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  1. Based in Ireland and I called about this a few weeks ago, we booked 6 weeks out due to a lst minute enforced change of plans but then at 4 weeks out it dropped by $800 for the room. Called and nothing she could do except "make our room nicer". So we have nicer pillows and some desserts on arrival.
  2. Thank for your help. I wouldn't have looked into a private tour as I would have assumed it was too expensive. But this gives us the both of best world, we can see some things we want to see and keep the kids entertained for a while too
  3. We haven't used them yet but we have booked them for our upcoming cruise. They have been responsive and fine to deal with. We arrive 1 day pre--cruise they are going to store our bags overnight, and bring them to the ship and then collect them and bring them back to the airport as our flight departs at 3 in the afternoon. We decided to use them so we can just land and hop on a train to central Copenhagen with 2 smallies.
  4. Thanks everyone for your hep. We wanted separate tour as we felt it would be too long for the 3.5 year old to do a full on half day you so we booked the NCL tour with minimal walking but they would get to see St Petereburg also. I have been emailing Ulko Tours (Red October I think?) and I have sorted a private tour that actually incorporates kids and us for 5 or 6 hours yet to decide which to do. 1 hour metro tour, 2 hours in Matryosi Doll Museum where the girls can paint the Russian Dolls which they will love and either a one or two hour walking tour, I would prefer two OH thinks
  5. View some the city’s most architecturally and culturally important landmarks during a panoramic drive, and enjoy approximately 2-hours of free time to explore Nevsky Prospekt and surroundings, on your own. Enjoy a panoramic tour of St. Petersburg, the grand city that Peter the Great founded on the Neva River in 1703. Cultural, historical and architectural landmarks abound, and you will see many of the most significant examples. While pausing for photos at the Spit of Vasilievsky Island, you will enjoy a marvelous view of the riverside Rostral Columns, which served
  6. Thanks John. The NCL tour is only 4 hours long its called PANORAMIC ST. PETERSBURG & LEISURE. I'll post a summary of the tour in a separate post. TBH its only so our daughters can get off the ship one of the two days in St. Petersburg as we have two sea days after this. They are 3.5 and 7 so attention span won't be great. I have looked at a lot of the tour operators mentioned above but I can't find a tour similar to these on their websites. We may just need to bin them and take the traditional tours. We were just looking for something a bit different. But if its no
  7. We are travelling to St Petersburg at the end of August on NCL Getaway. We have booked one tour with NCL but OH would like to do another one. I have read so much conflicting evidence about Visa's He has narrowed it down to one of two Viator tours 1) A metro tour https://www.viator.com/tours/St-Petersburg/St-Petersburg-Metro-Tour/d908-176018P1 This picks you up at the cruise port but drops you at Admiralteyskaya Station, St Petersburg, Russia, 191186 would this be an issue? Do you have to be dropped to the port.
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