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  1. I tried to trade the mini bar setup for a bottle of Crown and they wouldn't go for it. I purchased the Crown and I think I still have most of the mini bar setup at home. 😉
  2. We've sailed the Island before and after her modifications, and also sailed the Coral. Coral remains our favorite. I would only choose Island again as a second choice or discounted price, but wouldn't rule her out.
  3. I love bacon, but I've learned not to bother with it on a Princess cruise!
  4. bigchid


    Once you've signed up for the military OBC it will automatically show up on each cruise thereafter. And you don't have to be active, all you need is the DD214. Welcome aboard!
  5. We have cruised the island before and after her mod., and would probably cruise her again if she was the only ship to suite our needs, but given the choice between Coral and Island, we'll take Coral every time. DC
  6. We're on Star Princess which I understand uses pier 91, and was wondering what hotels others were using. Thank you all for the help.
  7. Any recommendations for pre cruise stay in Seattle? Thanks!
  8. Fire doors in the hallway between cabins doesn't mean the balcony dividers can't be opened. The dividers are in no way fire barriers, open or not. We've been there and our divider did open.
  9. Does Princess do EZ check in Seattle?
  10. Our experience on Island, they called us and asked what day, time and which venue.
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