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  1. So sorry to hear about StLouisCruisers MIL.85% on a pulse oximeter is not a good reading. I am glad the staff kept her on 02. I hope things are better today. I had a good laugh about 42 degrees being chilly. I know it is all in perspective but it was 45 degrees here yesterday and dog walking was lovely,jacket open,no gloves or hat. My MIL used to come to NY to visit and wear a sweater in June while the rest of us were sweating. Terry
  2. Thanks for the meal suggestions. I find myself getting really tired of the "what are we eating " routine. I went to my "ice cave" and found both sausages and pierogi and will make a casserole today. Thanks to Ger77 for the idea. My finds were way down at the bottom of the freezer. Take care everyone. Terry
  3. Thank you @rafinmd for posting the link to the video. And thanks again to all for the pet,plant and travel pictures. It is always fun to read the Daily. Terry
  4. The other day I saw my DH look exactly like Kazu's cartoon while he and the dog looked out the window from our couch. Now if he starts barking.....
  5. Hello Kirk NC, The folks who resisted vaccinations were staff and it was a cultural bias I believe. Eventually all staff had to comply in order to stay employed for which the rest of us were grateful. I have nurses,doctors and police officers in my family working the front line daily and I am happy to say by last Friday everyone received the vaccine. My dear brother even sent me a picture!
  6. I am a retired Physical Therapist and in New York state it was a job requirement to be vaccinated especially for the flu if you worked in a long term care facility. Even years ago there were people who resisted this and I found it so frustrating. Every winter we had long periods of time where nursing units were on lockdown due to outbreaks. I am still in touch with former co workers who have described how difficult it is now for our nursing home residents. The isolation is so hard.
  7. Happy Birthday to Sam! And Jacqui I loved looking at your Prinsendam suite pictures. The last time we were on her, in 2018 my brother and SIL had a suite and I am ashamed to say I contracted full blown sibling envy syndrome. DH and I had a lovely ocean view with the walk in closet so there was no real reason for such a reaction. Thank you so much for the pictures.
  8. @kazu and VictOriann, I too have those dishes and love to see the beautiful food displays on them. My OCD forces me to line up the plates so that the flying birds are on the top. Yes, I am one of those.....
  9. Happy New Year to all. Dinner today will be a repeat of the successful lasagna I made DD and SIL for Thanksgiving. We live side by side in a 2 family house and have been each other's support for this long last year. The wonders of technology will bring us other family members later today. It was a beautiful sunrise over the hills of my city this morning but the weather person promises a "wintry mix" for later.
  10. I frequently take to the snow versus the sidewalk in our hilly city while dog walking. It is challenging not to encounter ice patches,even where things look clear. Maybe the Amazon guy had a bad experience a few stops before.
  11. Good morning to all. We await the snow storm here and hope the power holds. Thanks to Ger77 for the smashed crispy potato idea. I will make that tonight to go with the pork loin bubbling in the crock pot.
  12. My close friend and I were trying to remember the layers in another 70's hit, 7 layer salad. I will have to ask her if she remembers Watergate salad. She has a better memory!
  13. Good morning to all. My fifties mom made ambrosia for family gatherings and it was a big hit. I just looked up the ingredients and of course they are not in the cupboard. Best wishes for a good day and I appreciate all of the posts every day.Thanks.
  14. Roy, I was reminded by your post not to procrastinate any longer and get the second Shingles shot. I had the second Pneumonia shot 10 days ago and still have a sore arm. We have tried(DH and myself) to keep our BP in check by not watching the news on TV. We do read the papers online but somehow that is less visceral. We have also escaped our present reality with the help of Star Trek. There is a new series called "Discovery" that I really enjoy.
  15. I very much miss my red hair but do have the pleasure of seeing the exact same shade on my grandsons' head. My DH and I tried grits a few times when our son was in college in the South but maybe we didn't have the real experience.
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