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  1. I recently made 4 * with HAL. Thinking I should venture out and try something new. I think HAL sailing to the Caribbean is stagnant with the same ports I would like to change it up. I am hoping for better entertainment. It looks like Celebrity has more stuff to do on board.
  2. I am thinking of trying Celebrity next year after years of being with HAL. I am trying to understand the difference in pricing between the two cruise lines and having difficulty trying to figure out why there is a wide gap in pricing. ie Celebrity $1179 Ocean view vs HAL $720 or Celebrity $1499 Veranda vs HAL $792 Looking at Edge March 22 vs. Nieuw Statendam March 23 Eastern Carib March What is it that really makes Celebrity stand out besides a bit younger crowd? What am I not seeing? Any tips and advice you can give me would be appreciated. Tim
  3. By reading the Shareholder Benefits, if you still want dividends you can have CUK stock and still get the benefits Carnival Corporation (NYSE:CCL) stock is about to trade ex-dividend in 3 days time. You will need to purchase shares before the 22nd of August to receive the dividend, which will be paid on the 13th of September. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/carnival-corporation-nyse-ccl-goes-124017411.html
  4. Any 4★ know what the discounts are for the Greenhouse Spa & Salon? Never got any info when I was 3★. I guess I was always waiting for the flyer that said, we have a special offer for you Mr. 3★ but then again, I never asked 😞 I just use the Thermal Spa package. Just was curious. Tim
  5. That is very vague. Please share what happened with your experience with the Captain.
  6. Seems like there are specials all year long. Now I want to book a cruise for March and there are no specials UGG. Hope they have something coming out for end of year or New Years . For our Mariners who track the specials, do you remember seeing deals for end of the year and start of the new year?
  7. I am thinking of putting it on hold. We have a bit of time to see what happens with other rooms. I will keep checking back with my PCC. Thanks for the input. Tim
  8. Has anyone had 4 people 2 adults and 2 kids in a Vista Suite? I would do Signature or Neptune but that is not available for 4 guest at this time. Hoping things will change.
  9. Just looking for feedback from anyone who has done the Signature Experience in Rome. Heard 1 time they had dinner waiting for everyone. Is that still happening? Love to hear your feedback. Thanks, Tim
  10. Have you been in Suite 4184 the aft-wrap around? If so, your thoughts.
  11. Yes I will tip . They are providing a service. Don't hate on them for having a contract that pays them a good wage. Anyone who lifts my bags from hotel drivers, to curb side check in porters they all get tips.
  12. Did your upsell offer come exactly 30 days before your sailing or how many days?
  13. Koningsdam Dining Questions. What are your thoughts/experience on Dinner at the Culinary Arts Center, Sel de mer and Taste of De Librije or BLEND? Thanks for your input.
  14. Just a quick question about transportation from Rome to Civitavecchia. If you were to take the bus that HAL provides, did you get any type of special services when checking in as having a special check in counter at the port or did you have to wait in line with everyone else? If you had to do it again, would you take the train or taxi to the port earlier in the morning so you could either walk around or shop for any last minute needed items? Any tips or good info you have to share is greatly appreciated. Tim
  15. Anyone having issues or heard of issues on the current Rotterdam sailing of the 14 day North Cap that departed May 19th departing from Rotterdam?
  16. To get to your Mariner Account. Log in Click on ALREADY BOOKED Click on MY ACCOUNT left hand side of the drop down menu Click on MY MARINER STATUS
  17. Having trouble finding the Mariner page. Do you know where it was moved to?
  18. If you have a tour company you like for personalized tours in Athens Greece, please send me your recommendation(s). Also need tour company for Dubrovnik. — looking for recommendations.
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