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  1. Right now the prices are the same or a bit lower than the cabin I had on hold for this summer. With the new Princess Plus I can get all the extras for a small price and was able to even get club class. So IMO the prices are actually down a little comparing 2020 to 2021
  2. I seem to remember that Dolphin was fully covered, I realize those are mini suites. Is that the case?
  3. Thank you everyone for your responses. We have decided to go with Sapphire, the date and the price helped in the decision. I still look forward to any tips for a great trip.
  4. Departure date doesn't matter, it may make a difference in the airfare, which I should look at 🙂 Thanks
  5. We are looking at booking a Princess cruise to Alaska for summer 2021. The itinerary we want has 3 ships, the Coral, the Star and the Sapphire. I have read some reviews and watched some videos. They all look very similar. Just looking for thoughts of anything you especially liked or disliked about any of these ships.
  6. Finally - can apply for a refund June 8 to June 19th. Since the ban by the CDC is still on and our cruise is leaving from Vancouver we were fairly certain it wasn't going to sail. For those of you still waiting, I was told by a PCC that NCL has said that they plan to give at least 30 days notice.
  7. OMG well at least we didn't get the upgrade email.... yet LOL
  8. When we log into our cruise for July 5th, the actual payment information is not there. In fact, it has "asked" for payment when going to the page. I had a mock booking that shows the sailing sold out. So I am thinking it is coming sometime today or soon. BTW a sailing starting in June was never a July booking LOL Just sayin'
  9. Update - just checked our cruise again and it shows sold out for all categories. When I log into our booking it asked for payment LOL and then when I bypassed that not showing payments just the additional items booked. I assume the cancellation is in the works.
  10. We are on the July 5th sailing and there are still cabins showing. I do not expect for it to sail. Our PCC indicated that NCL has basically said they will cancel more than 30 days out. With all the information that has come out this week I think we will hear soon that it is cancelled.
  11. We are in a similar situation and basically the same mindset. I don't think the ports will be ready to have all the excursions with so many people, so not the cruise we are hoping for. Just an FYI - you will get your insurance in an FCC or a refund, that policy changed about a month ago. We too put a deposit on the same cruise for next year. We were told we would get the discount off of the price we booked - I'm not holding my breath on that. Obviously everything is subject to change, but we were told NCL is expected to follow Carnival on sailings, dates etc. The word has come out that they will cancel cruises at least 30 days in advance. Again, that is what they dink will happen but we all know nothing is done until it's done 🙂 We fully expect in the next week to have our cruise cancelled, especially given that there was an article this week about BC most likely not opening to tourists this year. When we get our cancellation, then comes the decision if we really even want to chance cruising next year. I think we will leave the deposit on but with all the uncertainty just pay the extra $$ if all is well next year.
  12. My, my, my - first of all Thanks for posting, I think most amusing was the older guy with the walker who was exiting the women's room as I was about to enter. He wiped out, due to intoxication (just take my word on that one). Security was called and then escorted him in a wheelchair to the casino , where he continued the party. Obviously, experienced and not going to let anything cut his fun short. Or it could be the guys the night before a wedding we were to attend, running around the ship in tutus. That was a very fun cruise.
  13. Thank you, now if people would only read it to try to understand it. I am sure most didn't even read the SEC filing before developing an opinion.
  14. Well that didn't take long for the negativity 🙂 I guess the glass if half empty for you.
  15. The term is "Going concern" and is common in accounting GAAP when there is doubt about the company's ability to meet their debt and continue. It is not by any means a mistake especially in an SEC filing - it wasn't a press release - it was a message to investors or potential investors.
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