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  1. I love getting onboard as early as I can and exploring the ship when it's not so full
  2. LOL! I am seriously thinking of emailing NCL to ask...
  3. LOL Not many on the Forum have gotten it..... wondering if I can wear my armor to the white hot party lol (if they still have that)
  4. Sure! Use my TK number though...maybe a stormtrooper on the signatures will shake them up a bit
  5. Actually in the video there are kids in the pool...and oh my god...they look like they are playing......:eek::eek:... and honestly it looks like there is a dad just sitting there watching the kids in the pool.... just sayin....
  6. Million drunks... sounds like alternate facts.. :)
  7. And I pay to have a vacation with my kids.....
  8. Was it Presidents week when most schools are closed? That would be just like booking during spring break or summer.....
  9. I don't think My Kids will even want to be in the Haven pool on the Escape with the kids pool area and water slides
  10. I'm really thinking of changing to the Aft room lol, they currently have one on deck 15 :)
  11. Sooooo I might switch to an Aft Haven room...... any thought positive or negative between the Forward penthouse and the aft? I know the Aft room will have a larger balcony for one.... Really wanted to get a room right in the Haven area but the prices were higher then I wanted to pay lol
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