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  1. Is it a sommelier or a wine steward? There is a big difference between the two. A sommelier has gone through major training and is allowed to wear the elaborate chain with the wine tasting cup . A wine steward doesn't have that training.
  2. Get any resolution in writing before you accept.
  3. An alternative would be a balcony cabin with an inside across the hall. You would have more space and two bathrooms.
  4. My concern would be the security lines at FLL. It is likely that a number of ships may be disembarking Port Everglades. Security lines at the airport could be an issue.
  5. It's spring. The temps will be on the cool side. The ocean has cooled over the winter. A westbound is warmer since the ocean has warmed over the summer.
  6. Sailing against the current can be rough.
  7. If you aren't flying, you can bring the shampoo in the carryon. If flying, put it in the suitcase.
  8. Non drowsy Dramamine=MeclezineHCL=Bonine.It works well.Take one at night going to bed. That should be all you need.
  9. I keep getting Royal UP offers for my upcoming cruise.They want $200 or more to upgrade to a spacious ocean view balcony. I can upgrade through my TA for $27 for the same balcony.
  10. Buy a cheap shower curtain liner.
  11. If you are sailing into the wind, it will be windy. If you have a following wind,it won't be bad.
  12. While I haven't sailed out of Sydney yet...give me 3 weeks..., I would suggest you book a hotel near the airport for the night. ( I believe there is a place near Circular Quay where you can store your luggage. Enjoy the day in Sydney.)International flights want you there 3 hours before the flight. You would be traveling during rush hour. I just think it would be too tight.
  13. If you have pictures taken by the ship's photographers, they will be able to group your pics on the computer. This way, they don't have to print all the pics, wasting paper.
  14. Would not do it getting off a transatlantic.There are many delays getting off a TA. Should be OK, otherwise.
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