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  1. We were at a Holiday Inn Express just off the motorway. As we travelled after work that evening it was literally somewhere to sleep. At breakfast I could not understand why the hotel was full of children. Every table seemed to have at least two. It was noisy, there was running around and food thrown about. I asked and it is the nearest hotel to Peppa Pig World. Apparently that is a popular family attraction. I thought the hotel was good value for two so for s family it was a bargain. We prefer being in the centre of Southampton though. Cruisers might want to avoid this hotel.
  2. I am guessing but most of the passengers on my cruise would probably prefer that option. Best wishes, Stephen.
  3. And not even the Southampton boat show. Was this years back? The number of hotel rooms in Southampton seems to have increased massively in the last few years. Without the cruise ships and Peppa Pig I wonder how they would survive. We live a couple of hours away but always now stay the night before a cruise. We do things in Southampton the day before to make a longer holiday. I have thought about staying in Newbury at a hotel I like (The Vineyard) but it still leaves half of our journey. Best wishes, Stephen.
  4. That is right we are going to Imjuden. I do not mind I have been to Amsterdam many times. Imjuden will make a more quiet relaxed stop. I have my own excursion planned there also. When I booked it was sold as Amsterdam. I hope everybody is fine with this. I wonder if they will provide a coach transfer to Amsterdam. I have two short cruises on Astoria before this cruise. Portsmouth, Rouen, Portsmouth, At Sea and Hull. Best wishes, Stephen.
  5. Thank you. For confirming I am fine with just turning up. As my cabin is on a guarantee basis I did wonder how luggage labels would work. I have printed out my booking confirmation and have my passport ready. Unfortunately getting to the port early is not an option. I am disembarking a CMV cruise in Hull the day the Marella cruise embarks. It could go terribly wrong. In theory I will make it with time to spare but that depends on CMV and the trains. It does have the advantage that my cruises start and finish very close together Portsmouth to Southampton. Thank you again, Stephen.
  6. Please could I ask. I am sailing from Newcastle on Explorer for a three night cruise. It is a 90s music themed so I know it is going to be lively. My question is I have not had to provide Marella with my passport details. I am use to cruise lines that want this information in advance. Do I just turn up at the dock with my passport and ticket? Thank you in advance, Stephen. PS I am not flying to this cruise.
  7. No lecture from me. The pros and cons of fare types have been done on other threads. Thank you you for suggesting we check that it has been done. I think I will as I have had problem on other lines. Best wishes, Stephen.
  8. Thank you for this information. It seems we will probably be able to use any restaurant. It is Freedom after all. Saying that it won’t do any harm to link the bookings. It will be my first time in Freedom. Thank you again. Best wishes, Stephen.
  9. They usually friend me on Facebook. I am fifty years old man in the U.K. and like ships and trains. Of course a twenty year old European woman in underwear is going to be interested in me. Best wishes, Stephen.
  10. Wowzz I appreciated your advice. I have not owned that domain for many years. I was offered enough for it to pay for a weeks cruise several times over the years. Unfortunately the granite work surface manufacturer went bust. The building developer, of a development called the Stoneyard, lost interest. I moved away from the hamlet called Stoneyard so did not renew the registration. Thank you, Stephen.
  11. Thank you Josy1953. That is exactly what I needed to know and very much appreciated. Best wishes, Stephen.
  12. Please could I ask with Freedom dining, on ships with more than one Freedom dining room, do you still get an allocated dining room? The reason I ask is because I am travelling as part of a group and wonder if we need to link bookings for dining. We would like to share tables as a group. The ship I am sailing on is Iona so I know all answers will be speculative but of course Iona will not offer Club dining. Thank you in advance, Stephen. PS Please could I ask that you do not reply saying why you always have Club and why you would never go for Freedom. Those arguments have been done before. Thank you.
  13. Could it be an extra cost imposed by the travel agent. I believe they can apply additional charges for changes etc. Seems excessive though. Best wishes, Stephen.
  14. I certainly will. I know what you mean. I had a lovely cruise on MSC but that was entirely the company, the ship was not my taste. Best wishes, Stephen.
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