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  1. beautiful pictures sure makes me want to go back there
  2. we are on the 11day Sunfarer leaving Fort Lauderdale on February 5th and have already booked our excursion on Lake Gatun,
  3. Heard that the Guiness World Book of Records is considering awarding this site "The Most Redundant Topic Ever" award because of the never ending Dress code questions that almost always have the same posts each time. Time for a sticky,yes indeed.
  4. The Wet Dog Saloon is another great pub, They make great beer there.
  5. always tip $5.00 for our two suitcases. The only Port where I witnessed aggressive longshoremen was in Fort Lauderdale and it was only one time that it happened.They prevented folk from dropping their own luggage into the bins and were very loud in informing everyone that tipping was expected.People felt very intimidated.Again this was only once that it happened.
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