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  1. I would love to be able to see them, although it’s sad given the awful circumstances that led them to be docked there.
  2. I have not received it. May have gone off the Azamara radar again.
  3. Here’s two photos I took on my iPhone . Quality is not great though. It is great to see her, we do not often get to see cruise ships in our neck of the woods!
  4. Queen Victoria is currently sheltering off Lowestoft in Suffolk https://www.edp24.co.uk/business/cruise-ship-with-no-guests-laid-up-off-lowestoft-1-6732782
  5. The refunds I have received so far have come from Celebrity Cruises. I assumed they were maybe refunding by the date of the cruise, but if so the first leg of my B2B would still be £98 short , So really I have no idea as to how that works out . its all very confusing and gives little insight as to their process .
  6. IAzamara cancelled my B2B cruises, dates 21st May and 26th May this year. i requested a full refund through my TA on 17th April. Was very surprised when I checked my account this morning to find that they had refunded 2 payments . There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason for the random amounts though. They only make up about a quarter of the total amount I paid . However it does confirm that more refunds are being made and hopefully it won’t be long until I receive a total refund. I really hope that everyone who is waiting for refunds/FCCs receive them soo
  7. Yes, fingers crossed that we will get some clarity on the situation. It definitely influenced my decision to request a refund rather than take a chance on the FCC. I hope that once you have the information you require, that it will make the decision a little easier for you.
  8. I had a b2b booked for May this year, when I spoke to Azamara, they clearly stated that if I chose to receive FCCs , I could only use one per person per cruise. I double checked as this means I would have to take 2 cruises next year to use them, which I really don’t think I will do. Sadly, I am not sure I will even be cruising at all next year, so I have gone down the refund route.
  9. I have just managed to get through to BA and request a refund after trying a few times earlier this week. The agent I spoke to was very helpful and told me to expect the refund to be complete in 20 business days. I am still waiting for them to cancel my 4th June flight as I do not want any future vouchers. My cruise was finally cancelled today , so have requested a refund for that too.
  10. I wonder if anyone can help. I am booked on a B2B in May, so I will receive 2 FCCs . Can I apply both FCCs to one cruise? Or does that mean I am going to have to take 2 separate cruises if I want to use them both before the end of next year?
  11. Thank you lasvegaswinner1. This was my understanding too, I need to speak to my TA again and see if they can double check their information. It might make my decision of whether to cancel or not a bit easier.
  12. I have just spoken to my TA , to ask about the FCC details should I wish to cancel. They have stated that although I am in the 90-61 day bracket, I will only receive FCC, not the 50% refund and 50% FCC. They also stated that I could use it to book a cruise in 2022 as long as I booked it before 31st December 2021. (Which I don’t think is correct) Has anyone from the UK cancelled and actually received a refund?
  13. I am looking at a back to back cruise next May. It also shows the blue star, but there is no option to click on it and see the offers. All the cabin categories including suites have it , so I dont know if it is the 202O reduced rates offer, because it states they are not included .
  14. Hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy your first cruise.
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