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  1. MJSailors

    New Princess Sale

    We booked a mid-ship mini suite on the Sky for a March 2020 sailing with the $1 deposit Cyber Sale promo. i just checked the fare for this Anniversary Sale. It is a bit under $200 more now for the same location mini suite. The perks of paid gratuities and OBC remain the same. The deposit of 10% of the fare is now non- refundable. So, the offer on Nov.26 seems like a good deal for us. However, the ports are re-dos for us. We booked because of the new ship. We are also considering a resort vacation for early Spring in Bermuda to play some golf and enjoy that beautiful place. Decisions,decisions- we are fortunate.
  2. We celebrated our 25th anniversary on theCrown ten years ago. Friends arranged the Ultimate Balcny Breakfast as a surprise gift for us. I agree with other posters,a good amount of food was delivered. I do not remember hot items though. It seems that there was fruit,pastries and a small bottle of sparkling wine. We did enjoy this gift,but we put some of the food aside for later snacking. For most of our cruises, we have ordered room service for breakfast. We find it to be a pleasant start to the day.
  3. MJSailors

    Ideas for Christmas Gift for Crew Members

    As on any of our cruises during all different times of the year, we give our steward an additional cash tip, keep a neat cabin and write a compliment card for their good service. i think this would be appreciated by stewards and/or other staff members at Christmas or at any other time of year.
  4. MJSailors

    Breakaway secrets

    Good post! 👍 We were on the Breakaway twice. We were very glad to return to Princess.
  5. MJSailors

    Dress Code - Regal Princess

    I am trying to understand the idea that men are more comfortable wearing dress shorts instead of slacks such as Dockers. in getting dressed in either items of clothing,a man puts on the legs, zips the zipper, buttons the waist button and adds a belt. The only difference I can see is that a pair of shorts has shorter legs than a pair of slacks. In keeping to a dress code, what is the inconvenience to a man to select a pair of slacks instead of a pair of shorts ? My DH looks very good in dress shorts, but whenever we go out for dinner in an upscale restaurant either on NY ( Summer) or Florida (snowbirds) he wears a nice pair of chinos or trousers. Perhaps someone can explain to me how dress shorts are more comfortable or easier to wear than slacks.
  6. MJSailors

    $1.00 Deposits Today, Monday 11/26

    Our booking for March 2020 is for a mid-ship mini suite with angled,extended balcony for $1499 per person. We consider this a reasonable fare for such a cabin. If we booked under the 10% required deposit yesterday, the deposit amount would have been approximately $300 +.Since we have budgeted for a three week land vacation this March as well as purchased new family room furniture and we are gearing up for gift-giving and entertaining for Christmas, a large deposit was not comfortable for us at this time. This lower deposit came at a good time as it gives us time to budget for it since final payment is not due until December 2020. With the perks of $200 OBC and pre-paid tips, today’s offer gave us a win-win situation. Of course, a future price reduction would sweeten the deal.I will be regularly checking Princess for a price drop. Hopefully, we will be healthy and fit to enjoy this cruise come March 2020. Since we have been the ports on the itinerary many times, we are looking forward to sunshine days and exploring a new Princess ship.
  7. MJSailors

    $1.00 Deposits Today, Monday 11/26

    This morning,I went to the Princess website. There was a heading on the page about the $1.00 deposits, today , with a count down clock showing approximately 18 hours and some minutes remaining on the offer. It also noted that the reduced deposit was being applied to the Cyber Sale cruises.
  8. At the risk of adding another thread about $1.00 deposits, I am writing this to advise CC members that this deposit is available today. I just booked a March 2020 sailing on the Sky Princess with a great deposit of $2.00 ! Thank you to others who have posted about the possibility of reduced deposits appearing on the Princess website. Because of these posts, I have been monitoring both Princess and CC websites for notifications.. Today is the day !
  9. MJSailors

    Regal Princess excitement

    I agree with you, Cancruizer on a number of items you put on your list. My DH and I have sailed on n the Regal Princess three times. We have enjoyed Alfredo’s and the International Cafe and appreciate the openness of the buffet. There is an area of the buffet that serves the specialty coffees that are offered at the IC,so that we don’t need to make a trip down some decks to get a cappuccino to accompany a meal in the buffet. The Piazza is a lovely area to enjoy a drink,treat,entertainment or people watch. On our last Regal cruise two years ago, there was a fashion show held in the piazza featuring passengers modeling outfits from the on board shops. We have also enjoyed MUTS and the Sanctuary. There are a few features that you mentioned that, in our experience, are not that spectacular. For us, the Skywalk is a one and done. The attraction in that area is the bartenders at the bar there that do entertaining tricks while making cocktails. The cabanas surrounding the adult pool do not seem to be that inviting to us. They are in the sun for a good amount of time and it seems the occupants are on view of the others using the pool. There are plenty of complimentary loungers near the pool,some under an overhang that affords some shade. We prefer the nearby Sanctuary,enjoying the comfy loungers there and walking a short distance to the pool if we like. The water fountain show is also a one time activity for us. The show is often cancelled due to weather/sailing conditions. We think the area could be used for some other things, perhaps another pool. I am not certain what category cabin you have booked,but we have had both balcony cabins and a mini suite. Both cabins had very small balconies,certainly not the size of those on the Grand Class Princess ships. Since we have always enjoyed morning walks on a cruise ship ,we did not appreciate the lack of a true Promenade deck on the Regal. Yes, there is a walking track on a top deck (14 ?). It can be windy or very hot on that track. As for the Love Boat connection with the Regal, there is a display near the passenger services desk that features a photo of the Love Boar cast as the godparents of the Regal. The horn the captain sounds for sailaways is the first notes of the Love Boat theme. It brings a smile to passengers faces when they hear it. The selections on the cabin tv includes episodes of the Love Boat show and some very good ,current movies. The Regal is a lovely ship. I am certain that you will find many things to like about the ship and other things that will not be your favorites. However, I wish you a good time experiencing the ship and your cruise vacation.
  10. MJSailors

    Swimming with pigs

    Really ??!!!!
  11. MJSailors

    Crown Princess - Onboard Quick Review 11-20-2018

    To the poster asking about the curtain separating the bed from the sitting area in the mini suites-We have been in mini suites on the Caribbean Princess,Crown and the Regal. The furniture configuration in the Regal mini suite was different than that on the Grand Class ships. There was no bump-out cabinet that housed the two TVs and the storage area in the center of the cabin. Rather, there was a longer cabinet with counter top. The tvs on the Regal are wall mounted flat screen tvs.. The curtain near the bed on the Regal was a good improvement in the cabin design. It did block out the light from the sitting area. I have a suggestion for the poster, use an sleeping mask to blot out the light coming from the tv. I have used one lately on trips as my DH is a very early riser and I find the sleep mask blocks the lights he puts on to get dressed for going out for his morning coffee.
  12. Happy to see Bermuda again through Patti’s photos ! Quick question, did you attend any of the shows or lounge acts onboard ? i was wondering about the quality of entertainment on Carnival cruises. Thanks !
  13. MJSailors

    California Wildfires

    Very sorry to hear your news,Roz. I hope that you and your family stay safe. To Woobstr112G- you mention your coworkers . I assume that you work/live in the affected area? Have you received any reports about your home ? After a bit of consideration, my DH and I will not be taking the cruise from San Pedro. I can not tolerate smoke in the air. Since no cruises have been cancelled by Princess, we will use the cancel for any reason option of our insurance. Thank you to those who have given informative replies. For those living in the affected areas, I do hope the situation improves for all of you very soon.
  14. MJSailors

    California Wildfires

    My sympathies to those in the affected areas who have heart or respiratory issues. It is so difficult to handle smoke situations with those illnesses. I am an asthmatic and I recall a time when we had to shorten a stay at Disneyworld because of wildfires in the area. The fires didn’t seem as strong or as widespread there as what we are seeing from CA,but the smoke was present in the air. It caused me to have a major asthma attack,but my DH was not affected. Luckily, he was able to arrange a flight home and we left the resort after two days of a week’s vacation. I do hope the fires abate soon and that people can begin the recovery process for their health and property.
  15. MJSailors

    California Wildfires

    Thank you for your reply. Being from NY, I am not too familiar with California locations. The TV news reports are showing widespread fires and resulting damage. One can only feel empathy for the residents of the affected areas and the fire crews trying to put out the fires as well as the rescue crews trying to help the people.