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  1. I am looking at a back to back cruise next May. It also shows the blue star, but there is no option to click on it and see the offers. All the cabin categories including suites have it , so I dont know if it is the 202O reduced rates offer, because it states they are not included .
  2. gonecroozin

    Thank you x

    Hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy your first cruise.
  3. I Always decant my own products into the reusable GO Travel Squeezy bottles. It’s so easy to get the product out, unlike the small hard bottles they use in the cabins. They really frustrate me. I forgot to take my own wash bag to the Sanctum spa on my last visit, so I just used the products in the dispensers and found them really easy to use. I must say my hair and skin do not seem to like the water on the ship, no matter what products I use. My hair is always lifeless and frizzy by about day 3 of a cruise.
  4. That’s interesting. I am looking forward to your thoughts on both of these brands. I am glad they are thinking of changing the toiletries. I really don’t like the current ones.
  5. Definitely will be booking my own flights next time. Gives you so much more freedom to change your holiday plans when and if you need to. Its a great little add on.
  6. We thought we might do the same thing,and add this 3 night cruise to our 28th May sailing. However apparently according to our travel agent, Azamara quoted us £1400 to change the flights for the hoeward trip, This makes it pretty expensive and not worth doing,which is a shame.
  7. gonecroozin


    I love my Dyson hairdryer but would not risk using it on board. Previously I have taken my GHD hairdryer with me and it did not work, and it took up so much space in my suitcase. I have long curly hair which takes ages to dry. I also need a diffuser to try and stop the frizz (I know I am fighting a losing battle here!) I purchased this cheap hairdryer and find it works perfectly and it’s really small. https://www.boots.com/remington-on-the-go-hairdryer-2000-d1500-10237733
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