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  1. Tonight’s episode of Outdaughtered showed the Busby family on a Disney Cruise. The entire family group numbered twenty-six,including the Busby quints and their big sister. The thought occurred to me that this may have been a cruise chartered by the TLC network because so much of the filming took place in public places. There didn’t seem to be many other passengers in the different shots of the ship or the private island. If it was not chartered, I am wondering if anyone on CC was on that cruise. And if so,how did the filming of the show affect a regular passenger’s experience on the cruise.
  2. Looks like a Princess ship !
  3. Interesting about the deposits,Steelers36. If there is an option for a refundable deposit,why not list it in the booking information ? Seems to me that Princess has not been forthcoming with information. At least that is my observation since researching this British Isles cruise . Perhaps we will need to consider HAL or Celebrity for such a cruise. Not certain their fares,cabin selection process, deposits or booking process would vary from what I have observed about Princess though.
  4. Thank you for the replies about the hotel. Good to get some positive info. Now,on with the cruise, Amanda384 !
  5. Hello amanda384- Interesting blog of the Caribbean Princess Cruise. My DH and I have sailed on her twice. Good to hear that the ship has been maintained and that you are enjoying the cruise. Not a cruise question per se,but I would like to know your impression of the Ft.Lauderdale Marina Hilton. Although your stay there was brief,could you tell me your impression of the hotel,please ? We have a pre cruise stay there in early March,next year. We will be in a tower,water view room. I have read a number of negative reviews of the hotel,and am concerned mostly about the cleanliness of the hotel. Thank you for any info and I hope you continue to enjoy the cruise !
  6. Yes, I remember shopping there. Also shopped st Bluck’s and ASCooper.It seems to me that many of the shops on Front Street have been replaced by business offices.
  7. Yes,njkruzer,we have a number of her prints also. I purchased placemats and coasters with her floral designs too. If we are on a ship docked at King’s Wharf,her store conveniently close by. She used to have a store at theFairmont Southampton Princess,so when we stay there,I am no longer tempted to add to our collection !
  8. Thank you,Pompeii,Colo Cruiser and deliver42. I continue to find it puzzling that on some cruises Deluxe Balcony cabins can be selected and others not. Also, we will not book under the new promotion because,while the obc is a perk, the deposit is 10% of the cruise fare and non- refundable ( as I understand the terms of booking). This promotion ends in early September,so we will wait to check the terms of the next promotion to decide on booking a British Isles cruise. With all this, I am thinking that Princess is not as customer friendly as it used to be..
  9. Yes, Bootman4u, I did call Princess . The answer was a decision by Princess to withhold the option to choose a cabin. In booking our past ten cruises,I have never seen the notation, Reserved. I have seen the notation Guarantee, usually very close to the cruise date. I was checking on CC to see if others have seen this. I explained all this in my original post. May I respectfully suggest that you READ posts before you respond.
  10. Agree with all the posters hereabout reporting smokers on a balcony. I am asthmatic and the nearby smoking with smoke seeping into our cabin would not be a good situation for me. I definitely would have reported the situation immediately to the Front Desk. If that did not resolve the issue, I definitely would have moved the complaint up the chain of command. Some people are selfishly inconsiderate.
  11. For a car service, try dial 7 or Carmel Limo. You could google them for more info.
  12. njkruzer We used to enjoy going to Trimingham’s ! So sorry that it closed. My DH and Iwould always stop in for a cup of tea and a treat whenever we were in Hamilton. Their shopping bags were great-almost indestructible ! We have some Portmerion pieces we purchased at the store many years ago.Sadly, I think the store building was demolished to make way for an office building. To answer the OP’s question, there are some lovely shops in the newly refurbished Hamilton Princess hotel. They are a bit on the high-end side though. I agree about the place in the Dockyard for souvenirs and t-shirts. It is called a pharmacy ,which it is, but they stock much of what you may want in items to bring home at a reasonable cost. While at the Clocktower Mall,stop in to the Carole Holding shop.She is a talented Bermudian artist. The shop sells her prints of views and sites of Bermuda as well as items specific to Bermuda. We have met Mrs. Holding and she is a charming lady. Enjoy your shopping !
  13. Thank you,mcmarya and AryMay for your responses. I always look at deck plans to choose a cabin I think would suit us- midship,middle decks where there are cabins above and below a cabin of our choice. I think a Vista Suite on HAL is equivalent to a minisuite on Princess. If so, that is the cabin category we would likely select. Lately,we have sailed a few times on the Regal Princess,a relatively new ship,so no mildew or mold problems on that ship. We also sailed on the Celebrity Summit- about the same age as the Zaandam- and we had no difficulty with the m/m problem on that ship either.
  14. Hello jjsparkles- Your review was quite interesting to read and your photos were great! So fortunate for your family to have this vacation together and have some time to spend with your son who is a musician on the Sunrise ! As a native of NYC, I must say that you covered a lot of ground in the City in the days you spent there both pre and post cruise. Using the hop -on- hop- off busses was a very good idea to see many of the sights. I was pleased to see that you visited Central Park and the Met Museum. My DH and I have been thinking of going to see the guitar exhibit,but will probably wait until the Fall as the temperatures will be lower than for a trip into the City. We now live about ninety miles away,so visits to our favorite places there are not as frequent as when we lived in the City. I was disappointed to read that you came across some rude people during your stay. It certainly did not get off on a good note with the security officer in Newark. I do hope that you came across many New Yorkers who were pleasant and helpful. Not to excuse anyone’s lack of manners, but sometimes we New Yorkers can be rushed and quick. This may come off as a rude attitude. The City has always had a fast pace to it. So many people are dealing with crowds,traffic and business demands, that their main focus is getting through their day . When my DH and I were living in Florida as snow birds for several winters, many times I was asked to slow my speech as the person with whom I was conversing with over the phone or in a shop could not keep up with what I was saying. While there,I had to adapt to a slower paced life style. Probably a good thing! So, I do hope you enjoyed your stay in my hometown and decide to visit again. Until then, I wish you and your family many good days !
  15. Agree with dcipjr’s post. My DH and I have vacationed there thirteen times since our honeymoon in 1983. Yes,there are beautiful beaches,but there are many more things to do or see. At the Dockyard itself there is a fort and museum,an upscale miniature golf course, also,you can rent a jet ski or small motor boat, go on a fishing ,snorkel or scuba excursion ,get a ferry to Hamilton (the capital city) or St George’s ( an historical town), visit art galleries, or go shopping or take a driving tour with a knowledgeable driver,or get a public bus and take a trip into town,look at the scenery and maybe chat with some of the local citizens. Outside of the Dockyard area there are biking or walking trails,lighthouses,museums,a botanical garden,an aquarium,a zoo and dramatic caves,art galleries,shops,excellent restaurants and pubs. Bermudians are welcoming and helpful people who take pride in their lovely country. In the evening,get off the ship,stroll the Dockyard area and see the ship lit up in the night. Walk the deck of the ship and watch the stars or lights in distant homes twinkle in the darkness. Personally, I would not want to spend much time in a casino while there is beauty to see in both the day and nighttime. Please note, Bermuda is not a Caribbean island in location and atmosphere. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean,eastward of North Carolina. It is a clean,well-kept country with its’own personality very different from islands in the Caribbean.
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