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  1. I understand both sides of this situation but if someone goes above and beyond the job, then they deserve a tip. What gets me is the people at fast food restaurants or take out where they have a tip cup for turning around at the counter and passing you a coffee or bringing your take out to the front of the restaurant. These things really burn me and I won't tip them on principle. They are doing their job nothing more and I find it insulting to workers who do deserve to be tipped. If someone is really good at their job at service, they should always be tipped. Not just for doing what they are supposed to. On the porters, how do you know they aren't just someone pretending to take your luggage? Do they wear uniforms or work in a professional area? I have never cruised before so I wouldn't know. Peaches
  2. Thanks for all the cabin info. It will help on our next cruise! Really helpful!
  3. Great pictures! Are "hump" cabins good or bad? I am sailing the Freedom of the Seas and we are in a cabin 4th or 5th from the front of the ship. This is our first cruise and really didn't know what the good cabins are to get. Can you tell me anything about it? Thanks for the help!~
  4. Hey Great videos! I loved seeing the cabin. You did a really nice job!
  5. Thanks IRL Joanie, Nice of you to send all the ship info. We have finally decided on Rc Freedom in caribbean but I do appreciate your infor! Thanks again. Peaches
  6. Hey Thanks AZnative2000 for the information and the great picture! That is really an excellent shot. We have finally settled on RC Freedom for a caribbean cruise in Oct. I am very excited and can only imagine all the fun it will be. A bit nervous as I am not a boat person but hopefully I won't have any seasicknes (fingers crossed) we did get a cabin in the front of the ship on deck 8. I know midship is best but I am hoping it won't be too much for me. Thanks for your help and if you can think of anything for a first cruiser, would love to hear! Thanks, peaches
  7. Hi New to cruises and not sure which deck to pick a deluxe verandah cabin on the Holland America Line Zuiderdam? I have been told to pick a deck higher up but to be careful about being under the dining or bar or gym areas. Also are the balconies different on different decks? We need the bigger room because my husband is a bit claustrophobic. Not sure how to pick a good deck or where on it to get a cabin. Also does the Zuiderdam have a soda or wine plan. Any information about the ship and your experiences, good and bad are appreciated. We are planning on the Oct Panama Canal trip for our 10 th anniversary! Thanks! Pattie
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