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  1. What are the chances of snow in Santa Clarita? Well, it happens. We are booked on this cruise, too. At one time I think we were booked on seven or eight cruises. They have all been wiped away except this one, the last ones with the sale of Pacific Princess. We remain very hopeful that this cruise will go, but I cannot say we are very optimistic. But is there a chance? Let's go with Yes.
  2. We were booked on the January 24th sailing. Received the cancellation email from Princess today.
  3. Jill, when I booked earlier this week, the military credit did not show up. However, the Princess person with whom I spoke had it quickly put on. Apparently a glitch in the system, but your hubby should get his credit. Just ask.
  4. Delta changed us to Korean Air from ATL to Seoul and on to Singapore next April. We are returning from Shanghai in May, no change needed there. Our flights get us in to Singapore five minutes later than our original reservations and we have flown Korean Air before and found them to be just fine. So we seem to be OK with the change. Special thanks to cruisinsusin for the heads up on this. Better to be ahead of these things than trying to catch up later.
  5. We are flying Atlanta - Narita - Singapore in April. Not sure how they will handle it but I am calling Delta today.
  6. They will likely try to send us through Korea (ICN) on Korean Air. That makes the trip longer.
  7. I checked my flights for April 2020; no changes.
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