package were cancelled by RC on May 6 when I did a Lift & Shift. I called yesterday to ask when I would receive the refund as I was initially told 30 days and then 45 days and now I am told it would be another week or two. I also have been waiting for a partial refund due to a lowered price for a cruise since May 16 and was told that was processed yesterday so should be on my bank account in a few days. I will wait and see and if it's not there by the end of the week, I will call again.
  4. I rarely eat 3 meals a day, even at home. When I use the UDP, at lunch, I order only a salad or a burger as I posted earlier. Usually, I don't eat apps or desserts. The exception to the app is at Sabor where I have the guacamole and half a quesadilla. At dinner, I rarely order an app, just the entree with veggies and sometimes dessert. To look at me, you'd be hard pressed to think I don't overeat, but that's why I say I feel there is too much food. I also don't eat the bread at the restaurants other than the bun with the burger. I didn't eat any differently when we used to dine in the MDR or from what I eat at home.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if the DL would not be open when cruising starts as they seem to be very crowded on the Oasis class ships that we have sailed. On Harmony and Allure, there was a second location opened because there were no seats in the actual lounge. With social distancing, I can't believe there will be enough seats for all those wanting to go to the lounge. This, to me, may be the start of eliminating the Diamond members from the lounge and only allowing Diamond Plus and Pinnacle. Even doing that may not work. I think the 3 drinks allowed in the bars, dining room will be the way things will be initially, at least. JMO.
  6. We've had the UDP for our last several cruises. We did have some trouble getting reservations for Hibachi on Allure because the venue is small. We were able to make reservations albeit not for the time and night we wanted. For us, the main drawback is the amount of food. When we have a sea day, we don't eat breakfast and usually go to lunch about Noon. Lunch at a specialty restaurant is either a burger or salad as my choice. We have dinner about 7PM nightly and on those days we still aren't really hungry because of the amount of food at lunch. After a day or two of feeling uncomfortable, we give up on the lunch idea and eat breakfast and then nothing until dinner and then feel we are able to enjoy the dinner more.
  7. Mine was cancelled because I did a Lift & Shift and it's been over 30 days and still not refunded. I called today and was told it should be about 45 days, but I'm sure when I call at that point, I will be told it's 60 days, lol.
  8. I'd say you are lucky because we did a Lift & Shift on May 6 and our $18 alcohol package and our UDP were cancelled by RC and we still don't have a refund.
  9. I asked the Club Royale people if my Nov cruise gets cancelled will I be able to use that offer after that? I was told that the offer for my cruise has expired, so no, I won't be able to book another cruise based on the Nov cruise. I am hoping that we will be able to sail.
  10. We will tip the same as we normally do. We do the auto gratuities and tip our steward extra at the end of the cruise. The amount depends upon how much service we receive and how well our steward interacts with us. We tip a minimum of $1 a drink in the DL and at the end of the week, tip extra to the waiter who has served us the few nights we have gone to the lounge. I tip an extra $1 or $2 per drink when I have the drink package. The amount depends upon what I order. I don't tip extra though for a bottle of water. I tip the person doing the specialty coffee too. We do the UDP and tip $5 per person for lunch and $10 per person for dinner. We don't eat breakfast most of the week. I feel the amount we tip is fine for us and unless someone else goes beyond what we have had, it will stay the same.
  11. I guess I didn't even know my travel agent could do the check-in. I've always done it for me and when I sail with my son and his family, I also do theirs so we can get the Expedited Boarding. It doesn't always work, but it does most of the time. I can see where some might need their agents to do it, but that's something I never even know existed.
  12. I was initially told May 15, but then I was told by the end of next week which will be the 23rd. Who knows though?
  13. Chris, Thanks for the video. I've enjoyed your previous ones even though I didn't start at the beginning. I am looking forward to the new ones when you have info about cruising.
  14. I just wanted to thank Oursusualbeach for posting all the info you have. I was able to use the Lift & Shift and probably would never have known about it had you not posted the info a few days ago. We were a bit concerned about sailing in October and now we have rebooked for October 2021. The price for the new cruise is almost $1000 higher than what we were to pay for this year's cruise. Getting the new cruise for the initial price is wonderful even if we lost the $18 drink package. Thanks again.
  15. We were able to take advantage of the Lift & Shift program which works out well for us. We were concerned about cruising in October and now we are set for October 2021.
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