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  1. Not to be a downer,but being realistic.realistic. I do not think either vacation will be possible for the OP considering the present state of NYC and Florida. As for visiting NYC in December 2020, Broadway theaters are continuing to be closed into January,2021. Presently, movie theaters are closed as well. There is limited admission to museums. Supposedly, there is to be a second wave of the virus beginning in Nov. Will NYC cases spike then - who knows ? NYC is my former hometown. My DH and I have no desire to visit,although it is only a two hour drive from where we presently live. We definitely would not travel all the way from the UK to visit a city that has been compromised by Covid-19 concerns. As to a cruise from Miami and a stay in Orland in April 2021, focus on three words- cruise,Miami,Orlando. Unless the citizens of Florida step up the effort to mitigate this awful virus by consistently wearing masks,keeping social distance and limiting activities out of their homes, it seems that the OP’s April2021 is a no go as well. MHO Wear a mask,stay safe ,be considerate of others.
  2. I wouldn’t say that I am worried about the state of future cruises and our enjoyment of them. My DH and I have enjoyed many cruises ranging from the Big Red Boat to Cunard QE 2,although most of the cruises were on Princess. The way things are going due to Covid-19, Cruise vacations may be a past chapter in our lives. We will move on to other types of vacations,maybe...hopefully. If I want to worry,I will be concerned with two friends who are fighting cancer in this awful pandemic,or a friend who lost a husband in the early Spring and we have yet to give her a hug and our respects to a very good man, or how my goddaughter is feeling after postponing her wedding from this September to next September, or not being able to hold our new grandniece who turned 6 months old today. There are many things my DH and I can be concerned about at this time. But,following the AA prayer....give me the strength to change what I can,accept what I can’t and the ability to know the difference (I am paraphrasing a bit) This is my view.
  3. But,here’s an idea- School districts are making significant changes to the classroom experience ( 8-12 students in a room as opposed to 20+,distance learning etc) for hundreds of students in a school building. Cruise lines will need to also make significant changes for the hundreds of passengers on a ship. Obviously,there will be some drastic changes to the cruise experience. The question remains,will cruise customers welcome such changes and be glad for any form of a cruise,or will they choose another form of vacation ?
  4. Latest news in NY re: schools reopening. Each of the 700 school districts in the state and NYC are required to send a plan for the reopening of their schools to Albany.. This is a smart decision as each district knows what is feasible for a September reopening given each district’ s financial resources, staffing and demographics. instead of implementation a one-plan- fits-all approach through the Dept. of Education, reopening plans are put into the hands of those educational leaders in the individual communities. The caveat is though that having viable plans state- wide is no guarantee that the schools will open in September. Reopening schools is a complex issue that requires pragmatic thought and action. The health and safety of the school staffs and students is to be the one priority that should drive the decision to resume school in September.
  5. I cancelled our Nov 5th cruise in late April. The refund of our $200 deposit appeared on our June Amex account statement.
  6. Road trips and stays at land resorts will be our vacation choices. I realize this is Cruise Critic,but there are other forms of vacation/travel besides sailing on a cruise ship.
  7. After reading the posts on this thread and still being very cautious about Covid-19 due to age and health issues, I would like to know how people are comfortable with travel to a resort? Are you concerned about flying iinto a country where the resort is located? If you do contract Covid-19 while visiting a resort ,would you be comfortable with the medical care given to you in a foreign country ? If you needed to be quarantined, would you be comfortable being sent to the country’s quarantine facility ? Could you spend that amount of time away from your work,home,family ? Since my DH and I cancelled a resort vacation in Bermuda in early March due to these very concerns, I am wondering about the comfort level of people booking resort vacations for the near future. As for us, once we feel comfortable about traveling again, our first few trips will be driving trips within a certain distance of our home. Of course,YMMV
  8. To answer the OP’s question- Cruise lines such as RCCL that have ships focused on families with such features as Flow riders,water slides, rock walls and the promenade including a carousel and parades, eliminating under age 18 children would not be economically feasible. As in a majority of profit-making businesses- follow the money. That would also apply to eliminating over 65 adults. They have the time and the money to invest in travel.
  9. To the OP The question of wearing masks on a February 2021 cruise may be moot as that cruise ( and others) may be cancelled. Broadway shows have recently been cancelled into January 2021. If producers and theater managers cannot devise a plan to keep theater goers safe from Covid-19 for approximately two hours watching a show,how are cruise lines going to keep passengers comfortable and safe from a Covid-19 contamination ?
  10. Just something to consider about a January cruise. Today, Broadway theaters have announced they will be closed until early January. Producers and theater managers have not come up with a plan that would keep theater goers watching a play for about two hours safe from Covid-19 contamination. With this in mind,how are cruise lines going to plan for passengers health and safety on a ship for a good number of days ? Florida’s Covid-19 case numbers have recently spiked. If this trend continues, cruise lines would,most likely,be reluctant to sail from any FL ports,exposing their crews and ships to contamination. You noted that you are taking a wait and see attitude and that is a good attitude. If it was me, I would not book any NCL excursions or meal/drink packages at this time. Better that the funds were in my pocket,not NCL’s. Wishing you good days.
  11. Hasn’t NCL sent her a cancellation notice by now ? Princess, who has done Alaskan cruises for decades and are leading cruise experts in that region,shut down their Alaska season months ago. You might tell your friend to call NCL to confirm that the cruise she booked is a go. Or , at the very least,if she insists that she will be going on this cruise in September, she will find out for herself if she goes to the pier the day of embarkation and sees no ship at the pier.
  12. Two things to consider.... Broadway shows are cancelled until January 2021.If producers and theater managers cannot devise procedures to keep customers safe from Covid-19 for a few hours spent enjoying a show, how can the cruise lines devise safe procedures for passengers on a cruise ? The numbers of Covid-19 cases lately spiking in California, Texas and Florida do not make a comfortable scenario for passengers coming to these ports to embark on a cruise anytime soon. Nor would cruise companies want to expose their staffs and ships to any Covid-19 contamination from any of these ports. Personally, I would not be interested in any future cruise. I would save my money until cruising becomes a viable vacation choice.
  13. We were booked on the Sky repositioning cruise set forNov.5. Reading about the delay people were experiencing regarding delays with Princess re:refunds, we decided to cancel this past May. We received the refundable deposit a few weeks ago. We were looking forward to this cruise on the Sky as it is a new ship for Princess and were were hoping Captain Tuvo would be on this sailing. We had taken a similar repositioning cruise on the Regal Princess a few years ago and enjoyed the experience. Our pre-cruise stay in Ft Lauderdale was to be a three day stay at the Hilton Marina. Post cruise,we had planned to visit friends in Wellington,before returning home to NY. Unfortunately, Covid-19 caused us to cancel all of our plans. Will the Sky sail from Brooklyn on Nov.5, who knows? We decided to play it safe. YMMV
  14. Thank you,Nic6318 for your thoughts re: a Covid-19 vaccine. My DH and I have been carefully following the protocols to mitigate the virus put out by the Governor of NY and our local township government. We take the virus very seriously,not only thinking of our health .but the health and welfare of our loved ones and neighbors. We get a yearly flu shot and pneumonia vaccines, when indicated, to prevent those diseases. Luckily, the flu vaccines have been very effective since neither one of us has had a bout of flu for over thirty years. However, since I have reached 65, I seem to get a reaction to the flu vaccine. For the past three years, I experience a low grade fever and malaise for a few days after getting the flu shot. It is that experience that causes me to be leery about a Covid-19 vaccine. It is a possible double edge problem for me. Get the vaccine and have a reaction that would compromise my respiratory system,or not get the vaccine and hope not to contract Covid-19. A discussion will take place between my physician and I to make the best choice considering my health situation. I do hope that the medical community does discover a vaccine for this deadly virus. I also hope there is an understanding of just how the virus is contracted and ways of treatment be established that will lessen the severity of Covid-19.
  15. Wait.....did I read in a post on this thread that there may be a Chinese developed vaccine? In my personal view, this does not give me confidence,given the origin of the Covid-19virus. As someone with respiratory issues, I am leery of any Covid-19 vaccine until a great amount of research is done concerning side effects of such a vaccine. While I do think that a vaccine will mitigate Covid-19 cases world-wide, I will need to be convinced that if I do take the vaccine, I will not experience side effects that may compromise my respiratory system. I was listening to a podcast offered by Newsday ( a newspaper serving LI,NY) where two doctors,directors of two major hospital groups in the Metro area were discussing Covid-19 issues. One doctor raised the idea that in addition to a vaccine, research is also being done for a drug to lessen the effects of the virus similar to the drug given in the first stages of the flu,lessening the effects of the flu virus for patients. IMO, both seem to be reasonable to battle this Covid-19 pandemic.
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