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  1. I hope you don't mind me adding this, but the Aurora Borealis was stunning at 2:00 am. Alaska has never been more perfect. We would never hesitate to cruise Alaska the first week of October again.
  2. Thank you so much! The bouquets I am seeing in the Market are beautiful, and I would love to bring them onboard.
  3. Anyone returning from the Encore Alaska in the 2021 season: Did you buy Flowers at Pike Place Market and bring them onboard?
  4. Thank you Victor. It was so nice of you to respond back. I hope you have the chance to see Choir of Men, and have a fantastic cruise.
  5. Yippee!!! That is exciting news. Are the Gondolas running again in ISP? How rough are the seas heading out to AK on your last cruise? Are you freezing cold or is it bearable? Thanks Victor.
  6. Thanks all...Now I would love to hear the drink you have ordered in the specialty restaurants that you can't get at the regular bar. Loved the idea of the peach Margarita at Q. Any others?
  7. I will be more specific. Lets say I am onboard and crave a spicy peach margarita from Q. Can I go in and just order that, or do I have to order an appetizer in order to be "dining" to order the drink?
  8. Haven't seen any info on this...Can you go into Q or Los Lobos and order a drink from their bar with the drink package without dining there?
  9. Bird do you have the link to the page that states you can only get reimbursed for quarantine costs if you have proof of antigen before arriving to the port? All the links I had aren't working anymore, I am wondering if they changed this policy?
  10. Here are a few shots from watching the Green Bay vs. San Fran on the NCL Joy. It was Sunday Night Football on November 24, 2019.
  11. It looks like you docked at a pier in Juneau that is far from the town. Did they have shuttles or did you have to walk a mile to get there?
  12. Yes Birdtravels is onboard, and just reported that the captain made an announcement that they are going closure to shore for a medivac.
  13. All fixed...no ship changes...YEAH! Alaska 2021 is a GO!
  14. That makes sense! Thanks for the info, hoping we still sail, regardless of the ship...Joy or Bliss.
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