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  1. Thank you for posting those photos,Jeff. In August,2001, my DH and I were aboard the QEII on a transatlantic trip to England. We have similar photos of the Twin Towers in an album of that trip. It is still difficult to think that as we sailed past the buildings of lower Manhattan,in less than a month following,the World Trade Center would be no more. I went to the WTC on several occasions for meetings and conferences. Sometimes, my attention at those events was distracted by the views out the windows of the busy harbor. The buildings and surrounding area were always a center of activity and energy. Prayers today for the souls who perished that day and for their loved ones and the survivors of the attack.
  2. A happy New Year to all the posters who are celebrating! Shalom MJ🙋🏻
  3. I have not been reading this thread for a few days and there are so many pages to read to catch up ! It seems that congratulations are in order- Graham and Pauline- happy anniversary! You look like honeymooners in your photos. John and Lala- welcome to baby Felix! Wishing you many happy days shared with him. For everyone on this thread that are experiencing a heatwave, hoping you are staying cool with a cool drink. MJ 🙋🏻
  4. Sorry-no excuse. Unless your response is the tongue in cheek kind. The individuals in the photo could have gone to be buffet dressed like that and been comfortable there.
  5. Oops! The original post was written as “your DH” .Proofreading is a necessary thing before posting. It got past me.
  6. Lenny Hoping tomorrow is not a difficult day for you and your DH. Wishing good luck for tomorrow to any posters on here from Long Island or the metro area. We brought in our deck furniture to the porch and are hoping that Henri changescourse out to the Atlantic.
  7. The shirt was yellow with black lettering,I seem to recall. Good news that you “failed” your test- a negative is a positive regarding Covid! Enjoy your travels !
  8. Graham, How about Splash Mountain?! My DH was very disappointed when we visited WDW a few years ago and it was closed for repairs. We also liked Pirates of the Caribbean , the Haunted Mansion, Soaring in Epcot and theTower of Terror in Hollywood Studios .,
  9. Me too! Listened to Cousin Brucie on WABC in NYC. Also listened to Murray the K- one of the “good guys” on WMCA.
  10. We were on the Oceanic in 1987. Our first cruise. I think it was a three day cruise with a four day stay at Disneyworld. We had a cabin with a porthole. The beds were twin beds,one being on a wall across the cabin from the other bed. It was a large cabin as I recall Our luggage wasn’t delivered when we got to the cabin. I was very concerned about that and wanted my DH go to Passenger Services to check on the luggage. Newbie cruiser nerves,I guess. The luggage was delivered well before it was time for dinner.Crises avoided ! It was an enjoyable cruise. Since then we have taken numerous cruises. Most have been with Princess, but also on NCL,Cunard and Celebrity..
  11. I read this thread almost everyday and occasionally post. There are always interesting “conversations “ going on here and support for people who may need a boost. Cheers, Dani !
  12. HBE4 We’ve found Schitts’ Creek on Netflix and we are getting a kick out of it ! Glad there are six seasons of it. We also watch Arrested Development on Amazon and Mrs.Brown on Britbox. Need some laughs these days. I am watching the Durrell’s on Corfu ,I think it is on Amazon. It was a show on PBS Masterpiece Theater. Didn’t get into then,but I am enjoying it now- DH ,not so much. Waiting for The Crown and Mrs.Maisel to return.
  13. Lenny- I tried to post earlier but it went poof. Having some difficulties communicating on CC. Being confined to bed must be very difficult for you,but you have the spirit to communicate with so many here on this thread. i have enjoyed your posts about music and groups that were a significant part of my younger days. i especially liked your mention of going to American Bandstand on a school trip. When I was about seven,I would watch the show and dance in our living room along with the teenagers on TV. sometimes my older cousins would have a dance session and they would include me .I loved dancing the Stroll with them. Good times ! Goodnight ,Lenny. I hope you are feeling safe and loved.
  14. Thank you,Dani for🤞! I hope it is 👍! My DH was going to wear a tux, but both father of the bride and father of the groom are wearing suits, so DH will go along with them. Three weddings- I hope you get to do a lot of celebrating! As for shopping, I got my gown online at Macy’s. It is technically a Mother of the Bride gown, but I think Godmother is close enough!
  15. Dani I am replying to the photo of you and your two sons. I think that you look lovely as Mother of the Groom. My DH and I are hoping to attend my goddaughters’ and husband’s wedding celebration this coming September in NYC. They were married in a very small ceremony last September, but would like to celebrate with many more family members and friends. I am wearing a gown and DH a dark suit- that is “dressing up” for us as we live in a beach community where we often don’ t need to dress so formally. Right now, tshirts,shorts and sandals are the usual outfit of the day.
  16. There is a cruise blogger,Pescado Amarillo (Yellow Fish Cruises) on this cruise. Her name is Jeanie and her DH goes by G. Followers of her blog and postings on the Princess board are concerned because she has not posted recently. She has been having issues with WiFi, so that may be the reason for the lack of her posts. However, the news of the sightseeing plane crash has caused some concern. If you know this couple, could you please convey her followers’ concern for their safety ? According to one of her latest posts, her DH recently attended the. Veterans and First Responders get together on the ship,probably on the sea day. Maybe someone attending that get together would recognize G and convey posters’ concern to him. Very sad for the loved ones of those that perished in the crash. Hoping the passengers on the ship remain healthy and safe.
  17. I think this could be considered mistaken for a crew member with a different twist. My DH and I were on a Princess cruise to Alaska about seventeen years ago It was a formal night,but there were not many gentlemen dressed in tuxes. My DH was wearing a suit. Some others in the dining room were dressed quite casually. During dinner,we decided we would like to make another reservation for dinner at the specialty restaurant, Sterling Steakhouse. My DH said he would speak with the maitre ‘d about a reservation . On our way out of the restaurant, my husband approached a gentleman dressed in a tux and asked if he could assist in making a dinner reservation. The man looked at my DH and in a dismissive tone said he was not ship staff,in fact,he was a passenger ! My husband quickly apologized and we left the restaurant. I could only think that when the gentleman returned to his table, he most likely said to his wife or SO,that he knew he should not have worn the tux! Being taken for staff ,apparently,did not sit well with him,given his reaction to my DH’s question.🙄
  18. CruiseChick33- I thought of something while reading your first post. You mentioned that your DH’s luggage was delivered two hours after yours was delivered. This can happen,or luggage can be lost. So, in our early days of cruising,we decided to cross pack our luggage. In each bag, we pack items of each other’s clothing. It takes the worry away from having a problem withmis-places baggage. Just a helpful hint. You may be doing this already. I am enjoying reading your posts and those of others on this cruise. My DH and took an Alaskan cruise on the Sapphire Princess in 2004. It was a wonderful experience. The posts here are bringing back great memories.Thank you.
  19. To the OP- Coconut Crew- Did you or any of your travel party have any Covid-19 symptoms? It would be interesting if you could come back to post here your after-cruise experiences. Were you able to retrieve your car ?
  20. KKB Good that you are reporting that you and your DH are enjoying the cruise. If I had forgotten any important paper/document, I think my hubby would have cancelled the cruise on the spot and we would have returned home ! You are fortunate to have an understanding and resourceful husband. Count your blessings-I am certain that you do! As to the design of the furniture pieces, this was a topic of many reviews of the Edge pre-Covid. With passengers’ feedback, you would think Celebrity would have taken an opportunity during shut down to replace the chairs etc with more comfortable pieces. Of course, that would be quite an expense. Perhaps going forward, more thought will be given to comfort over design. Please continue to enjoy your vacation and post when you are able. 😎
  21. Thank you for the replies. There seemed to be mixed reactions to these Edenists in reviews of the Edge. Perhaps Celebrity is considering feedback about them and devising other forms of entertainment going forward.
  22. This may have been asked already,but I have a question about Eden and the lounge area nearby. On Edge cruises ,pre Covid, there were dancers/entertainers in unique costumes that would interact with the passengers in the Eden area. This got mixed reactions from passengers on those Edge cruises. Were these dancers/entertainers on your cruise?
  23. mets07 Candlewood Lake does cover a very large area,with a lot of communities. It is a lovely place for a vacation and a weekend/ retirement home. I recall that part of the lake is near Danbury. I went to the Danbury Fair a few times ,then it was built into the Danbury Mall. Visited the mall a few times also as DH and I have friends who lived in Katonah,NY.
  24. This may be a small world connection,mets07. Your photo of Candlewood Lake brought back memories from my college days. A friend’s parents would rent a place on the lake during the Summer. I visited with them several times.It is a beautiful area. They subsequently moved to the area in their retirement. Unfortunately, they passed away in the early 1990’s,which gave them a short time to enjoy their home. I am not sure how long you have gone to Candlewood Lake, but I thought that I would ask if you knew Betty and Benedict Kershis? A long shot,surely, but I thought I would ask. I hope you are enjoying your time at the lake !
  25. Oxo- Same parent company,different cruise lines. Also, there may be different demographics- less children (unvaccinated) on Celebrity Edge. Just conjecturing to reply to your question.
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