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  1. Thank you, most helpful. We fly this weekend too (from Manchester)
  2. We usually book cruise only, but in view of the current situation have booked a fly-cruise package direct with RCCL for the first time. Very few details available so I'm wondering if any recent cruisers can help. What is the luggage allowance ? Is it possible to per-book seats on the plane, and if so, how? Can you check in for the flight online? Thanks for any help
  3. Just printed off our Jewel setsail pass and noticed a change of cabin, so my Royal Up bid must have been accepted. I bid £60 ($83) to go from a basic balcony to a spacious ocean view balcony and have been allocated 7674 aft cabin with large balcony and sunbeds. Woo hoo!!!
  4. If we book pre-cruise and pay for both in advance, is the "free" one refunded onboard by way of obc? TIA
  5. And yet another price drop leading to more obc. If you're on Jewel sailing from Cyprus you really need to check out the latest prices
  6. The Diamond Plus number is still current 0800 240 4261. I phoned a few weeks ago and the call was answered almost immediately, but calling today the wait was an hour and forty minutes. Worth it though to get a further substantial obc following a price drop.
  7. If you booked through the UK it isn't usually possible to change the allocated cabin
  8. Great review - thank you. I'm going on Britannia for the first time in December, although I;ve been on many other cruises, so your review was really helpful
  9. More discounts on this cruise. As it's past final payment date we've been given $301 OBC on our lowest grade balcony cabin
  10. Thanks for the explanation and thanks too for the reminder. I'd forgotten about the cruise and need to inform Royal Caribbean by 31st July that we prefer to cancel and get a refund of the deposit.
  11. I did apply and heard within days that the obc had been applied to my cruise. Apologies for the delay in thanking everyone......some thieving towrag broke into my house, took the car keys and stole my car last week, so I've been a bit pre-occupied
  12. I didn't realise that shareholder benefit is now combinable. We sold our shares when it proved virtually impossible to get the OBC as most fares seemed to be on promo/have other OBC. Might take a look at buying more. I don't know the current valuation as we bought our last lot for about $6 and sold at a profit
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