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  1. Considering the ever increasing amount of Covid-19 cases occurring now across the United States and other countries, Princess may very well cancel cruises going into the 2021 sailing season. Why anyone would subject themselves to being infected with a potentially life threatening disease is beyond my comprehension. Indulging in a vacation the length of 7,10,14 days or more that may affect a person and the people in their life for weeks, months ,even years - people do experience long lasting,debilitating effects after a bout of the virus- seems to be be self centered at best. T
  2. I did not say that I don’t enjoy cruising. My DH and I were booked on the Nov.7 th repositioning cruise of the Sky Princess leaving Red Hook,Brooklyn to sail to various Caribbean ports with a return to PortEverglade,FL. Obviously, that cruise has been cancelled. We happen to favor cruising with Princess since our first cruise with the cruise line in 2004 with a cruise on the Sapphire Princess sailing the inner passage of Alaska. Our loyalty level on Princess is Platinum. We have also taken cruises on NCL,Cunard and Celebrity ships. IMHO, the voters in Key West have
  3. There is another thread on this forum entitled No Sail Order Extended to October 31, citing an article in USA Today.
  4. Most likely the CDC will extend the order continuing on from Oct.31. Corona numbers are spiking in numerous states and some countries are reporting a second wave of the virus. IMO, travel will continue to be restricted until people realize the virus needs to be respected as a living organism that is currently being dealt with by wearing masks, keeping social distance and refraining from large group gatherings. A vaccine will also help to control this vicious disease, but it will take time until an effective vaccine is distributed to a majority of people world wide.
  5. Thinking about taking children on a Princess cruise to Alaska, usually Park Rangers and/or naturalists come onboard at different ports to give talks. I think at Skagway, sled dog puppies are brought onboard so passengers can interact with them. This is something your children may enjoy. There are other Alaska themed activities in the Piazza for passenger participation. I would think that the Alaska theme might be integrated into the kids’ clubs also. I see in your signature that you are anticipating a cruise on the Ruby Princess to Alaska in August of 2021. If it was me, I
  6. If I were considering an Alaskan cruise, I would only consider Princess from our past experience of a great cruise from Seattle through the inside passage on the Sapphire Princess. However, I understand that you are considering choices of Carnival cruises leaving from San Francisco with the destinations of Alaska and Mexico. You mention a five day cruise to Mexico. That seems to me something of a party cruise. I am not certain if you would enjoy that kind of atmosphere with two little children. If you are deciding to go with Carnival, I would think Alaska would be a better choice th
  7. We went on an Alaskan cruise in late July several years ago. It was very warm then. We wore turtlenecks and jeans to go into Ketchikan,but quickly returned to the ship to change into t shirts as the temperatures were near 80 degrees. Pack a little bit of a number of things including t shirts, and shorts. As others have said, outer clothing can consist of fleece vest or jacket,a waterproof jacket, hat and gloves. Alaska is a beautiful place. I am wishing you a good cruise if in fact the cruise does happen in May 2021.
  8. Thank you, Biker19. I have tried to search by a poster’s CC user name,but it doesn’t seem to work. In the past, I thought this was possible,but then CC had some changes to the web site.
  9. It took some scrolling to find this thread again. I wanted to find some cruise reviews that I haven’t read yet as they are a pleasant diversion from what is going on in the world. I am hoping this post will put this thread on page one again as others may want to be entertained by reading posts of past cruise vacations.
  10. Did you try a search on Google for this particular cabin?
  11. Thank you, cajun-crazy. I did find a thread on the Royal Caribbean board that had links to many posters that included reviews of cruises not only on RCCL, but Princess,NCL and Celebrity. I have been enjoying reading several of those reviews!😊
  12. The way things have been going since February, my DH and I probably took our last cruise on the Celebrity Summit to Bermuda in July of 2018. Due to us being in the “vulnerable” age group with some health concerns, I can’t envision us as being comfortable going on a cruise any time soon. We began cruising in 1987 with a cruise to the Bahamas on the Big Red Boat. Since then,we have cruised to Alaska, many Caribbean islands, a Canada/New England itinerary, many times to Bermuda and a transatlantic voyage to England. We enjoyed all of them. However, our last cruise two years
  13. zdad59- Not selfish or self promoting at all.You are contributing to an interesting thread. i see that the last review you posted was of a cruise on the Summit last February. Since this cruise was after the refurbishment of the ship, I will be interested in reading your report. My DH and I have sailed twice on the Summit, in 2010 and 2018. Both times we enjoyed cruises to Bermuda. I am hoping to see photos in your report of a improved but familiar ship.
  14. Thank you, Dani ! I remember reading that review from Jim_Iain on the Celebrity board. Since there was a link to Bimmer09 cruise reports (usually Princess, Celebrity and Azarama) posted here, I thought some readers of this forum may have links to those posters I mentioned in my previous post.
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