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  1. Hi Kim Very good to read about your progress and that PT has been successful. Standing in the shower is a great improvement ! Keep up the good work ! 👍👍👍 I thought of you today as I was gingerly maneuvering around the hoses being used by the man who was steam cleaning our carpets. The hoses were all over our driveway and on part of our front walk and steps.🤦🏻‍♀️ I really shouldn’t have been outside, but I needed to put something in the mailbox at the end of the driveway. When I went back to go through the back door, it was locked ! I had locked myself out ! I couldn’t knock on the door for my hubby to unlock it because #1 he wouldn’t have heard the knock over the carpet machines,#2he was on the opposite side of the house and #3 he doesn't’ t hear very well...at least when I am talking to him! ! 😳 Anyway.... So, I had to negotiate those hoses to get in by the front door which was open to let the hoses go on the cleaning equipment in the house. I kept thinking about you and went very slowly and carefully to get into the house. You have passed on a good lesson to those of us reading your review/blog. Wishing you continued success and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
  2. JimmyVWine I read your post about emotional support dogs providing a service for people with anxiety issues. May I respond with a flip side to that idea? What if a person had a negative experience with a dog that caused them physical harm and subsequently developed a fear of dogs. They become anxious in the presence of a dog. What if that person was told by an owner of a “support animal” that they owner would set the dog on anyone on the ship ? Certainly the level of anxiety for the person who had a fear of dogs would rise. How could that person deal with the anxiety ? How could they enjoy there cruise? The number of people bringing their pets,not service dogs, onto planes,trains,cruise ships and into stores and restaurants have escalated over the past number of years. People take advantage of situations where service dogs are allowed and push boundaries to satisfy their wants. Royal Caribbean has taken steps to eliminate emotional support animals on their ships. Southwest limits the amount of cats/dogs allowed in their planes.More travel related entities should step up and take steps to stop the abuse of the policy of allowing support dogs to accompanying their humans by those who feel their pets must accompany them 24/7.
  3. Hello Norris We have taken one cruise to the Western Caribbean on the Regal Princess a few years ago. The one recommendation I can offer is in Cozumel. We had lunch at Pancho’s Backyard located on the main road across from the water. They serve very good food and margaritas. I am not sure if they have Guinness, but they must have a selection of Mexican beer. I recall that there is a lovely shop attached to the restaurant ( or maybe it is nearby). They had a nice selection of merchandise and a relaxed approach towards customers. This was much appreciated as we walked a distance on that main road and shopkeepers were almost grabbing us to come inside their stores. I think you might find more info and reviews of Pancho’s on Trip Advisor. I recall Seven Mile Beach as a very pretty place with fine,white sand. As for Roatan, it was pouring rain the day the ship docked there,so we did not get off the ship. We have sailed out of NY harbor many times and it never gets tiresome for us. I grew up in the NYC borough of Queens and started visiting Manhattan at a young age with my mother with shopping trips and our annual Christmas show treat at Radio City followed by a lunch at Schrafts. After college, I worked for several months for Lord and Taylor before securing a teaching position. My DH and I have lived on eastern LI for the past 35 years. For many years,we made frequent trips into the City to enjoy Broadway shows, opera at the Met and some favorite museums. In our retirement, we seem to have switched our focus to visiting other places so we haven’t been to the City recently. Anyway, I think I have rambled on a bit. My DH has been reading your review. He is still in the London part ,pre-cruise. I heard him chuckling today as he was reading. He appreciates your humor. We look forward to those Sky photos! I would also like to hear about Carol’s take on the re-designed Sanctuary. I have seen renderings and photos of the furniture/cushions and they do not look comfortable. Maybe they are better in person.
  4. Hello CupKayke Thank you for taking the time to write this review. We took a Canada New England cruise a number of years ago where the ship did not reach Halifax because of an impending hurricane headed to the area. The Captain returned the ship to NYC which became a port day. There are no guarantees for weather ! Good that your DH and you enjoyed your vacation despite some rain and high seas. I noted that you heard the Princess ship play a song on the ship’s horn as it was leaving a port (Halifax or St John?). The song is the theme from the Love Boat show which was on TV long before your time, I think. The show featured a Princess ship- possibly the original Pacific Princess (smaller ship,no balconies !). Princess began playing that song when the new class of ships - Royal Class- began sailing. It may have also coincided with a special anniversary for the cruise line. The Godparents for the second ship of the Royal Class, the Regal Princess ,were members of the regular cast of the Love Boat show. There is a special display of photos of the cast as they were on the show and as they were at the time of the Regal Princess christening. It is near the GuestServices desk ,so it is visible to many passengers. You could Google the song if you like. When we are on the any of newer Princess ships,we smile when the Captain plays the horn !
  5. When I first read Scottee25’s post about wearing swim trunks and flip flops to the MDR on a cruise 20 years ago, I thought he was pulling CC readers’ legs. I still do. Even if it was his first cruise as a twenty-something not-knowing-much-about-cruises kind of guy, certainly he had been to a restaurant in his twenty-something years. Did he ever go to a wedding or prom where appropriate dress was expected? How did his girlfriend walk into the MDR with him that evening ? Was she also wearing a swimsuit and flip flops? I would think nor,but you ever know ! As someone who started cruising in the late 1980s, I am well aware of how cruising used to be. Our first cruise on the Premier lines’Big Red Boat was by no means on a luxury,upscale ship such as those on Cunard ships. However, men wore jacket and ties to dinner ,some wore tuxes, on formal night. Ladies were dressed in gowns or cocktail dresses. I remember I wore a black and gold lame dress with a peplum,for those of you who remember that style ! We were in our late twenties for that cruise. We seemed to know how to dress and enjoy the cruise. Subsequent cruises into the 1990’s also found passengers dressing for dinner. If Scottee25 actually did appear in the MDR dressed as he described, perhaps it was due to too many cold beverages on the pool deck. That seems the best explanation for such a choice of wardrobe.
  6. Hello Norris My DH and I were looking forward to experiencing the Sky Princess as we have visited the ports on the itinerary many times and did not plan to get off the ship very much. Cruising on a new ship is a pleasant vacation. We have been on the Sapphire, Crown and Regal during their first year of each of their sailing histories. So,we anticipated enjoying the Sky Princess, but,for now,we will enjoy your photos and commentary after your January cruise. I have been looking at the repositioning cruise for the Sky next November, sailing from Brooklyn (a home port for us) to Ft Lauderdale. One of the ports is Aruba,which we would enjoy visiting again. I haven’t discussed this cruise with DH yet,as we will need to see how our travel budget looks for next Fall/Winter. No snow here on LI, actually today is mild with sunshine. That is not going to last long though according to tomorrow’s prediction. Hoping your snow does not reach us as the landscaper has not gathered up the leaves for a Fall clean-up yet! Take care !
  7. Agree, ghstudio. To the OP After speaking with the steward and not seeing any change in service times, I would take up the issue with Head of Housekeeping and/or Guest Services. Whether or not the ship is understaffed is Celebrity’s responsibility. I do not think expecting your cabin to be cleaned in an acceptable time frame is asking too much.
  8. Roz Customer reviews on sites such as Trip Advisor or Booking.com offer information that can be helpful. Past guests not only rate hotel properties,but describe hotel locations their and proximity to airports, cruise terminals,shopping areas and restaurants. Comfort and safety are the main concerns when we travel ,MHO.
  9. You could try searching on Trip Advisor.com for such a hotel in Tampa. Also,keep in mind the distance from the airport and/or cruise terminal to ease transportation issues. Another concern would be safety of neighborhood for a hotel location.
  10. Toby 459 Yikes ! What an experience. It seems that your vacation had a good start in Europe,but went steadily downhill as the TA went on. The Getaway (and similar ships) are not ocean liners such as Cunard’s ships,the QE,QM II and Queen Victoria. I question how the ships such as the Getaway can handle open ocean travel and storms,such as you experienced, in a truly safe way. Since cruise ships are deployed to Europe during the Summer /early Fall season, they need to be returned to the US for Caribbean sailings during the winter months. This creates the need to sail those ships across the Northern Atlantic. TheseTA sailings generate income for the cruise line companies, but can pose the question of how well equipped for passenger safety these ships are in reality. I also noted that you posted about Getaway officers speaking harshly in a public setting to a crew member. I was witness to this twice on the Breakaway a few years ago. A young lady was openly criticized in front of passengers in the buffet area by a supervisor. She took the criticism without reply and continued with her work once the supervisor was finished talking to her. The other involved a man who was vacuuming the stairs between decks . He was being harshly spoken to by two officers in a public area. He also did not respond to the officers and continued his work once they were finished talking to him. Both incidences left me with a feeling of disrespect for those officers and supervisor. No employee should be criticized in a public venue. If correction is needed it should be done in a place and in a manner where the employee can maintain a level of dignity. We have no desire to sail with NCL again. It is not only because of these incidences I saw on the ship, but Freestyle is not for us. We prefer the type of cruise experience offered by Princess and Celebrity. I would suggest for you to try these either of these two cruise lines for future vacations.
  11. Not a fan of message of message t-shirts.Funny, political, patriotic or otherwise. Certainly not lacking a sense of humor though. But, having a sense of style ! Agree with previous poster, polo shirt is a better look for men, older, out of shape or otherwise. The photo of the fellow in the polo shirt is a photo of “pro” golfer Daly .Perhaps it is not the most realistic image to post about polo wearing men. Most men do not wear their polo shirts rolled up to show off their mid-riffs. If any of them chose to do that, I hope they would be turned away at the MDR.. Oops,wait... have I turned this thread into a cruise ship dress code discussion ?😳
  12. Decorating cabin doors on a ship reminds me of the home room door decorating contests we had in high school. Just MHO, YMMV .
  13. Has the OP posted with updates about his health ? Certainly hope he/she is on the mend. As to cancelling a cruise, there are three words to remember, purchase trip insurance. NCL is not the only cruise line to refuse a refund for a passenger’s need to cancel after final payment has been made. It seems to be standing operating procedure across all lines. The airline was very considerate with giving a refund for the flights involved. Sometimes travel companies do the right thing. My husband collapsed on a flight about to take off from NY Florida. Realizing the situation, the airline refunded the fare. We were surprised, but grateful for that consideration because we did not think a refund was forthcoming.
  14. Thank you,Norris and Carol for another very interesting review in both words and photos. As others have posted ,we probably will not travel to Norway. Although, the photos of the places you visited there convey a lovely country to discover. London is one of our favorite cities. Your choice of hotel was exceptional both for its’ ambiance and location. The garden adjacent to the hotel must have been a bonus for Carol as I think that she enjoys visiting botanical gardens as do I. In life, timing can be everything. I am sure that if the London Opera season had begun, you would have enjoyed a performance at that lovely opera hall. Hopefully, you will have a opportunity to do so on a subsequent visit to London. My DH and I are looking forward to reading about your experiences sailing on the new Sky Princess this coming January. We were booked on a March 7th cruise on the Sky,but our vacation plans have changed due to an airline cancelling flights to Bermuda this month. We had to reconsider vacation plans which are now a Bermuda golf vacation in March( fingers crossed the flights don’t get cancelled again) and a cruise on the Sky at a future date TBD. Wishing you and Carol a happy holiday season with little snow and much cheer. See you on CC next year !
  15. Denny01 Thank you for taking the time tp post about your vacation. You had a fabulous itinerary ! The pre-cruise stay in England was quite interesting to read about as well as the TA. I did not expect the TA to include port stops in NYC,Boston, Bermuda and Nassau. You covered a lot of ground before finishing your trip in Florida ! I am pleased that you noted that Bermuda is not a Caribbean- like island.It is a lovely country that is located in the Atlantic Ocean,east of the Carolinas in the US. Many people are surprised that Bermuda is not in the Caribbean. It is far from a Caribbean- like Island both in geographic location and atmosphere. We have been traveling to Bermuda regularly since 1983. It is our vacation destination of choice,both with cruises and land stays. The sail away takes a long time as the ships sail past the coast of Bermuda from the Dockyard area to St. George’s, then out to sea. I am always glad of this because it gives us time to say good bye to a place we have come to consider a second home. Wishing you many Bon voyages in your future.
  16. I received the e mail today about this cruise. My immediate reaction was - no interest. I read the responses that LLP posted on this forum a few months ago in a thread that dealt with CC posters’ questions and concerns about the Celebrity ships. Her answers were totally in keeping with the company line ( as expected). Her tone seemed rote and distant,if in fact, she was truly writing responses or if it was a staff member assigned to the task . While a vacation with LLP or any cruise line/resort CEO would be the last vacation on my list, I would think it is also not a favorite of any CEO if that CEO was expected to interact with passengers/vacationers on that particular junket.
  17. The room service breakfast menu is similar to that on Princess. Thanks for the info.
  18. Sky Princess is the newest Princess ship. It has just started sailing, with the ship doing a transatlantic cruise to bring the ship to Ft Lauderdale for the Winter cruise season in the Caribbean. Since your cruise is not until December,2020, it may take some time to get a Roll Call really going. The Sky Princess is of the Royal Class of ship. My DH and I have been on the Regal Princess - a sister ship- twice. We enjoyed both cruise and found the ship to be lovely. The atrium,called the Piazza, is a large,multi deck area in the middle of the ship. Much entertainment goes on in this area during the day and evening. There is a coffee/ bakery called the International Cafe, several bars, a gelato place and a complimentary Italian restaurant ,Alfredo’s as well as shops located in this area. If you thought the chandelier in the atrium area of NCL ships ( Breakaway) was impressive, you will realize that there is no comparison to the Piazza area on the Princess ship !
  19. cruzeluver You have posted an interesting review of your recent cruise. While you noted that Carnival is not your first choice of a cruise line, I can understand your choice of this cruise as it sailed from your home port. Bermuda is a lovely place to visit and you seemed to have gotten so much out of the time you spent there. My DH and I have visited Bermuda thirteen times over the past thirty- five years. It is a a place of very kind,helpful and dignified people. Such a contrast to the fellow passengers on the cruise who you reported to have displayed boorish behavior. At the risk of irking some readers of this thread, I would like to suggest that the demographics you found on this cruise could be a case of you get what you pay for,IMHO. In the past, cruising was an expensive vacation that was reserved for people who could well afford such a vacation or saved for a good amount of time for a cruise of a lifetime. I recall seeing notices ,many years ago, in the New York Daily News of people who were going on a cruise. The notice was similar to a wedding announcement. The description of the person and the cruise they were taking was often accompanied by a photo of the person on the deck of the ship. The appearance of such newspaper notices shows how special a cruise vacation was about fifty years ago. Now, cruise fares are such on Carnival, many people can afford the fares. If you compare a seven day cruise on Carnival to other cruise lines, there are very affordable fares,especially for interior cabins and short cruises. The IDGOM individuals that you saw on the cruise are people who are taking advantage of these reasonable fares. Years ago,when fares were more expensive ,these people would have been priced out of such a vacation. Also,dress codes have dramatically changed in the last fifteen years or so. In the past, people were expected to come to dinner in a jacket and tie or cocktail dress. Dinner was in the MDR. There were no specialty restaurants and the buffet was not an option for dinner. Formal nights found the majority of passengers dressed in formal wear. Gentlemen wore tuxes or white dinner jackets and black trousers. Ladies wore gowns. Needing such articles of clothing would deter a number of people from considering a cruise vacation because such clothing was not part of their lifestyle. I may suggest that you select cruises on Princess or Celebrity. These are our preferred cruislines. People on these cruises generally are affable and well mannered. I have not seen t shirts with tacky sayings or those promoting a certain political or religious view on the cruises that we have taken. Our last being on the Celebrity Summit this past Summer. Generally people respect the dress code for dinner and do not come to the dining room wearing swimsuit cover-ups or rubber flip flops as you described in your post. You may also consider Azarama,Oceana or Regent for a more up-scale cruise experience. It is your vacation and you should be comfortable not only with the accommodations and amenities offered by the cruise line,but also with the fellow passengers that are sharing your cruise vacation.
  20. bnbeyer Is there any charge for breakfast room service on Carnival ships ? Just asking as I do not recall an additional fee on Princess ships and they are part of Carnival Corp as is Carnival. Although we do tip the delivery person a few dollars for the service. My DH enjoy getting hot coffee and breakfast items delivered to our cabin so we can enjoy breakfast on the balcony. It is a pleasant way to begin the day.
  21. Agree with many posters here. There are at least two Celebrity ads,or promos,everyday in my e mail. We are not interested in a Celebrity cruise at the moment due to a few land-based vacations planned for us during the next year and a half. But, ads appearing in frequent e mails is not only Celebrity’s doing. Lately, we have more commercial e mails than personal emails. Of course,this is due in part of our communication with family and friends via text instead of e mail. The idea of unsubscribing to these ads is a good idea. That is on my to-do list today.
  22. Single Cruiser Just an FYI- The Doug Out started posting a “live from Encore” 6 hours ago. it will be interesting to read two reviews about this TA. He is in the Haven with his wife. You will be reporting as a solo in a balcony cabin. There could very well be a tale of two TAs of the same ship on the NCL forum !
  23. vtcruising From your many previous posts concerning the Edge,you seem to be one of the passengers who enjoyed sailing on the ship. Your enthusiasm for the Edge does come through clearly in your posts. However, your first post in this thread seems to be balanced. It was good to see that you included the changes made to the Edge during the first year of the ship’s cruising and a list of changes that could possibly be made to improve the cruise experience on the ship. I have been reading bimmmer09 ‘s posts about a Norwegian cruise on the Shilouette. That is one of his favorite ships. However, he has mentioned that if there is a great degree of “Edgification” done to the Shilouette, he will no longer be interested in choosing a cruise on that ship. I feel the same way about the Summit which has already had a refreshment. While it was necessary, some changes ie: cabin/balcony furniture and general decor has left me to question any future cruises for us on the Summit. It seems that the new interior design model considers form over function,leaving sleek,uncomfortable furniture as replacement for comfortable,inviting pieces. IMHO, this is unfortunate. I have seen this design idea put into effect on the new Princess ship, Sky Princess where the Sanctuary area has been re-designed. Where there were once comfortable,plush loungers,there are now thin,stiff looking cushions on the chaises. Perhaps they are more comfortable than they look and I will be checking them out on a future Sky Princess Cruise, but I will try to be objective about the new designs created throughout the ship. While we have taken many cruise with Princess, I am not a cheerleader for that cruiseline. Just because something is new or innovative does not mean that it is always better. Neither, something new or innovative does not necessarily mean that it is awful.
  24. Princess used to put an anniversary sign on your cabin door and balloons near the top of the door entry way. These decorations were complimentary and enough for us when we celebrated our 25 anniversary in 2008. We were also given a celebration cake at dinner during the first formal night in the MDR. We did not request any of this,but it seemed to be automatically given to us because we indicated pre-cruise that we were celebrating an anniversary. This recognition may not be complimentary any longer,given that there are so many extra fee opportunities found on cruise ships now. If what I described seems to be something that will be enough to celebrate your anniversary, you could call Princess to check if the sign,balloons and cake are still being offered to passengers.
  25. My DH and I took an NCL cruise on the Breakaway from NYC to Bermuda. We are Platinum on Princess. I am noting this only to explain that we are quite used. to Princess and appreciate how they do cruises. The one good thing about Breakaway was that it took us to Bermuda . After this cruise,we took a Princess repositioning cruise from NYC to FtLauderdale. We were so very glad to return to Princess. No more NCL for us.
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