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  1. We were booked on the Discovery NYE cruise. I feel like the fare was much more expensive due to it being a new ship. Now that they have put in the much older Regal, I am wondering if the fare will be adjusted. We've been on the Regal before and it's a nice ship but it certainly isn't the brand new Discovery. Thoughts?
  2. Just was checking the price on our December Discovery cruise. The website has no cruises on Discovery available until March of 2022. Oh well, maybe we will look at another ship or line. Princess is good with having refundable deposits.
  3. I believe they will. We had a cruise booked for this summer with friends so that we got the referral credit from them. We ended up cancelling that cruise. We all ended up booking a cruise for next summer and all 4 of us have the credit for that cruise.
  4. Evidently they knew the cruise was going to be cancelled because we were offered the 20% off and the 25% credit in advance of our cruise being cancelled. I agree don't just cancel in advance if you don't have an offer from NCL
  5. We had an Alaska cruise booked for July. Prior to them cancelling the cruise, under the Peace of Mind, we could have gotten the same FCC but no refund right away. Once the cruise was cancelled we had our FCC the next day. If you plan on rebooking through NCL I would cancel myself and pick the new cruise. For us they were offering the 20% off the future cruise and the extra 25%. I would make the phone call to NCL.
  6. It is the length of time for us. They are able to promptly take our money a full 120 days before the cruise. They had temporarily changed this to 90 days and did not inform us it was changed back. We were caught having to make the decision to pay or not with only 24 hours. Also, the fact that they are lagging in cancelling cruises that they knew were not going to sail. It seems they are just using all of their passengers as lending institution. We were concerned whether or not we would get the money but that is minor now. I have just found NCL's entire response in all of this quit
  7. From what I understand, sometime around the beginning of May I have an email from our PCC that they were addressing the insurance payments since everyone was complaining. Originally I was told I would have to call the insurance company about even crediting it forward. Fast forward to yesterday when I called the "insurance company" about getting the credit to my account, lo and behold they were able to transfer me directly to NCL. Maybe on paper they are operated as an individual company but still obviously under the same "roof". When I called I was asking to move the insurance to a Princes
  8. We had booked a contingency cruise before ours was cancelled. Our contingency cruise showed the 20% discount before our cruise was officially cancelled. The discount was only on my fare until I entered my husband's Lattitude number. The dates were clearly stated in the email we received along with the dates to submit the form for a refund.
  9. UPDATE - This morning I checked my account again and still no credit for the insurance portion of our cruise. I called the insurance company and asked about it. They told me it should be credited and that if we request a refund that the insurance would be a part of the refund. She transferred me to NCL and I was put through to out PCC. Our PCC confirmed that even though it didn't appear on my account that the insurance was credited and that it would be included with our request for a refund. I am one happy cruiser 🙂
  10. We did something similar with a trip to Mexico, that we transferred to October, the Travel Guard transferred the insurance. The issue with this insurance is that it was booked through NCL. The problem is that we do not plan to cruise with NCL again. They are the last to put through cancellations. Even after they knew the cruise was cancelled - the cruise disappeared on the site and our summary was not available - it took them over a week to actually communicate the cancellation. We are just not happy with the way things were handled. Since NCL took the payment and there is no longer a tr
  11. We were a part of the last round of cancellations and received the FCC on our account for our base fare. We had paid $418 for the Essentials Travel Insurance through NCL. To date we do not have a credit for the amount on our account. I was told by the PCC that we would get this back. From reading the FAQs about what is included in the FCC it appears that this is supposed to be part of our FCC. HOWEVER something to note for the future, it appears they will not refund this amount. Our PCC originally told us when all of this started that we had to contact the insurance company. My question
  12. Right now the prices are the same or a bit lower than the cabin I had on hold for this summer. With the new Princess Plus I can get all the extras for a small price and was able to even get club class. So IMO the prices are actually down a little comparing 2020 to 2021
  13. I seem to remember that Dolphin was fully covered, I realize those are mini suites. Is that the case?
  14. Thank you everyone for your responses. We have decided to go with Sapphire, the date and the price helped in the decision. I still look forward to any tips for a great trip.
  15. Departure date doesn't matter, it may make a difference in the airfare, which I should look at 🙂 Thanks
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