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  1. any idea of the hours of service for the laundry room on sirena?
  2. i have a private tour scheduled for santiago de cuba on the full day we are in port. will we be tendering in to the original location or to the cargo terminal. i would need to let the tour guide know of this ahead of time. when can we expect azamara let us know in writing of these changes. i am only now 2 weeks from sailing.
  3. bonnie can you verify this policy on the use of onboard credit to pay for visas. i keep hearing different policies regarding this. we leave on jan. 5 so would like to know this before we board.
  4. diamond diva thank you so much for this valuable info. since we have a full night planned with dinner, then drinks at a rooftop bar, and then a show we booked on our own, i think we will stay with our original plan. too bad though that we don't also get to see this type of show elsewhere, but if the dock is unavailable in santiago then the show cannot go on. unfortunately we are left with a cruise very different from the one we booked and we are out the free night that is offered by the cruise line in the price. unfortunately all of these changes happened long after the final payment. i am sure we will enjoy this cruise, but the one we ended up with is a day and a night short in havana and has an extra night in santiago that can't even be used. azamara is not earning a good reputation with these kinds of late changes and also on other threads with confusion about pricing. as i said, i am sure we will enjoy this cruise, why not it's 10 days in paradise, but i am leery if i will be seeking out azamara again. this is our first with them and have done several with windstar and oceania with none of these logistical problems.
  5. diamond diva, as far as the new havana azamazing night is concerned, could you provide a little more info on the show itself. we currently have reservations for one of the shows that focus on the music of the buena vista social club and wouldn't want to miss that. also do you recall what time it begins?
  6. pretty disappointing. i heard so much about the azamazing night but had already been informed it would be in santiago. we already scaled back our plans from 2 nights in havana to only 1. now our choice is to take the azamazing night or cancel the nighttime plans we arranged on our own. and now we have a night in santiago that i doubt anyone would use. is this new night available on the shore excursions and do you know what time it begins. we would love to have dinner ashore in havana. thanks, steve
  7. hi bonnie: i am concerned about the change of plans for the azamazing night in santiago. i, too, am on the jan. 5 sailing and our itinerary was changed from the original one to make a night in santiago for the azamazing night possible. however, that resulted in a loss of one of the nights in havana. if they are moving the azamazing night to havana we will lose our only free night there and have a hole in the schedule in santiago. bonnie, do you know if they are planning to put the azamazing night in havana, and if so will they go back to the original schedule.
  8. we just received a similar upgrade for our february cruise. not as early as yours, but still almost three months before departure. we got a great price when we booked; only saw that price the day i noticed it drop, and the room is now back to $600 higher so they aren't going to lose on my upgrade. i assume they were really heavy on balconies.
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