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  1. Good morning and thanks for the Daily, Rich. Thanks also for the lists,quotes and the wonderful food and beverage department. I love cheesecake but should not eat it and I had a really nice father in law. Roy is correct. This thread celebrates international friendship every day and is a bright spot for me. We have been to Skagway a few times and I will look for pictures. Enjoy the day everyone, but please be careful Terry
  2. @cat shepard, I hope all goes well with the Ortho Doc. I am very much enjoying your trip report and am so glad you were able to carry on in spite of the injury. @kazu, thank you for the beautiful pictures of your lovely garden. I hope the news improves for your friends' husband. @Horizon chaser 1957, I think your fabric work is just beautiful and hope you can forget about the "negative Nellies" that upset you. I would be an Etsy customer for sure! @mamaofami, I am so glad Sam has progre
  3. Good morning everyone. I realized the other day that I had worn no makeup,including lipstick for a very long time. We are back to wearing masks inside so that will continue. Yesterday was so sad for us as Camilla once again had difficulty with her heart rate and her discharge was canceled. The Docs feel that she will eventually "outgrow " this as she gets to her original due date. My niece sent this picture last night.Camilla looks irate!
  4. @Sharon in AZ, Camilla was 4 weeks old on Sunday Terry
  5. @atexsix,I am so sorry for your loss.It is so sudden and tragic. Terry
  6. @kazu,so sorry to hear about your friends ' husband and the husband of @Hflors.Prayers to all and to you. Thanks for you kind words for our Camilla as well.It means a lot. Terry
  7. Good morning everyone. It is a great collection of days and all are to be celebrated. I will have to find the Bob Marley tune, thanks @jimgev! @dfish, I hope the new pool works out. I would not find loud blaring music conducive to exercise either. Thank you for another good recipe. I might try it in the Instapot and see how it goes. We have our fingers and toes crossed that Miss Camilla will be able to go home as it is scheduled for today. My niece took a few weeks off from work to help the new mom. She
  8. I so appreciate your unfortunate understanding of the condition from personal experience. Tana is a nurse and knows all too well what the situation can be like. We are all trying hard to be hopeful but she is really having a rough time right now.thank you.
  9. Good morning. It looks as if we will have a hot day here but so far it is not hazy. I spoke to DS in New Hampshire last night and he said the skies are very hazy from the fires out west. We had a little of that last week but it blew away with several thunderstorms. It is a good collection of days and a good quote. The recipe looks good but will be tried another day. I did make the vegetarian lasagna from the recipe yesterday and NO ONE knew they had tofu! It was delicious. We only had a small am
  10. Good morning! We had a corker of a thunderstorm last night which set all the neighborhood dogs to barking after a close hit. The two residing in my house had a bark fest and then placed themselves on either side of our bed to "Guard" us. The storm did nothing to reduce the humidity but the temps are in the 70's so far this morning. The recipe looks interesting and I will try it when it is a better day to have the oven on. I like the idea of surprising the family with tofu instead of ricotta.
  11. Good morning to all. We have a rainy day here with cooler temperatures. Thanks for the Daily,Rich and thank you Roy @rafinmd, for both lists. The family is appreciative of the good wishes for our two "fighting" women . Our Tana is struggling but DD was able to visit her briefly and give a full report about her son. Almost teenagers eat a lot and he seems to appreciate our cooking. He took both dogs walking in the neighborhood and was amazed at the number of people who know my Fred by name and stop and chat. The two do
  12. Good morning to all. I add my thanks to Debbie @dfish,for the recipe. I just need some mushrooms and that will be dinner tonight. I salute my cousins and Amelia Earhart. I will salute cowboys as well but I am afraid the only one I ever saw in person is the "Naked Cowboy" in Times Square. I wonder if he is back on his corner. The Julie Andrew quote is a good one I look forward to pictures of the port in Norway. @USN59-79, I hope you had a wonderful celebration yesterday of your good news from the oncol
  13. Camilla now weighs 6 pounds and may go home tomorrow!Her Mom stayed overnight the last two nights to get used to her feeding schedule.
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