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  1. suekay

    Miami Brickell Area - Post Cruise

    I asked my question before reading the following posts
  2. suekay

    Change beverage package

    I tried to do this on Silhouette but was refused. I had to downgrade to a classic non alcohol package then pay to upgrade to the premium. Needless to say, I didn't bother
  3. suekay

    Ship or Itinerary?

    Itinerary, price, ship.....every time
  4. We've stayed in 3114 on both Millenium and Constellation and love that block of cabins with the large windows. Better view than a balcony cabin, quiet and close to most venues
  5. suekay

    Late Flight After Disembarkation

    There's a baggage storage office in Piazzale Roma next to the people mover. We left our bags there while wandering round Venice then took the ATVO bus from Piazzale Roma to the airport. I hope I can post a link but am struggling using my phone on the new Cruisecritic site https://quickvenice.com/more/luggage.htm
  6. suekay

    Off in Rome; on in Naples?

    We did the same in Vietnam. Left the ship in Phu My and re-joined 2 days later in Danang. We did have to get approval by email before the cruise. I can't remember if there was a charge
  7. suekay

    Can't login via Tapatalk

    Tapatalk was so much more user friendly.
  8. suekay

    Rome flight time?

    We've 3 shared private transfers from Civitavecchia with others from our roll calls and never had a problem making our 11.30am flights. Most of the others were flying to the US and made earlier flights without any stress, so 1.30pm flight will cause no problem barring major unforeseen circumstances Sent from my SM-T550 using Forums mobile app
  9. Why so sarcastic? The op was asking a reasonable question Sent from my SM-T550 using Forums mobile app
  10. I've recently been advised by wild Lime Adventures that they can pick us up at Port Everglades post cruise, take us on a half day tour of the Everglades then drop us off at our Miami downtown hotel at no extra cost. I'm sure they could do something similar pre cruise
  11. suekay

    What to Do in FLL post cruise

    That's really helpful. Thank you so much for posting
  12. suekay

    Las Olas Art festival

    Thank you. That's very reassuring as I was beginning to regret jumping for a non-refundable room
  13. suekay


    My memory must be faulty saying check- in was 3pm. I do remember that many people arrived back at the official check in time and there was quite a queue. I thought it would have been better to process the paperwork as people arrived at different times earlier in the day, even if they couldn't access their room until the official time. This was the only negative point about the hotel though Sent from my SM-T550 using Forums mobile app
  14. suekay


    Another vote for hotel Lleo just round the corner from Las Ramblas. Lower end of budget compared to other. Check in is strictly 3pm but they had luggage storage and allowed us to use the rooftop pool while waiting. Alternatively Hotel Continental balcony rooms to people watch on Las Rambles (can be noisy at night)
  15. suekay

    Las Olas Art festival

    After booking a non-refundable rate at the Riverside hotel, I found out that it's the art festival the weekend we are staying there. Is it likely to impact our stay? I believe the road is closed off and the restaurants are very busy. We planned on getting the sun trolley to the beach area. Does anyone know if is still runs a different route?