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  1. What??? We're not talking about a meal that was a little late coming to the table! We're not talking about how the elevators are slow. This is totally different. Can't you see the difference?
  2. That’s too bad. I had thought once all this pre-cruise crap was over with, everything would be good on the cruise.
  3. Hmm, yeah consider yourself lucky you're getting back 25% - you should send them a fruit basket with lots of love and thank you kisses.
  4. What??? An internet troll is a person who starts arguments or deliberately upsets people on the internet to cause ill feelings, mostly on off-topic messages. You're right, I've been here for 2 decades. How is that being a troll? I have not got a direct dog in this fight, but I have 2 friends who have been affected by this. Additionally, I cruise a lot and want to see how NCL addresses this (legitimate) concern from its passengers. Based on what I've seen thus far, I will definitely NOT cruise with NCL again unless they step up their customer service. Instead, it seems that they think they can just ignore everyone's complaints and it'll all pass.
  5. NCL: Is anyone from your customer service dept going to reply to these posts? You need to deal with this in a proper manner.
  6. Why should the insurance company pay this? It's unreasonable for NCL to do this. $300 for airfare changes? That's not enough, if someone is flying business class. And to go from 5 ports to 3, that's not why most people go to Europe. I hope that NCL does the reasonable thing and allow those who wish to cancel to get a full refund, and make them whole on airfare, too.
  7. I was on TripAdvisor and someone wanted to know the prices of laundry. I am posting the photos here. Felicia Le Lyrial prices.zip
  8. That's not the song. Well, it was what they sang, but they sang another one and that's the one I can't remember. Oh well, I guess I have to let it go, since I can't remember anything about it. Orrrrr, I could just book another cruise. <G>
  9. Thanks! That wasn't the song, but I've just forgotten any of the lyrics to even try to figure it out. I appreciate your idea, though. I really like that song, by the way and I bet it was great when it was done in that manner on the last night.
  10. I hope someone can tell me the names of the songs played in the dining room that the dining room waiters danced to. I can’t remember the words to even help! Well, one was the version of “Leaving on a jet plane” so it’s not that one. I’d know it if I heard it. Thanks in advance!
  11. I hope I’m not too late in replying. I have done many CTs and this one was not good. The food itself was good and plentiful, but an hour standing in the galley before the sit down portion was really hard, especially after a busy day in port. Everyone also agreed that the Sous Chef was extremely difficult to understand. Last of all, you get one glass of wine. The other CTs I’ve done had wine pairings. That was disappointing.
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