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  1. If it poops on all your ball fields, it’s a Canadian Goose!
  2. Can’t remember. Does the Eurodam have binoculars in all OV cabins in Alaska? Thanks.
  3. Does anyone know which nights there are time changes on the 7 night cruises? Thanks.
  4. Sorry, yes it was last Wednesday, not Thursday, in Rarotonga. I don’t know why so many would question whether it happened or not. Captain came on the loudspeaker to let us know same day. We spoke to a witness, who was on the same tender and hadn’t gotten off yet, but had been speaking with the poor woman during the tender ride. Terrible tragedy for the woman and her family and all who witnessed it. Neither myself nor AussieWalker has blamed anybody for this accident so I cannot comprehend posts mentioning that the OP, me, blamed anybody.
  5. Thank you AussieWalker. I think I’ll go into politics. The trolls are more civilized there.
  6. We are on Maasdam now. Source was a witness to the accident on the same tender. Weather was cool and windy with swells while tendering.
  7. A woman was killed Thursday on Maasdam, rumored to be from an accident stepping from the tender to the ship’s dock. Maasdam was in Rarotonga, Cook Islands at the time. Surprised to see no reports on CC yet.
  8. “The sky is falling!” Henny Penny ********************************************************************** All this work for nothing! I’ve been studying live gps shots of the aft decks of the Maasdam with a magnifying glass all week! All for naught! ........... Is there anywhere else on the Internet where I might find toplessness? ********************************************************************* I’ve added something new to my cruise packing list, a flyer that says: Topless Deck Dolts Only I can attach it with the duct tape I’ve been packing for 20 years and never used.
  9. Our Check In forms for our Oct. 28 RT Papeete Cruise mention checking on visas with every country. Did Americans need any visas for your cruise? Thank you.
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