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  1. KKB Good that you are reporting that you and your DH are enjoying the cruise. If I had forgotten any important paper/document, I think my hubby would have cancelled the cruise on the spot and we would have returned home ! You are fortunate to have an understanding and resourceful husband. Count your blessings-I am certain that you do! As to the design of the furniture pieces, this was a topic of many reviews of the Edge pre-Covid. With passengers’ feedback, you would think Celebrity would have taken an opportunity during shut down to replace the chairs etc
  2. Thank you for the replies. There seemed to be mixed reactions to these Edenists in reviews of the Edge. Perhaps Celebrity is considering feedback about them and devising other forms of entertainment going forward.
  3. This may have been asked already,but I have a question about Eden and the lounge area nearby. On Edge cruises ,pre Covid, there were dancers/entertainers in unique costumes that would interact with the passengers in the Eden area. This got mixed reactions from passengers on those Edge cruises. Were these dancers/entertainers on your cruise?
  4. mets07 Candlewood Lake does cover a very large area,with a lot of communities. It is a lovely place for a vacation and a weekend/ retirement home. I recall that part of the lake is near Danbury. I went to the Danbury Fair a few times ,then it was built into the Danbury Mall. Visited the mall a few times also as DH and I have friends who lived in Katonah,NY.
  5. This may be a small world connection,mets07. Your photo of Candlewood Lake brought back memories from my college days. A friend’s parents would rent a place on the lake during the Summer. I visited with them several times.It is a beautiful area. They subsequently moved to the area in their retirement. Unfortunately, they passed away in the early 1990’s,which gave them a short time to enjoy their home. I am not sure how long you have gone to Candlewood Lake, but I thought that I would ask if you knew Betty and Benedict Kershis? A long shot,surely, but I thought I would ask.
  6. Oxo- Same parent company,different cruise lines. Also, there may be different demographics- less children (unvaccinated) on Celebrity Edge. Just conjecturing to reply to your question.
  7. I used to like to shop at Steinmart in Vero Beach. We haven’t been to Florida since January,2020. Disappointed to hear that Steinmart is out of business. Thinking of department stores that are no more, does anyone recall Gertz? The main store was on Jamaica Ave in Jamaica,NY. It was a lovely store not only in the merchandise they sold, but the complete layout of the store. I recall that the elevators were run by women wearing uniforms and white gloves. They would announce what was sold on each floor. You could purchase make-up to living room furniture from Gertz.
  8. Those shirts were quite a find! My hubby and I found some good coats at Burlington Coat Factory,although they do seem all types of clothing. The store near us - about an hour away,has closed though. I was just reminded of a “bargain” shopping trip that my mother and I made when I was about ten years old ( I think). We went to a department store,Alexander’s, that was near Forest Hills. My mother found a parking spot on a side street and we happily made our way to the store with my Mom remarking about how lucky she was to get the parking spot so close to the store.
  9. Hello Dani I have been catching up on your thread for the past few minutes.,When I read your question about the store in Manhattan, Loehmans popped into my head. My mother was a fan of the store, but I think she frequented the one in Brooklyn in her single days in the 1940s ,looking for chic bargains. Loehmans opened a store in Rego Park ( about forty minutes from Manhattan) I think in the late seventies/ early eighties. I recall going to that store with my mother and she was disappointed in what was being offered. But, then again,she was quite a bit older than her youn
  10. Good to know that here are some foods offered there.
  11. Luckynana We spend some of the Winter in the Hutchinson Island- Jensen Beach area , so a trip to Naples for pizza would be a long trip for us! I am understanding that you and DaniDanielle are from Staten Island. I have a dear friend who is in her nineties and lives with her daughter in Miller Field on the Island. She tells me that she can see ships sailing from her place after they have gone under the Verrazano Bridge. I have told her that we wave to her whenever we take a cruise from the NY harbor or Bayonne. One of my HS friends, Maryann Raneri moved from Queems
  12. Luckynana- We have had some luck in Florida with some pretty good pizza. Not sure if those places import NYC water to make the pizza dough. The pizza on Princess Cruises comes close to what we consider good,hometown pizza. I worked briefly in Manhattan at Lord and Taylor in their customer service department. This was right after college when teaching jobs were scarce in the 70s. I did enjoy working in the City. Often,I would do some shopping on Fifth Ave before getting the subway home. Needless to say, my paycheck went in a hurry some weeks! 🙄 George C
  13. mo&fran- Thank you for taking time to write about your cruise vacation. Will you be posting any photos? Enjoy!
  14. Hello Lenquioxte66 (Lenny)- I went to Christ the King HS in Middle Village. My root canal dentist grew up five blocks away from me and his mother taught at Forest Hills HS, probably about forty years ago. Her name is Mrs. Schmett. Does that name sound familiar ? Isn’t it a beautiful day on LI ? My DH and I are enjoying sitting on our screen porch right now. Wishing you and all the fathers and men who have a significant role in a child’s life a most enjoyable Fathers’ Day !
  15. Bonnie Since your daughter lives in Jersey, a cruise from Bayonne could be convenient for you. Both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity have cruises leaving from that port. We live on the North Fork of LI, the opposite side of the Island from the Hamptons. When we moved here, I was so homesick for Forest Hills- missing friends, stores and favorite places. Gradually, I became accustomed to our area,made new friends and found favorite places here. I watch the Marvelous Mrs.Maisel on Netflix. I was surprised to see that her in-laws moved from Manhattan to FH. Actual
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