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  1. Exactly what we thought (we're going in May on the American Queen NOLA to Memphis). We thought it was 2 extra nights but nooooo. So we made our own arrangements for the 2 extra nights.
  2. Excerpt from article: "Lawless adds that, if continuing operations under Chapter 11, a company will usually seek authorization from the court to keep their commitments to their customers. In other industries, this has allowed retailers to continue to honor gift cards and service warrantees, even while bankrupt. For the cruise industry, it means your cruise line could continue to embark passengers, sail and even honor vouchers, while reorganizing through the courts. "It doesn't strictly follow the bankruptcy code, but the creditors involved want to get paid the most," says Lawle
  3. Here's an illuminating article about cruise lines going bankrupt. Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows them to continue operating so I'm less worried after reading this.... https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=5323
  4. Yes we also were concerned about that possibility, but we took a leap of faith and accepted our TAs offer of a future cruise credit for our aborted Mississippi River Cruise. I remain optimistic that things will open up and there will be a lot of pent-up demand and yes, maybe even MORE people will opt to river cruise within the US than go out to sea in the bigger ships, although I still hope to do both.
  5. Anybody going on this cruise? We just booked it, first time doing a River Cruise anywhere.
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