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  1. Just got an email from Carnival saying the embarkation time has been delayed by one hour for the Horizon. We had the first slot at 11:30. Anyone else have this happen to them and is this just a ploy to get people to come a little later so it's not a madhouse???
  2. laurierocs

    Luggage to airport via carnival

    Figures... we’re cruising out of Miami with a 2pm flight. Thanks
  3. ive been searching for hours now and decided to just ask... does carnival still offer the oprion to send your luggage to the airport at the end of the cruise. Thanks for any replies.
  4. laurierocs

    AARP Carnival Gift Card

    Would love to know when you see these again!!!!
  5. laurierocs

    Carnival Gift Cards

    I just called AARP because I couldn't find where you could purchase these discounted gift cards. The person I talked to had no idea what I was talking about and suggested I contact Expedia, their travel partner. I used to get all my discount cards from Verizon, but they stopped that program and I lost ALOT of points.
  6. laurierocs

    New to royal caribbean

    Thanks, I’ll look into those classes of ships. Right now I’m thinking allure...
  7. we’ve been sailing carnival for the past 20 Year’s. We’re going to try R,C, this time because the ships look so magnificent! Which ship do you all recommend for families, the child is 3 yrs old, the rest adults? We don’t care which itinerary, just want a great ship with water slides, water park stuff for 3 yr. old. Preferably 7 day. Thanks!
  8. laurierocs

    Carnival Paradise

    This may have been asked... are there hair dryers in the room? Also, is there a mini fridge? We are in an outside cabin. Thanks!
  9. laurierocs

    Royal Palms Beach Club at Grand Cayman?

    Thanks frequent floater. I guess I need to decide which is more important or reserve one and let them put us in one.
  10. laurierocs

    Royal Palms Beach Club at Grand Cayman?

    So, which beach cabana would be considered ideal? I can't tell by the schematic if 1,2 & 3 would be better than the ones set back a little. Thanks! Laurie
  11. Was at the Sheraton/Melia a couple years ago. Is the casino/hotel still next door?
  12. laurierocs

    Atlantis day passes

    majestic didn't list the atlantis aquadventure day pass.
  13. laurierocs

    Nassau segway excursion

    We did it 2 years ago. We are glad we did it! Would we do it again, probably not. For me, it was too much standing around being given a history lesson. They did send us loose for about 10 minutes in a field that was fun. I'd say do it at least one time!
  14. laurierocs

    Port Arrival 2PM - Where to Snorkel?

    Wow! Sounds exactly like what I'd like to do. Hopefully, someone will chime in.
  15. Great review! Do you have the email address for the maitr'd?