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  1. Could have been. We believed it was onboard credit. We'll take the cash:)
  2. W made some purchases with our new CCL Barklays card to earn $250 credit (the offer for new cardholders was spend $500 and get $250 cruise credit). Yesterday we received a $250 check from Barklays refunding us our "credit." Did anyone else get money back instead? I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth but also want to make sure it is legit. David
  3. They are not letting people with diabetes on board. Did you even read my post?
  5. They changed their policies AFTER I booked. They are not allowing passengers with diabetes cruise. They should not take my money when they are not letting me cruise. Stop defending them.
  6. But I would have had to pay the balance. I'd rather loose the deposit than the entire fare if they didn't cancel and I didn't want to go.
  7. I just cancelled my July cruise because I have diabetes and there is no clear guidance on whether that ban will be lifted by then. I cancelled just before the final payment was due and was informed I will pay a cancellation penalty. I will end up loosing my "non-refundable deposit." Looks like they lost my future business.
  8. Thank you. Saves from having to argue with someone:)
  9. Crap. I really hate talking to people:( I have been preparing my whole life for this look down.
  10. Silly question but how are you cancelling? I go to my reservation and can't find anyway to cancel. My cruise is not until July and final payment is due next week. I have diabetes and don't know if they are going to change policy before then so I just want to cancel and can always rebook later. I am sure there will be cabins:)
  11. Getting ready to book a room on the Sunrise for July 2020. The middle of the ship rooms available online are either deck 8 below the pool area or deck 6 above the casino. There are also some fore and aft room available that don't appear to be over or under anything noising. There are some above the piano bar but I already ruled those out. Any suggestions on what might be quieter? If I call Carnival could they see if other rooms are available or do the agents see the same thing as us? Thanks, David
  12. We are in the early stages of planning our next cruise. We are looking for southern or western Caribbean. We have to fly to where ever we cruise from. Which port has the easiest transfer from the airport? We left out of New Orleans once but drove and stayed there a few days before we cruised. We can fly to any of the ports at varying costs but would like to consider convenience vs cost. Thanks in advance. David
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