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  1. I hope they are able to restart operations this year. I am so ready to be able to board a Carnival ship again!
  2. Great idea for a thread! I have a trivia question to share: Which Carnival ship was featured in the movie Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked? I saw this movie when it came out only because I wanted to see the ship! 🙂
  3. After walking through the Promenade Deck (5) I decided to head up to the Lido Deck (10). I started at the very back of the Lido Deck. At the back of the Lido Deck is the ship's aft pool. This pool has two hottubs and is surrounded by several deck chairs. The Carnival Dream's Pizzeria Del Capitano is located outside. The pizzeria is complimentary and is open 24 hours. The Seafood Shack is also located outside near the aft pool, but this feature is not complimentary. After walking around the Lido Deck, I headed up to Deck 11 for a quick walk around t
  4. As I walked around deck 5 I walked by Bonsai Sushi. This venue was added to the Carnival Dream during a 2017 dry-dock and replaced the old Taste Bar area. Bonsai Sushi is open at lunch and dinner on sea-days or if it is a port of call day is only open at dinner. Guests wishing to eat at this venue have to pay extra. In the middle of the interior areas of the Promenade Deck is a venue called Ocean Plaza. The Carnival Dream was the first Carnival ship built with an Ocean Plaza. This area has a small stage that is used to host live music and entertainment at night.
  5. After walking through the photo gallery in the ship's deck 4 level of the atrium, I began to walk towards the back of the ship. There is a long hallway that connects the front of deck 4 to the back. This area is referred to on the ship's deck plan as "Lower Dream Street Promenade". Along this area guests can find entrances to the Paige Turner Library, Circle C, Club 02, the ship's Chambers Conference Center, and one of the ship's many Fun Hub Internet Cafe stations. I saw the entrance to the Paige Turner Library and stepped inside. This library had a few tables and se
  6. The Crimson Dining Room has an entrance located on Deck 3 of the Carnival Dream's atrium. This entrance is used in the evening for guests assigned to Your-Time Dining and is the same place I waited for dinner on the first night. I walked inside the dining room and noticed several of the tables were already being setup for the formal night dinner. This dining room was not being used for brunch or any other dining related events prior to dinner. Inside the dining room there are two stairwells that go up to the deck 4 level of the Crimson Dining Room. I walked up one these stairwells to Deck 4. I
  7. First Morning Walk Of The Cruise: Each cruise I will typically take a morning walk around the ship prior to eating breakfast. During my morning walk I will usually look inside the ship's public spaces and take pictures for this review. Before going to bed on the first night I set my alarm for 5:45am. However, my alarm malfunctioned and did not go off until nearly 6:00am. After getting out of bed I got ready for the day and left my stateroom by 6:20am. I started my morning walk on Deck 3 at the front of the ship in the Carnival Dream's Encore Theater. The Encore Theater is the sa
  8. Welcome Aboard Show: At 7:30pm, the Welcome Aboard Show was scheduled to take place in the Encore Theater. Typically, the Welcome Aboard Show consists of the cruise director speaking, some sort of interactive game, and the Playlist Productions dancers giving a short 10 minute sneak peek of the show. However, this Welcome Aboard Show was very different. Our cruise director, Gary, came up and spoke a few minutes and then did a competition. This only lasted about 15 minutes because instead of the traditional Welcome Aboard Show we were getting a full length Playlist Productions Sh
  9. First Dinner On The Carnival Dream: I had Your-Time Dining which means I could dine in a specific dining room from 5:45pm until about 9:00pm. My assigned dining room was the Deck 3 level of the Crimson Dining Room, which was printed on my Sail & Sign card. The entrance for cruisers with Your-Time Dining was in the Carnival Dream's atrium on the Deck 3 level. A few minutes prior to the dining room opening, some of the hostesses came out to start organizing the line. One line was formed for guests that were checking in for Your-Time Dining with the Carnival Hub App.
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