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    Baltimore hotel park and cruise package

    If youwant to see a bit of Baltimore check out the Sleep Inn Inner Harbor. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2379903
  2. Rock_Dr

    Week of November 7: Who gets your vote?

    Cruiseline: Celebrity Desination: Alaska
  3. Rock_Dr

    Park and Stay Baltimore

    If you want to see a little of the Inner Harbour or Little Italy I suggest the Sleep Inn. It was a little more money than the hotels away from town but you can walk to the to Little Italy, the Aquarium, the Harbour. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2379903
  4. Rock_Dr

    Week of October 31: First Cruise

    I was 45 and booked an Alaska cruise as a surpise 10th anniversary gift for me and my wife 10 months in advance. If I had the to do it it over I would try to keep it a surprise longer than 3 weeks:D
  5. Rock_Dr

    Week of October 24: Trick or Treat

    Baby Ruth:D Goodn' Plenty:(
  6. Rock_Dr

    Week of October 18: Cruise Service

    Maybe have someone transport me to wonderful places around world.
  7. Rock_Dr

    Week of October 10: Pumpkin Crazed

    I agree with FlamingJune to some extent. Like the smell, hate the taste in anything except soup.
  8. Rock_Dr

    Week of Sept 26: Your Cruise Profession

    As a geologist and college professor (Rock Dr) I wouldn't likemind being a naturalist or tour guide type person on some of the cruises that get to interesting geological locations. Alaska and Hawaii come to mind as well as the fjords and the Med.
  9. Rock_Dr

    Week of Sept 12: Favorite Excursions

    Helicopter tour of Taku Glacier in Alaska 2003 was amazing. The ride was so smooth and the pilot put Enya through the headphones. It was like floating over the mountains. He hugged the ground for a while flying directly toward the mountain at one point and then climbed quickly over the ridge alomst vertical and then, boom, the wide valley openned up into view. I hate to say it was like an IMAX show because it was so much better because it was real.
  10. Rock_Dr

    Week of Aug 8: Most Amazing Cruise Sight

    Snorkeling West Bay, Roatan. Helicopter tour in Alaska.
  11. Rock_Dr

    Baltimore Cruise Terminal Hotel

    If you need a place to park during the cruise and want to visit downtown check out the Sleep Inn Inner harbor that I referenced earlier.
  12. ENFORCE the policies they have. We are just off the pride and the Lido restaurant was full of hairy men without shirts and both men and women without shoes. Seeing a hairy man leaning over the buffet made me gag. Seeing people with bare feet up on tables and chairs is disgusting. Any staff member should be able to ask them to leave, that simple. I would also like all ships to be smoke free. They may loose 20% of the population that smokes but they would make that up with people who don't cruise because of the smoke.
  13. Rock_Dr

    Week of July 18: National what Day?

    As a husband, parent, teacher, and many other things I would like a day to myself (although Father's Day does come close). How about National me day.
  14. Rock_Dr

    Baltimore now has staggered check-in

    Just sign up for an early check-in. If you don't, it is your own fault not Carnival's. You snooze, you loose. I had a 11:00 check-in, got there at 11:00, walked up the desk with no line, checked in, and was sitting in the fourth row for boarding. The ship was a little late so they didn't start boarding until 12:30 (which is the normal time). I was on by 1:00.
  15. Rock_Dr

    Stay-Park-Cruise Baltimore

    Here is my review of the downtown Sleep Inn. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2379903