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  1. This! My sister and I cruise to see the different places without having to pack and unpack. We find sea days boring.
  2. Regal Princess-12 night Baltic Cruise-Aug 17, 2019
  3. My sister and I had a June British Isles cruise booked on the Regal but we canceled that and also rebooked for the Sept 25th cruise. But we decided this week to cancel that one too. We just felt that until they know how to better treat this virus and maybe get a vaccine that we really don't want to be on a cruise ship this year And who knows if the Regal will even be able to get over there with the current no sail orders. They won't be able to sail from the US if the CDC extends it again.
  4. My sister and I had a British Isles cruise booked for late June. We decided to reschedule it for late September. We decided today that until they can get this virus under control and have some way to better treat it that even September sounded risky, so we cancelled it. My Princess Rep really tried to talk me into booking a cruise for next year but no way would I commit to that right now. Hope everything gets better by next year as we always look forward to cruising.
  5. Sunset on our Baltic Cruise last August on the Regal.
  6. Sailing into Istanbul on the Island Princess
  7. It says you will get 260 pp if cancelled by April 20. If you make your final payment due April 19th and you cancel by May 20th you will get 50% of your cruise fare back. And so forth based on the other dates.
  8. Did you get a deposit confirmation when you paid your deposit? At the bottom of that it has a cancellation schedule. It should tell you what dates you need to meet to get anything back.
  9. I cancelled an end of June trip last week and got my full deposit credited back to my credit card. As someone else said it depends on if your deposit was refundable or not. I was surprised to see that credit on my credit card the same day as my Princess planner said it could take a few weeks to show up.
  10. There was a paid shuttle in Belfast. I don't remember the cost. It drops you off in front of the tourist office. AT South Queensferry we took the X99 Cruiselink bus to downtown. Only about 9 pounds roundtrip. They drop you ar St Andrews Square. Google X99 Cruiselink for info. I am assuming they will run again this year.
  11. 4. I think number of seats depends on your muster station. Our muster station on the Regal was in the Art gallery and there were probably 2 chairs sit in. Our cabin was on the Lido deck.
  12. Thanks everyone for the replies. We'll ask and see what happens. You are right. It never hurts to ask.
  13. I thought I had seen this topic before but couldn't find it again. Our cruise included 2 free bottles of wine. My sister and I don't drink wine and I understand you get vouchers for this perk. I thought I had read that it is possible to exchange these vouchers for water or soda. Has anyone successfully done this and what was the process? We are sailing on the Regal to the British Isles if that makes a difference. Thanks for your input.
  14. We also sailed on the Regal Princess last August. Set dining times were at 5:30 and 7:45. Except on the first night in St Petersburg and in Warnemunde. There was open seating from 5:45 to 9:30 in the Allegro dining room that is normally traditional seating. Show times for the Production shows were at 8 and 10. Except in Helsinki, St Petersburg( the first night) and in Tallin when the shows were at 7 and 9. These shows were the Beatlemaniacs, a Folkloric show and the comedian.
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