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  1. @Vict0riann,My hair was still red when we were in that port and the tour guide/driver said one of the vendors wanted to touch it.I declined!
  2. Good morning to all.I will salute artists but take a pass on the other days and the meal.It is grey and gloomy here today with a lot of rain expected. I have yet to come up with a good plan for dinner. We were in Tunisia at this port shortly after it was declared liberated.It was exciting to hear people in the street talking about the expected changes,short lived as they were.We went to a bazaar and to see tiles. I was offered an elephant ride but he seemed way too tall to me! Terry
  3. @Overhead Fred I join in the Happy Birthday wishes.Please let the many 67 year Olds on this thread know what 68 is like!
  4. @Redbird54,I hope the retest is negative and that surgery can proceed. @erewhon,Our Camilla is 9 pounds and is wearing 3 month sizes this week.The PT has said she is improving developmentally but is a little behind .I would love to see her in person soon!Thanks for asking.
  5. Good morning to all and thanks for the Daily.I had a lovely mother in law.We always say my husband's good nature came from her.I salute the UN but will pass on the bologna. @Seasick Sailor,A very Happy Anniversary to you both. @kazu I loved the memes today thanks as usual I might pick up a pork loin for "Sunday Dinner".I will need a vegetarian alternative as well,maybe a leek,bean and rice dish I was going to try.Thanks @dfish for your suggestions every day. I look forward to seeing pictures of Santorini. Terry
  6. Good morning everyone. I truly believe we all can make a difference and I promise to get my numerous moles looked at soon in honor of their day.I am not much for talk shows or their hosts. I make a salmon recipe with brown sugar and mustard that is quite tasty.That might be a good idea for tonight as there is some salmon in the freezer. We have been twice to Barcelona and had a great time.We toured everything Gaudi for two days.Stepping into the Sagrada Familia was an incredible experience. I can't describe the feeling but the interior was fascinating. We also had some great meals there including paella. My ancient car is coming back to me this morning after a small ransom is paid.Hooray! A picture of Camilla with her pretty eyes came last night...
  7. Good morning everyone. Just thinking about John Cleese makes me want to laugh.I love all kinds of nuts.Even though one half of me us Irish I have always heartily disliked corned beef so I will pass on the meal. My elderly Subaru is diagnosed with transmission wire problems and we await the parts.I was able to borrow DSIL's car to perform transport chores today. It is a busy day with 2 appointments for Tana. I have not been to the port and look forward to pictures. Terry
  8. @dfish,Debbie Thank you so much.I told my niece about the group adopting the baby and we were both crying over the phone with happy tears. The goodwill and love from all of you is apparent.
  9. @Quartzsite Cruiser I am so sorry about your friend and neighbor.It is a difficult job to tell others such sad news. My DSIL(great grandma) just sent Camilla picture to me with eyes actually open
  10. @ger_77,I am so sorry to hear about your friend and your relative also. I hope you get some rest later today.It is terrible to get news like that and not be able to be there.
  11. Good morning everyone. I am able to post and react on my IPad today so things must be in better shape in CC land. @mamaofami,I am glad the tests were negative for Sam but it sounded like a harrowing night.I am glad you had help. @grapau27,I was so sorry to hear about the need for the upcoming procedure and the long wait.Waiting is so difficult. @JAM37,I hope your family feels completely better soon and that the two year old has a good day.They are very busy at that age. @rafinmd,I hope the treatment is easily tolerated.So sorry you have to go through this. Yesterday my car died just when we got to DH’s MD appointment in the afternoon.Thank goodness it was not earlier when I had Tana and her portable O2 in the car as it was smoking when I pulled into the parking lot.I don’t know the status yet but it is an older car.DSIL came to rescue us which was the second piece of good fortune. I often feel that I am babbling these days.I will skip the recipe today.We have not been to the port and love the pictures so far. Terry
  12. @rafinmd,Roy,I am sorry to hear of the need for radiation but I am glad that it is not emergent.Sending prayers.
  13. Good morning everyone. I am waiting in the car while Tana has some tests done at the radiology department.I was so worried about the 8 am appointment that I woke up at 3!Yikes. I salute all the hard working waiters and chefs today.We are still reticent to eat inside around here as the area is so highly populated and we know there are folks who are not vaccinated around us. I am always happy to get takeout though. The baked spaghetti was popular last night,thanks again @dfish,Debbie.Tonight I have vegetarian chili on the menu. Take care everyone. Terry
  14. @Heartgrove,my Cockapoo Fred sleeps that way also.It always makes me laugh!
  15. Good morning everyone. Today I wore a puffy jacket as it was only 42 and breezy during the morning dog walk. My fellow pedestrians looked the same.The heat was on overnight.Oh my.Fall has arrived. I join the others here who have been evaluating their lives during this time. I think it has made me realize that each day is a gift.I knew that before but feel much more focused now. @dfish,I will make the recipe tonight as I am back to cooking for 6.If I leave out the sausage it will make everyone happy.Thank you! We have not been to the port and look forward to the pictures. Terry
  16. @mamaofami,Your situation is quite a dilemma. I am so sorry. @kazu,The pictures are a joy to see!Please continue. I have gone back to my driving duties as our Tana has had some respiratory issues lately and is not well enough to drive.Once I get her safely inside I wait in the car to hear from her.We are all masked if course but there are a lot of ill people going to this pulmonologist. Today we are visiting two different offices.
  17. Good morning everyone. Meatloaf day will make DH very happy and is an easy fix.I like the garlic shrimp recipe also.Maybe both! We have not been to the port and look forward to pictures. DH has had a beard in the past but now just has the mustache.Beards are interesting in their great variety. Happy Birthday @Seasick Sailor ! It feels almost like fall here today with jackets required. Lots of leaves on the ground. Terry
  18. @cunnorl So sorry to hear your sister's news.As I am sure you know Dana Farber is the best place to find help on the east coast.They helped my brother so much and gave us more time with him.The staff is just superb. Sending prayers your way for all of you.
  19. @JazzyV, thanks but I share the birth year.I was born in January so I have tried out 67 for 10 months!
  20. @JAM37 I am so sorry to hear about the family and the Covid situation. Hopefully the cases will be mild. @St.Louis Sal,congrats on your well deserved honor.
  21. @Seasick Sailor,Happy Birthday tomorrow!I also share your birth year. The party you had looked like a lot of fun. It is cool here today and a real jacket was required for dog walking earlier. I am celebrating pasta day with a spinach lasagna. My ex was forgiven many years ago .I would love to visit the port of the day but will be content to look at pictures. Have a wonderful day everyone. Terry
  22. Good morning. I salute the days and will try the recipe as soon as I soak and cook my beans. Cats are always celebrated in this house. We have not been to the port of the day. @St.Louis Sal,I am so sorry about your support group friend. It is warm and muggy now and we expect storms and cooler air later. The family dinner last night was a lot of fun.I got a little teary(with gratitude) when I heard everyone laughing at one of DH's corny jokes. Life is an incredible journey with many twists and turns,right? Terry
  23. Good morning to all.What a large collection of days and so much to celebrate. I have tried not to be a grouch but it has been a challenge lately.I have had mostly good bosses and hope I was a good one as well. I have not been to the port and like the looks of the recipe.DD and I enjoy salmon,the others are not enthused.Tonight I will have all six of us for ravioli from our favorite pasta shop.Easy! DD sent me a picture of her black cat in her Halloween house.Everyone decorates around here...... Terry
  24. Thanks Sandi @StLouisCruisers,for showing us the rest of the family on that trip.It is so nice to see.And they sure do grow fast. DS,DDIL and DGC in May
  25. @StLouisCruisers,beautiful picture of you and the family and the beach!
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