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  1. Automated reply from Princess UK on 26 May "We are currently experiencing high volumes within the Guest Services team, we will endeavour to respond to you within 14 working days, however please be assured that your correspondence will be responded to within 28 days in line with our ABTA guidelines upon receipt of your correspondence." No doubt that will be changed to 56 days shortly.
  2. I selected my option from the email that Princess sent on 12 March. I had an immediate confirmation email stating my selection, about a week later updated the TA with my choice. Trying to get updates is a waste of time. PCUK said contact TA and TA said they don't know! Last update from the TA was last Friday when they were told that they could confirm receipt of the option request -but no processing had yet been done or timescale could be given. I think that I read that all claims are being handled in the US now. I believe it is true that admin wise that they are in total disarray an
  3. Also UK Selected option 2 on 15 March for Ruby 4 April cruise. Used on line TA Sometime last night FCC has been posted to both our Captains Circle Accounts. No confirmation email received from either Princess or TA
  4. Choose option 2 on March 15 for a 4 April cruise. FCC is now showing in our Captains Circle accounts. Looks like it went in sometime during last night.
  5. I will not consider any 2020 or indeed any future date cruise until I receive a full refund and FCC for my cancelled 35 day 4 April cruise.
  6. 0 Were it a matter of £100 we would take an extra case, however Etihad want $624 for 20 kg one way- that includes 20% early booking discount! The tux and evening dresses will be staying in the wardrobes and we will follow the guidelines that Princess give. Thanks for the packing tips but we already employ them all.
  7. Mainly correct. Here are the guidelines for packing I think this reflects the modern day problem that air travellers have. I have a 35 night cruise coming up, and several days pre and post cruise. The total luggage allowance is 23 kg checked plus 7 kg carry on. The cost of any extra allowance is prohibitive.
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