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  1. In the Club Class mini suites they will deliver canapés each evening upon request. I don’t see anything on the mini suite perks about fruit only the champagne
  2. On my husband’s app it shows our 7 day leaving July 6th and the cruise we moved from leaving July 9th so that is Not the case. Of course not much else works or shows on either of our medallion apps. Basically nothing is certain in this app. Hope that changes soon!
  3. Interesting. I have just written to Customer relations since my payment is due on the 15th. I have been having issues with the Medallion App (😲) so I asked for an extension until they get it so it shows our cruise and I can get a boarding time etc. I actually had a rep from Ocean Navigators call me and I can now see one of my cruises so we shall see if I get an extension if the rest is still not working.
  4. My time is worth a lot, which is why Princess needs to get their act together. On the personalizer I do not see a checklist of what is required it refers you to the non functioning app. How much is it worth if I drive 4 hours to the port and lack a document that could have been uploaded moths prior. Sorry but NOPE this would not fly in other businesses. The poor Ocean Navigators have said they can not even contact the IT people, yet they get to take the flack. Note that the booking and payment systems on the website work 🤣. They don’t mess with their cash flow! As I said mine is finally working after sending an email that if it wasn’t working that I needed an extension of time to pay my balance due.
  5. I disagree with you on this. I am a planner and for the amount we pay for the cruise I should be able to have my information entered and have peace of mind that I am not missing something especially now with the COVID test, vaccine card etc. For Princess to just say be patient is a joke. Get the thing working for everyone. Also they should have a troubleshooting page and bring back the direct line. I am happy to report that after at least 10 hours calling and chatting at this moment my January cruise now shows on my medallion app. YAY!
  6. I have gotten this response as well. My ticket was put in on August 28th. So will they be “patient” to receive my final payment next week??? 🤣🤣🤣
  7. I would be interested if they actually get this fixed for you. I have the similar situation except the info is there on hubby’s account but nothing on mine and it doesn’t recognize the booking number for me. I’ve had 4 phone calls and a chat and it still doesn’t work
  8. I have been booked since January for January 2022. I can’t link my booking it keeps telling me it doesn’t match their records. 2 months and 4 phone calls and an online chat and it still doesn’t show. My hubby’s however does show. Tomorrow I start the phone calls again.
  9. Watch out trying to bring on the port. I have heard that if they are actually looking and see that it is fortified they will discard it as they do with alcohol. 😥
  10. The medallion help is just a bunch of tips. So back through the general lines. 27 minute sand counting. Got cut off the first time !!
  11. FYI this number is no longer operational
  12. Thank you so much for the link!
  13. What was the charge? We did this a few years ago and may think about it in January.
  14. I think the confusion comes from the definition of the "Inside Passage". Uncle Google gives many results including the passages to Skagway and Ketchikan. Travel Alaska shows is as the route to Juneau, Skagway, Sitka etc. having nothing to do with Vancouver Island. So for us I think we may try to go to one of the smaller ships to possibly have that experience. I know calling Princess it would not be possible to get a definitive answer. https://www.travelalaska.com/Destinations/Regions/Inside-Passage.aspx
  15. Discovery does inside passage and it is Royal class also ?? You know what they say about assumptions 🙂 It would be most disappointing if that adjustment also happens.
  16. That is exactly why we are asking the question, Cali Viajera is refering to a map showing the Royal going to the west when for the rest of us it isn't showing on the website
  17. Where do you find this? When I search cruises for Alaska the Royal doens't show as an option.
  18. Ours on July 9th did not mention any other changes. The substituting Victoria for Ketchikan would definitely be a deal breaker for us and hopefully it stays as is. We picked very specifically for the ship and ports. Our whole ordeal like many started in 2020 with cancellation and then 2021 with Princess just illiminating the Sapphire. We are hoping to see Alaska in 2022. Keeping my fingers crossed
  19. I was asking about the change of Ports that WVHillbilly was referring to
  20. It looks like the Grand is similar to the Sapphire, is this true? Inside pool and the balconies larger? We would prefer fewer people too. Thinking of maybe looking at that since we haven't made final payment so we have time.
  21. That depends on your opinion. We were booked on the Discovery and got switched out for the Regal. I would honestly think our fare should have gone down. There is such a pent up demand, they can do anything they like. We have to choose to cruise or not. 😞
  22. I called and our PVP was out of the office but I did go to another rep. They had also just found out about it and said cabin assignments would be done next week sometime. She said they would place us in comparable cabin location, if port side stay port side
  23. We got the email as well for our July cruise, we specifically picked Sapphire over the Royal for 2020 which of course was cancelled and picked it again for this summer, which they redeployed the Sapphire. Now they have done it again. We really want to go so I guess we will stick with it but not a happy camper either!
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