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  1. I've seen posts here and on other threads questioning how they would know if documentation was fake or how they would confirm vaccination. I'm sure someone here has traveled to a destination that required other vaccinations beforehand, e.g. African safari or countries where malaria is prevalent? How was that handled?
  2. I LOVE that this thread is still going! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  3. Sashi was a solo performer I saw on Eclipse, and she was going to be on Apex. Amazing! https://www.sashiatsea.com/music
  4. For the best info on Edge class ships, do a search for posts authored by vtcruising. She made it her mission to learn and share everything she could about Edge. She passed away last year, but her posts were the most thoughtful and will live here forever. I love the S-class ships, and I sailed Edge last Fall. Not crazy about the IV or the new Martini Bar location, but it is a lovely ship. I LOVE the four MDR choices on Edge, and I thought the nightclub was fun (some odd seating though). Nice way to spend a week or two! Oh, how I miss cruising. I usually choose based on itinerary,
  5. Sorry to break the joke chain, but I love you all! I read the first page of posts back in March. Then, my cruise was cancelled, the news was getting worse and worse, and I couldn't bring myself to log in to CC. Flash forward, I have a Dec 2021 cruise booked with my FCC, and I stumbled upon this post. Wow, you guys are funny and amazing and just what I needed. I'll come back with a joke. Thank you!
  6. Thank you. I did. I cancelled my May 1 cruise. Would I have come out ahead if I'd waited for them to cancel, which is looking more likely? <sigh> Yes, probably. I'm dealing with too much to have that trip hanging over me and friends and family asking about the trip - if it's on, will I go, why, am I worried? Yes, maybe, I don't know! I like cruising. I will cruise again. So, I took the 100% FCC and I'll sail again. Do what's right for you. I will sleep with one less worry running through my head. Be safe. Be sane. Be kind. Ju
  7. https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/city-to-provide-saturday-update-on-coronavirus-response-in-columbus/ Stay safe everyone.
  8. In this time of crisis, I'll give them a pass on marketing materials. Many databases I've worked with only process some data weekly, so it's possible the program that pushed the cruise documents doesn't know that I cancelled yet. No harm, no foul. I'd rather they focus on taking care of their customers, figuring out upcoming itineraries, and staying afloat (ha!). IT and the website are going to take longer to fix!
  9. This morning Celebrity sent me my Cruise Documents for the May 1 Spain & France cruise that I cancelled Wednesday. Thought it was my FCC, but no, salt in the wound. Yesterday, received a promotional mailing from Princess. "Embark on a life-changing adventure." I'll say. Hope the industry survives this. I have worked in direct mail. Yes, campaigns are planned months in advance, and it can be difficult to pull back a campaign once it's past a certain point. It's a gaffe their campaign analytics team will grapple with in the weeks to come!
  10. Agreed, it's a gamble. At this point, I'm in the 60-31 day 75% cancellation fee window, so I have the rest of this month to cancel and get anything back as CC Cash refund. As we've seen a whole lot can change between now and then! My other (first world, poor me, can't believe I'm going write this) "problem" is that I would need to use the FCC on a cruise this year. I only have so many vacation days from work, and family has a big trip planned for next year. Not many itineraries that I'm as excited about that I could use the credit on. I'm sure it will all work itself out. Talking cruise
  11. Currently booked on the 8-night Spain & France Silhouette cruise out of Southampton, May 1. In the last week or so, I've noticed on the Celebrity website and other sites that it has been renamed "Talkeetna Treasures Cruisetour 1B". Last time I checked, that was an Alaskan itinerary. I thought maybe the itinerary had changed, but no, still Spain and France. I realize it's the least of their worries, and mine too at this point. It did give me a chuckle, though, which is much needed these days. Imagine sled dog pups and glaciers in Spain! (Yes, technically Spain still has glaciers in th
  12. I'm on the first Silhouette sailing of the European season, May 1, out of Southampton. I guess I'll watch to see what happens in Europe. What are the chances that the TA and Europe season could be delayed/cancelled? Could Celebrity keep Silhouette in the Caribbean longer? Who knows!! It's a logistical nightmare everywhere. I guess I'll wait to see if the TA departs as expected. Glad they're allowing cancellations up until 48 hours!
  13. I wonder how air booked through Celebrity ChoiceAir will be handled? Royal Caribbean has information posted on their website https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-with-confidence but no mention of air travel booked through them.
  14. To the OP, you're not crazy. Celebrity used to have a "# of guests" filter. I was hoping its disappearance was just one of their notorious website snafus. After you selected the dates, destination, and port in the quick search filters and hit "Find Cruises", the full list of available itineraries appeared. From there, you could select additional filters for packages or cruise only, # of days, ships, and (until recently) the number of guests. It was nice because if you chose 1 guest, the fares would be displayed with the single supplement. I miss that feature. Now, I just ass
  15. I wish I had remembered to tip the gentleman making all the baked goods in the open bakery on Edge. It was fun watching him roll, twist, and shape dough into the delicious creations we enjoyed each day. You could see his passion for baking. We had some great chats. I did remember to mention him in the post cruise survey! Sorry to go seemingly off topic, but the point is that anyone can be recognized. He made my days on board brighter, and whether through a tip or mention in the survey or comment cards, it's nice to recognize those who work so hard.
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