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  1. groryjm- I am someone who is interested in word usage and expanding my vocabulary. While reading post #59, you wrote, “For my post prandial snooze...”. My interest was piqued concerning the meaning of the word, prandial. I looked up the meaning of the word. It is an adjective used formally,meaning during or relating to dinner or lunch. It can also be used in a medical sense meaning relating to or during the eating of food. I have now acquired an addition to my vocabulary due to your perspicacious use of the word prandial in your post. Thank you.
  2. Thank you, hockeyguru32. I thought it may have been another song by Nancy Sinatra,but couldn’t think of any. Now,back to our regularly scheduled Bimmer09 review !
  3. Yes ! Our aerobics instructor uses the song for one of our routines. Selected for the beat rather than the lyrics,no doubt . When I hear it in class, I wonder what was on the B side of the record. Now, back to your excellent review and photos, Norris !
  4. Perhaps I have some misinformation,but I thought that Captain Kate became a Captain long before LLP became CEO of Celebrity. Although recently,Captain Kate has been assigned from the Summit to larger/newer ships including the Edge. This may be due in part to LLP’s influence. As to the role of women in the work force today, I can only look to my friends’ female children. Their careers include,a tug boat Captain,a neonatology physician, a marketing executive at a leading food product company, and an architectural interior designer. As a commercial from the 70s said, “We’ve come a long way baby !”. As someone who graduated from college in 1974 with a teaching degree, I can certainly appreciate all the interesting opportunities offered to women in the work force today.
  5. Many years ago (about 20), My DH and I took a cruise on the NCL Dreamward out of NYC to Bermuda. When we disembarked the ship and were loading the car, I noticed that a part of a belt attached to one of my dresses was dangling out of one side of the suitcase. We are neat packers and we thought it was unusual, but we put the suitcase in the car and returned home. Once we were home, I unpacked the suitcases, dividing clothes into laundry and dry cleaning piles. That is when I noticed that an outfit of mine was missing. It was an expensive cocktail dress. I know that I packed it in the suitcase, because we did a sweep of the cabin including all closets and drawers to check that we had all our belongings before we left the cabin for the last time. I called the PortAuthority, but they had no information for me about lost/found articles. I called NCL headquarters and filed a claim to no avail. The cost of the dress was one thing, but I really liked it and had planned to wear it to some future events. Now, one thing that is curious is that one night when I was wearing it to go to dinner, our female steward saw us in the hall and admired my dress. Seems to be a coincidence that she made her comments and it was the same dress that was missing. I thought that she could have had the opportunity to open the suitcase after we put it in the hall and taken the dress. If she did, I hope she enjoyed wearing the dress. We were young travelers then and not so savvy. Now, we put valuables in our carryons and do self assist disembarkation ( something I do not think was available years ago). I no longer pack expensive formal clothes as dress codes have become more casual on ships. What I am saying is that it is quite possible that the OP’s bags could have been rifled through while they were in the hall waiting for transport off the ship. I think though, that hallways are monitored with cameras these days, so the person who did this must have acted quickly or out of view of any camera surveillance.
  6. I think the Enclave (spa) pool is a good solution. Can you check on the dimensions of the pool there to see if you could do exercises in it and if it can be accessed by steps? There may also be heated loungers in the area to help with your pain and give you some relaxation after doing your exercises. I have back issues and water exercise has kept me from having surgery, so I realize how important the exercise can be for you. Your vacation plans seem to be wonderful. I hope the Sky Princess Cruise works out for you.
  7. To the OP. Let me understand your plan- To arrive the the cruise you will be leaving from California to fly to Singapore You will be flying 18-20 hours (air time) which means an additional travel time of getting to the airport,checking in,TSA clearance and waiting to board the plane at the gate. Then, you will travel from the airport to the ship. It is afour day cruise, but in reality is it a three day cruise if the day of embarkation is considered day 1? If my DH and I did this, we would be over the jet lag just as we were disembarking the ship.But, I digress. Then,you plan a “few”days in Singapore before repeating the trip to the airport and getting on a plane for a return flight of 18-20 hours. Then, you will need to travel to your home once the plane has landed which adds travel time to your trip. It seems to me that your plan involves many hours of travel and few hours of relaxation. If you do insist on taking this four day cruise, then I would suggest that you stay at least two days pre-cruise in Singapore. I am aware that hotels in Singapore can be expensive, but considering airfare and cruise fare that is quite pricey,it is an addition to your budget that would make the trip a bit more reasonable for your well-being and well worth the cost. A pre-cruise stay would allow some recovery time from jet lag and travel and reduce the stress on your body. iMHO travel should be viewed as a journey, not a marathon. Perhaps this opinion is influenced by our ages (65+),but from our perspective DH and I think comfort is #1 when planning a vacation. YMMV
  8. Just curious -why do you want to swim with pigs ?
  9. ams cruiser I would.check the ferry schedule.if you plan on disembarking the ship at 10 am. NYC is not SF. You may have a bit of a wait after 10:00.
  10. Probably a better choice for you. Enjoy your vacation !
  11. Terab85 Thank you for your reply. I thought it was a travel mascot of some sort. I am not familiar with Guardians of the Galaxy. I wish you and your DH many more pleasant cruises with Groot !
  12. Kim Making progress is good news ! Good to hear the blood clots have disappeared and the one remaining is getting smaller. Way to go with increased drinking - water I mean !😉 Do you like seltzer ? I can down a one liter bottle a day plus some glasses of regular water to get to the 64 ounce goal. Trying to get my A1C down to the 5. something range. It is 6.0 . I am determined not to go on type2 meds. Cutting down on carbs is a challenge, but you gotta do what you gotta do.😳 Thinking about traveling in December is a good sign for you. Just planning something for the future can lift a person’s spirits ! 👍
  13. Hello Terab85 May I ask, what is your husband wearing in his lapel pocket in your formal photo ? TYIA for your reply.
  14. Paul- i have been reading your review mainly because you sailed on the Millennium,which I think is the Sister ship of the Summit, a ship we have enjoyed on past cruise vacations. I must say that your kindness and positive view of life comes through in your posts. Regarding the situation at the special dinner, I think the issue is on the part of the gentleman, “Bill” . Perhaps over-imbibing on his part fueled the reaction of his friends causing them to leave the table abruptly.When something like what you experienced happens to me or my DH, we think it is something that we have said or done. When , in fact, , it was an issue that the other person(s) were dealing with and had nothing to do with us only that we were witness to questionable behavior. When there is a large dining table at some event we are attending , it is the luck of the draw as to who our table mates may be. We have been seated at formal affairs such as weddings and charitable fundraisers where others at the table have had too much to drink, want to discuss politics, overtake the conversation or don’t talk at all. On other occasions we have met some very interesting people who have become friends or at the very least added to an enjoyable evening. Now on cruises,we insist on tables for two. At least we know who our company will be at the table ! I wish you and Edward continued interesting and enjoyable voyages !
  15. Two words Entitlement attitudes. Things happen. It is a vacation, go with the flow. I hope some of these passengers never face a terminal illness, loss of job, house fire etc,etc,etc.
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