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  1. Looks like 6-6:30 AM is the earliest dropoff time, but should work. Here's a pic of the doorhanger from Jim_Iain's live thread (from Summit, but not Solstice, but I'm guessing hours for breakfast are the same) (post 331 if my link doesn't work).
  2. We've booked that as well. I'm definitely planning on having room service breakfast delivered that morning.
  3. Thank you, great info on being able to bring on board more bottles than we're used to. It looks like part of the perks for booking with this group is a Wine Pairing Dinner, which I assume is the La Reserve dinner - so that would be lovely to look forward to. Thank you so much for your helpful reply!
  4. Thanks - I definitely like to research in advance. I skimmed through the last several pages of topics before posting, but I'll put together a few searches to find older helpful threads too. Thank you! And thanks for the tip about not getting off on the wrong foot (fingers?) in Terrace Cafe!
  5. This is great info, thank you! I'm not sure if it's a Food & Wine Trails trip - how can I tell for sure? The cruise is the "Wineries & Wonders" - Barcelona to Rome July 9-16, 2020. I did find a website with a similar name that seems to have a lot of different vineyard/cruise connections. That lists The Hess Collection as being on a sponsor? connection? to this cruise. That's not our winery that sent out the information and invitation, funnily enough. I do see when looking through the excursions on Oceania's website there is a red FW button/label for some excursions. Not available in all ports. It looks like there is one in Provence (Food & Wine Trails: the Wines & Gardens of Chateau Val Joanis(MRS-007)). And one in Florence (Food & Wine Trails:suvereto & Super Tuscan Estate, Tua Rita (LRN-011). The other port stops don't have any excursions under that label. That actually brings me to another question - if booking with OLife Choice and choosing the shore excursions perk - is it good for any excursion offered through Oceania or only certain ones?
  6. Hi Oceania Cruisers, I've cruised before on Carnival and HAL, and have an upcoming cruise on Celebrity scheduled. I'm not a complete new cruiser, but not a terribly experienced one either. A winery we belong to has put out some info on a group sailing on Riviera in July 2020 that looks great and we're looking into booking. What should I know about Oceania? Are there any particularly helpful introduction threads or information I can check out? Thanks for your help!
  7. In fairness, the price is $139 per person on Celebrity for a 5 course meal. Unclear if the listed wine pairing are included or are an extra $60/person (which would bring the total to $200/person). It's still quite steep, but not quite $250/person.
  8. Very cool video of the excursion! Thanks for posting it!
  9. Unfortunately noone's posted a report back yet after actually trying it out! I'd dearly love to hear on this too. And if the wine pairing is included or an ADDITIONAL $60. I'm really on the fence about whether to keep my current reservation or not right now!
  10. Following along - thanks for the great report!
  11. I've never shopped for standalone medical coverage for a trip, but I'm really curious about this and considering it for an upcoming trip. Why do you wait until a week out? Do the prices drop as the trip gets closer since there's less chance of cancellation for a medical reason or something?
  12. Great info! Following along for the ride. We also have chosen to DIY Ketchikan, so definitely appreciate your insights on that stop.
  13. There's been a first night discount for Murano available in my cruise planner pretty consistently for an upcoming Solstice cruise. You might check yours if you haven't done so already. It's a separate listing than the regular Murano booking, it's specifically a discount for the first night dining in Murano. I think for $35/person.
  14. Could definitely try! I think the problem is noone really knows the answers yet because this is fairly new. I'd guess Guest Services, or maybe the maitre d' at Murano? If you can ask at Guest Services though, that would be awesome and very much appreciated!
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