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  1. So we sail in one week, I was thinking the same thing when we were offered an upgrade. Just this week two Haven suites are now available, go figure. Also the interior and balcony were sold out yesterday and are now available. Until it sails nobody knows 🙂
  2. You can also rent a jacket or tux. On one of our NYE cruises hubby rented a tux with two jackets and it was fairly reasonable, a lot better than having to pack it. Just get measurements taken at a place like Men's Warehouse to forward to them.
  3. Did they give a reason why? That is kind of the highlight, as one person mentioned you can see it from anywhere in the Piazza. We have done two NYE cruises on the Regal, the first was amazing. There was an after party at the adults only pool that finally got called around 3:30 because the bar was getting emptied. The second one was okay, the weather did not cooperate for much on the upper deck, drizzle off and on and lots of wind. It also was a 10 day cruise with many people who had young children up late and running through the people dancing in the Piazza, something we didn't experience on the first cruise. That was not NYE only it was almost every evening. All in all not sure if we will do another one or not. The extra $$$ is hard to justify.
  4. I am not if this will be of help to you since you are not US based but I emailed the VP with an address I got. Her name is Vivian Ewart and the email is vewart@ncl.com. It helped another CC member as well. Hindsight is 20/20 and what we may not think of as a pre existing condition. I hope all goes well with your partner's treatment.
  5. We were scheduled on a cruise in September and there was a hurricane. Before sailing no word of what was going to happen, when we boarded we were told we were going to the Western Caribbean, not the East. Just before we sailed the announcement was made that we were back to the original itinerary. As the above poster said, no one knows yet and if they announce a change they may just have to change it again. You have to go with the flow.
  6. Do you remember what time the Muster Drill was on your cruise? We are trying to decide what to do for sail away and trying to figure out timing. Also, do you happen to remember what night the white party is?? Thanks so much for your help.
  7. So now the Free at Sea includes Unlimited Open Bar vs the UBP - I have looked and I don't see the differences between the two, I know with UBP or whatever they are now calling it has a limit of $15. Is there a similar limit on the Unlimited Open bar? I somehow feel like this is all a shell game
  8. We always buy trip insurance because things do happen regardless of age. I purchase the insurance separate since buying through the cruise lines covers the cruise portion only. On our upcoming trip we have expensive flights, several nights hotel on the front and back side. Most of the insurance companies offer several levels of coverage (silver, gold etc.) You need to personally assess what you need. There are many things to consider such as if you were to be hospitalized in a foreign country could you afford to pay for it up front. There are cancel for any reason policies which of course cost more. Only you can make that call.
  9. My PCC in an email specifically told me if we found a lower price he could honor it. The price never really went lower since they change Free at Sea, OBC etc so I did not find out if in fact he would honor it. As I said, Princess honored it even after final payment.
  10. However, NCL gives you a price guarantee that they will match it if it is lower. I always watch the price and why not they have basically said this is going to be the best price. I have called Princess even after final payment and they not only upgraded me but also refunded the difference in my old class. We are booked on NCL in a few weeks and have had many problems with Customer Service. Advice to the OP write an email to Vivian Ewart vewart@ncl.com. After trying through the PCC, and customer service I finally got some response from that email. Note: it may not be exactly what you want but worth a try.
  11. The deposits and payments were no problem at all. It depends on the type of group and how many I guess. We were all friends and for us it just reduced the cost of the cruise a little. We did encounter issues but it was with the rep from NCL. As I said before if you get it in writing. Ask for the group detail report and get updates as you go along.
  12. Luckily we are going with 4 other couples and hopefully meeting a few along the way at the meet and greet etc. Would you happen to remember if you could order splits of Champagne or Prosecco as a part of the regular UBP? Was thinking it would be nice to take back to the cabin to enjoy on the balcony.
  13. One quick bit of advice if you are doing this group on your own. Ask up front what you will be receiving as a group. The original amenities when booking, disappear with bookings lower than a suite. If you were getting an on board credit that may not apply with the group. Get an understanding in writing (which is difficult) from the Cruise Consultant. Also, go through the group department listed on their page if possible. We are sailing next month and I had a non responsive consultant when it came down to getting what he had actually said we would receive. Umpteen million emails and phone calls things are finally resolved but it could have been avoided. Get it in writing 🙂
  14. Thank you for your review, glad to hear it was good. We are on this same itinerary on the Jade in 4 weeks.
  15. We have a group going. I was told it could go to each cabin. I found it easier to just let one credit go to us and I turned over the portions due to each of the cabins. That credit doesn't come through until the final payment date and the amount is dependent on the majority of the cabins. I had many screw ups with the NCL PCC and as many here have suggested, you may want to use a TA to take care of the details.
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