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  1. Yes you must move forward with a positive attitude.Those of us that enjoy cruising will be able to cruise again when things get sorted.
  2. Hi all I have cancelled our b2b cruises for Europe in July and booked one in Australia for January using my fcc from my deposit to book and will apply the fcc from the second cruise when that turns up in a couple of weeks or 6 . My question is what will happen if that cruise is cancelled by Celebrity will I be able to forward those fcc amounts on to another cruise. I thought I read some where you could only use fcc once or is that not the case with this covid-19 scenario.
  3. Thank you Celebrity today I cancelled my two cruises to the Baltic and the Med B2B July and re booked to cruise out of Melbourne new years.I had payed my non refundable deposit for both they used one for the deposit and will apply the second to that when is comes available as FCC. I was very happy with how easy this was.He did let me know it would take about 4 to 5 weeks for FCC to show.
  4. ok cool thanks did not pick up on that I will have to listen a little harder
  5. Hi where did you get the information about our government not expecting to open borders this year or as long as 18 months.
  6. Hi all we have a B2B in July and August and would be surprised if they sail or even if we could fly to Europe by then.
  7. Any word on Radiance of the sea
  8. Well said I had this same conversation with my wife.
  9. rte

    Hair Salon

    Thank you all very much for your replies
  10. rte

    Hair Salon

    Hi all I was thinking of shouting my wife a hair cut on board our next cruise as we are doing a B2B Baltic and Med cruise in July and thought being away from home for 2 months she would need a hair cut. Nothing shows up on the planner and I was wandering if it ever would. Just trying to get and idea of a price. She would need a colour and cut This is how we spell color in New Zealand
  11. Hi all I noticed on our last 4 or 5 cruises on Royal there did not seem to be a lot of people using the main dinning for dinner. On our next cruise with Celebrity we are cruising the Baltic and the Med on Silhouette and was wandering if we should get a table for 2 or try our luck at a bigger table,but from what I saw on Royal we would have spent most nights alone. My question is do you think table mates are more likely to use the main dinning room on this type of cruise.
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